Canyoning in Cebu – Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines

Canyoning in Cebu – Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines

Canyoning in Cebu – Jump off Waterfalls in The Philippines

Cebu is an island known for its beaches, great diving sites, and numerous waterfalls. In Badian is a whole new adventure to go downstream canyoneering and jumping off waterfalls. Are you in for a bit of adventure and a lot of amazing nature sceneries? Read more about one of the best Cebu Tourist attractions.

Canyoneering Cebu Kawasan Falls

What is Canyoneering in Cebu?

Canyoneering is traveling downstream in canyons, and in this case down to the Kawasan Falls. Walking is not the only thing you will do. Climbing, jumping, hiking and of course swimming are also part of Canyoneering. ➳ Also read: Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide

This 4-5 hour canyoneering experience in Cebu is once in a lifetime. That crazy blue water, the scenery and jumping off waterfalls is fantastic. But it’s also a great way to get to know the lovely Philippine people. They are visiting these waterfalls too.

Canyoneering Cebu Kawasan Falls

The best Canyoneering companies on Cebu, Philippines?

There are several companies offering canyoneering experience. Make sure to check the reviews of each company online.

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Canyoning Cebu Philippines

Is Canyoneering safe?

Definitely. You will get a life jacket, helmet and a pair of aqua shoes. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. There is a minimal of two guides that are guiding you and your group. Those guides know this area extremely well. Listen closely to their instructions, and the only thing you have to be scared about is your condition. ?

Oh, if you like extreme: Try to endear the guides for a backflip competition from the highest waterfalls (35ft – 10.6 meters).

Canyoning Cebu group

How do you get to Badian?

If you’re staying in Cebu City and a pickup from the company is not included, then take the Ceres Bus. Their yellow buses will take you to almost every point on Cebu Island.

The bus to Badian

  • Go to the Cebu South Terminal
  • Take Ceres Bus (yellow bus)
  • Bato via Barili route (tell the driver to drop you at Kawasan Falls)

This will cost you around 120 PhP/pax and take about 3 hours to get there.

Canyoning Cebu Gopro

Where to stay while Canyoneering?

We got you a $15 discount at if you book via this link.


Moalboal is very close to Badian, but keep in mind that this cheaper option can be fully booked due the lack of accommodations. Tip: Hotel Sisters Inn

Cebu city

Cebu city is quite far away from Badian (around a 3-hour drive) but Island trek tours offers a free pick-up and drop-off from here. Tip: Bugoy Bikers Bed & Breakfast


It’s more fun in The Philippines! Check out our Philippines video to see more of Canyoneering!

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  • Hello you 2 :) I just found you by accident in Instagram and I’m happy about it!!
    Your page is great… May I ask why you don’t write a blog about BOHOL? My partner and I (from Germany) want to fly to the Philippines for 3 weeks in December. We wanted to find out about a possible itinerary.
    It would be nice if you post a blog post about Bohol, maybe with activities, beaches, food and so on.

    Thanks guys! Much love 2 u…

  • Hi, what was your route around the Philippines? We’ve got 3 weeks over Christmas and definitely want to do El Nido but this looks amazing too. Any advice you’ve got about length of time in each place would also be great. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Jade,
      3 weeks a great amount of time to travel through some places in the Philippines!
      We flew to Manilla. After that, we had a connecting flight to Cebu from there we went to Bohol by ferry. 3 Days in Bohol minimum.
      From Bohol we took a ferry back to Cebu for a minimum of 3/4 days. Then we flew from Cebu city to Palawan. We stayed in El Nido for 4 days.
      All these islands have their own highlights but Palawan (El Nido) is the most tropical??

      We did this route in 18 days

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