Canyoning in Cebu: Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines Canyoning in Cebu: Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines

Canyoning in Cebu: Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines

Cebu is an island known for its beaches, great diving sites, and numerous plummeting waterfalls. In Badian lies a whole new adventure beckoning you to go downstream, canyoneering and jumping off cliffs. Are you in for a bit of adventure and a lot of amazing natural scenery? Discover all you need to know about one of the best things to do in Cebu: canyoning.

What is canyoning in Cebu?

Canyoning is traveling downstream in canyons, and in this case, down to the Kawasan Falls. Besides walking, you’ll climb, jump, hike, and swim parts between the rugged cliffs. Discover all you need to know about canyoning in Cebu, the Philippines.

Canyoning kawasan falls badian cebu philippines

This 4-5 hour canyoneering experience in Cebu is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The crystalline, bright blue water, the scenery, and stunning waterfalls are fantastic. However, it’s also a great way to get to know the lovely Philippine people, as this is a favorite among the locals, too.

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Canyoning in Cebu: Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines

What are the best companies for canyoning in Cebu?

There are several companies that offer a canyoneering experience in Cebu. The best thing to do is to check the reviews of each company online and choose a tour that feels right for you.

canyoning jump kawasan falls badian cebu philippines

Is Canyoning in Cebu safe?

Though it’s exhilarating, canyoning is definitely safe to do. You’ll get a life jacket, helmet, and a pair of aqua shoes from your tour company (make sure to wear comfortable clothes). There is a minimum of two experienced guides per group, too, making sure everything goes well. Listen closely to their instructions, and the only thing you have to be scared about is your condition.

How do you get to Badian?

If you’re staying in Cebu City, and a pickup from your tour company is not included, then use the Ceres Bus. Their yellow buses will bring you to almost every point on Cebu Island.

Taking the bus to Badian:

  1. Go to the Cebu South Terminal
  2. Take the Ceres Bus (yellow bus)
  3. Bato via Barili route (tell the driver to drop you at Kawasan Falls)

This will cost you around 120 PHP (2.11 USD)/pax and take about 3 hours to get there.

philippines travel guide cebu canyoneering

Where to stay while Canyoneering?

Moalboal is very close to Badian, but keep in mind that this cheaper option can be fully booked due to the lack of accommodations.

Another option would be Cebu City, though it’s quite far away from Badian (around a 3-hour drive). However, some tours offer a free pick-up and drop-off from here.

gatorade lake badian cebu philippines canyoneering

It’s more fun in The Philippines! Check out our Philippines video to see more of Canyoneering!

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  • Faye Latulippe


    Thank you for your great blog!
    We are leaving in couple days and I am looking for a canyoneering for the family. My son is 4 yrs and I can’t seems to find anything that allows young humans… Have you come across anything?


    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Faye,

      We are unsure about this but it might be worth (using the link in the guide to the tour options) booking a private tour so they can tailor it to fit both you and your son. Sorry we can’t help more but we hope you find something!

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