9 Best Things to do on Brac Island, Croatia 9 Best Things to do on Brac Island, Croatia

9 Best Things to do on Brac Island, Croatia

The captivating island of Brac is where turquoise waters meet stunning golden beaches and cute historic harbors. Nestled in the heart of the Dalmatia region, this little paradise perfectly blends natural beauty with cultural heritage, showing off its beautiful landscapes, charming villages, and historic sights. Though it is one of the largest islands in the country, it remains a peaceful gem. From relaxing on the famous Zlatni Rat beach to diving into the rich tapestry of century-old towns, here are all the best things to do in Brac, Croatia.

Things to do in Brac, Croatia

Though Brac is an upcoming destination in Croatia, it still feels a bit hidden compared to neighboring hotspots like Split or Hvar. The laidback island is dotted with many little beaches, wineries, and some beautiful coastal towns. It’s not too big or too small, and although some of the roads are unpaved, it makes a great location to discover by rental car or scooter. 

best things to do bol brac croatia

Swim in secluded bays, lounge on large beaches, roam through olive trees and vineyards (often flocked with many goats!) and admire the beautiful white buildings in historic towns. No matter where you go, you get to soak up the adventure, nature, and authentic island life of Brac, making it a must-visit destination on any Croatia itinerary! 

best things to do brac croatia beach mountains

1. Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn Beach)

Zlatni Rat, also known as Golden Horn, is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia, and it’s easy to see why. This impressive V-shaped pebble beach aligns with crystal-clear water that slowly transitions into a beautiful dark blue. It makes the perfect location to sunbathe and swim for a couple of hours, with many trees offering a little break from the heat. 

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best things to do brac croatia Golden Horn Beach

Rent a sunbed and relax with a delicious drink in hand, soaking up the warm summer sun. Sunloungers cost 5 EUR (5.60 USD) per hour or 20 EUR (22.50 USD) for the full day and are spread across the sand. There are a few food shops, restaurants, and a beach club, too, from where you can watch the windsurfers out on the stunning turquoise waters.

beach club zlatni rat croatia

How to Get to Zlatni Rat

The easiest way to get to Zlatni Rat is to walk along the wide boulevard from Bol town. This seaside promenade is shaded by many pine trees, making it a comfortable 20 – 25 minute journey. However, you can also hop on the little tourist train or get to the iconic beach by water taxi. These boats run throughout the day and cost 5 EUR (5.60 USD) each way. Please note that if you plan to drive there, that parking costs 20 euros per day and 5 per hour in 2023.

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9 Best Things to do on Brac Island, Croatia

2. Bol Town

On the southern coast of Brac lies the bustling harbor town of Bol, booming with incredible seaside restaurants, cafes, and beautiful stone buildings. It’s the arrival port when traveling from Split by ferry, and it’s very upmarket, with many luxury yachts and sailing boats bobbing out front in the beautiful Mediterranean waters.

best things to do brac Bol town

Though the town is not quite that old, you’ll find many stunning buildings perched along the narrow streets. Walk along the popular waterfront, and enjoy a delicious meal or Aperol Spritz at one of the buzzing seaside restaurants. One of our favorite cafes was Marinero Cafe and Bar, which was nicely shaded by trees. 

Visit neighboring Zlatni Rat beach, head out to the Stina Winery, and watch how the town’s atmosphere changes in the evening, with vibrant food markets, bars, and nightclubs. Bol is the busiest location to visit on the island, especially during summer, but a must-see when exploring Brac, Croatia. 

Bol town pier boats island brac Croatia

3. Olive Oil Museum

While you make your way across the island, stop at the oldest settlement, Skrip. Here, you’ll find the Museum of Olive Oil, one of the best things to do in Brac, Croatia. This former oil press mill is a small family-run olive oil museum that offers tours and an incredible tasting experience. 

best things to do brac croatia olive oil museum

Learn about the process of a century-old practice and the unique olives as you tour the museum. It’s a very small mill and incredibly lovely, with different tasting menus to choose from at the end. Indulge in bread, olive oil, and tapenades while escaping the heat and delving into the island’s heritage. The pestos and olive oil were incredibly delicious, and tasting menus start at 6 EUR (6,75 USD).

4. Milna

On the island’s western side, surrounded by farms, vineyards, and olive groves, you’ll find the fishing village of Milna. Though it has the largest marina on the island and many luxury yachts and sailing boats out in front, it remains less touristic than Bol. 

Milna best things to do brac croatia drone church sunset

The harbor is lined with cute little restaurants and a lovely church that connect to the fishermen’s houses. There isn’t much to do, so it’s a great destination to visit for an evening stroll and a delicious dinner on the waterfront.

church milna brac island croatia

Roam around the picturesque harbor, looking out over the fishing boats bobbing on the water as the sun sets. At night, the streets fill with atmospheric lights, adding to the quaint vibe of the town.

best things to do brac croatia milna fishing boats

5. Vidova Gora

Look out over the shimmering Adriatic Sea and the surrounding islands from the highest point on Brac – the very top of Vidova Gora. With many hiking trails, this area of the island makes the perfect location for those looking to exercise (you can also drive to the top!). Take in the cool air and soak up the beautiful views of Brac, Croatia, and neighboring Hvar.

best things to do brac croatia vidova gora viewpoint golden horn beach

Take on the challenge and hike up to the mountain’s peak at 778 meters (2,559 feet) high, which is the highest point in the entire Adriatic region. The marked 10.5-kilometer trail starts in Bol and is a steep one with little shade. Along the way, you’ll pass through valleys, rocks, and many beautiful shrubs full of grazing sheep.

girl sunset summer croatia

Dragon’s Cave

Another popular hike you can do near Bol is towards the so-called Dragon’s Cave of the Murvica village. This hiking trail begins just 10 minutes west of Bol and is a 30-minute journey up the mountain. Here, you’ll find a cave on the cliffsides with ancient structures, including small buildings and sculptures. These carvings date back hundreds of years and have many stories. This includes one about a giant one-eyed dragon, making it a unique thing to do in Brac, Croatia.

6. Kotlina Beach

When Zlatni Rat becomes too crowded, there’s the stunning Kotlina Beach on the other side of the bay. This little strip of pebbles secluded in an azure blue bay is our favorite beach on the island and only a 15-minute walk from Bol town. There’s a lovely local vibe here, with colorful towels spread across the sand, views over a monastery, and lush surrounding trees.

best things to do brac croatia Kotlina Beach

Unlike Golden Horn, you won’t find any day beds here, but plenty of space to soak up the summer sun. Because of its location, this area gets direct sunlight till about 4 PM. After that, a welcoming shade spreads across the beach. 

Spend some time swimming in the beautiful shallow waters, relaxing on the sand, and enjoying a meal with incredible views. The colorful Kotlina Beach is one of the best things to do in Brac, Croatia. 

beach restaurant bol brac croatia

7. Supetar

Supetar is the largest and main town on the island of Brac, Croatia. Many ferries from the mainland arrive here, full of visitors eager to dive into the vibrant local atmosphere. The cute harbor town is lined with a broad promenade but is far less busy than Bol, offering a quiet experience.

best things to do brac croatia pier supetar sunset

Roam along the lovely harbor decorated with beautiful buildings, shops, and delicious restaurants. A few meters further, you’ll find the town’s main square, church, and many authentic stone buildings tucked in medieval streets. There’s also a lovely little pier on the waterfront, perfect for hopping into the sea. Supetar is a great place to base yourself while exploring Brac, with many cheaper accommodation options.

8. Splitska

A stunning old little bay, stone buildings, and a sunny boulevard along the water make the tiny harbor village of Splitska one of the best things to do in Brac, Croatia. We’d recommend staying here on the island if you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere and a few really good restaurants.  

church pier splitska best things to do brac croatia

The tiny village of only 400 people makes the perfect location to unwind, surrounded by luscious vineyards and olive trees. There are a few beautiful beaches perched along the northern coast, with soft sand and pine trees. Immerse into a slow summer pace while taking in the views of local Croatian life. 

hrapocusa cake brac croatia

9. Plaža Lovrečina

One of the most beautiful beaches on the northern side of the Croatian island of Brac is Plaza Lovrecina. This lovely quiet spot has a white pebble beach, luscious surrounding greenery, and gorgeous blue water beckoning you for a swim. You can access the water directly from the sand or hop in via the small stairs on the wooden terrace. 

best things to do brac croatia Plaža Lovrečina drone shot

Cool off in the shimmering waters while listening to the buzz of people on the beach, or enjoy a packed snack by the sea while soaking up the sun.

The Best Restaurants on Brac

The island’s culinary scene is full of rich flavors, from its renowned olive oil to local seafood specialties like grilled fish. Croatian food is known for its hearty and diverse offerings, with most of the ingredients fresh and locally sourced. Some of our favorite restaurants on the island were:

  • Marinero Cafe and Bar (Bol)
  • Ribarska Kućica (Bol)
  • Vinotoka (Supetar)
  • Konoba Toni (Splitska)
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Start with marinated anchovies, order a main course of stew or soup, and try a Hrapocusa cake for dessert – there’s so much to try!  

croatian food restaurant

How to Visit Brac, Croatia

Brac is one of the islands just off the coast of the bustling city of Split, making it an easy destination to get to from the mainland. From Split, you can hop on a 45 to 50-minute ferry ride to Bol (foot passengers only) or Supetar on the island’s northern side (car ferry). 

day trip brac Croatia church

In the summer, there are frequent ferry rides daily, making it easy to hop around. This way, you can continue on to other Adriatic gems, like the island of Hvar (50 minutes by ferry from Bol).  

best things to do brac croatia cute town

Organized Day Trip

Though Brac, Croatia, is worth exploring longer than just a day, there is also the option to visit the island on a day trip from neighboring Split or Trogir. You can either rent a boat for the day or join an organized tour of the island.

brac day trip split croatia

Getting Around

By Car or Bike

Even though the stunning island of Brac is not that big, it does take about 50 minutes to get from north to south. Because of this, we recommend renting a scooter or car if you plan on exploring outside the towns of Bol or Supetar. 

rent a car brac croatia

You can either rent a car on the island or bring your rental car over from the mainland via the car ferry to Supetar. If you’re just exploring Bol, a vehicle isn’t necessary as everything can easily be reached on foot. Most of the roads on Brac are good, except for a few gravel roads that require an off-road vehicle. 

roads brac island croatia

By Public Transport 

If your own transportation is not an option, there are some bus services around the island or local tours you can join. Bus routes are more frequent during the summer months, and a journey costs just a few euros. 

where to eat in brac croatia restaurant

Where to Stay

With lots of quaint little villages, bustling seaside harbors, and incredible beaches, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from in Brac.

If you’re looking to be more amongst the people, stay in the popular towns of Bol or Supetar. If you’d like a bit more quiet and local atmosphere, choose to stay in locations like Splitska.   

best things to do brac croatia small town drone sunset

How Many Days on Brac Island?

Though Brac can be visited on a day trip from Split, it’s worth it to spend at least a couple of days roaming the island’s diverse locations. We recommend 2 – 3 days to be able to experience all the best things to do in Brac, Croatia.

Budget for Brac, Croatia 

Depending on your travel plans, a road trip through Croatia can be quite affordable. While Brac may not be the cheapest destination in the Mediterranean, there’s a good balance of value and experience here. And, it’s slightly cheaper than neighboring destinations Split and the luxe island of Hvar.

Costs of Traveling in Brac

Travel on a budget in Brac, from $300 − $360 USD weekly per person, mid-range $690 − $1530 USD, and high-end from $1500 − $2230 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Best Time to Visit Brac, Croatia

While Brac is Croatia’s third largest island, it doesn’t see the level of tourism that some other locations do. Because of this, it remains a beautiful spot to visit during the warm summer months, perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the shimmering Adriatic Sea.


However, if you’re seeing more of the country, we’d recommend visiting during the shoulder seasons. The weather remains sunny in May, June, or September, but crowds are smaller, offering a more peaceful travel experience. 

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