Krka National Park, Croatia: Travel Guide to the Waterfalls Krka National Park, Croatia: Travel Guide to the Waterfalls

Krka National Park, Croatia: Travel Guide to the Waterfalls

Croatia’s finest jewel is the beautiful Krka National Park. In this natural world, home to the relaxing sounds of birdsong and rushing waterfalls, you can discover a colorful landscape of turquoise blue pools, vibrant flowers, and luscious green vegetation. Make your way through the park, walking on wooden boards that hover above the streams, stopping to spot bright blue dragonflies, swooping eagles, and colorful fish swimming upstream in the clear waters. Enjoy nature to the fullest with this complete guide to the magnificent waterfalls of Krka National Park.

Things to Do in Krka National Park

The beautiful Krka National Park has so much natural beauty to soak up, home to a maze of hiking trails that worm along the edge of blue waters and luscious flora and fauna. Plus, it’s easily visited on a day trip from the popular destinations of Split or Sibenik, making it a great stop-off on your Croatia itinerary

top things to do in krka national park croatia Skradinski Buk falls

When you arrive, start by visiting the famous Skradinski Buk Waterfall, one of Croatia’s best-known Krka National Park waterfalls. From there, we recommend hopping on a boat to visit the monastery and church on Visovac Island and then continuing on the boat trip to see the stunning Roski Slap Waterfall nearby. 

complete guide to krka national park waterfall croatia

The Magical Krka Waterfalls

There are 7 stunning waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski Buk Falls and Roski Slap.  Skradinski Buk is the most popular and is accessible from a beautiful 2km long hiking path created from wooden boards that hover above the crystal clear streams. As you go, look out for the vibrant fish swimming upstream, and listen to the meditative sounds of birds and frogs hiding among the trees and undergrowth.

beautiful waterfal krka national park croatia

Best of all, the walk is very straightforward, so it’s perfect for every kind of traveler (you don’t need to be a hiker!). In fact, you don’t even need hiking shoes, as the path is very even. 

Tip: Head for Manojlovacki Slapovi Falls (located here) for a slightly more challenging hike. If you have your own transportation, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Alternative Option: Plitvice Waterfalls

For us, Plitvice Waterfalls in Croatia were far more beautiful than those at Krka. If you have time and it fits within your Croatia itinerary, we recommend adding this as an additional stop on your travels. 

lower lakes Plitvice national park croatia

Island of Visovac and Monastery

It is well worth the time and money to take a boat trip across to the Island of Visovac. The island itself is owned by the Catholic Church, which is why you’ll find a Franciscan monastery here, built in 1445. In fact, the cultivation of this beautiful untouched natural paradise is due to the work of the monks all those years ago, who brought many plant species and wildlife to the island, including vibrant peacocks and turtles. 

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Krka National Park, Croatia: Travel Guide to the Waterfalls
things to do in krka national park island of Visovac monastery

Many of the boats that cruise around the Lake Visovac offer stop-offs at the island, including a visit to the stunning Roski Slap, also known as the ‘Vast Waterfall’. If you decide to visit on a Sunday, the boats from Stinica and Remetic are free as they take worshipers for Sunday service at the monastery.  

krka national park roski slap waterfall croatia

Swimming in the Krka National Park

In order to protect the stunning nature in the Krka National Park, there are only a few designated spots where you are allowed to go swimming (read more about sustainable travel). These are Stinice, Remetic, and Pisak. Alternatively, you can take a lovely dip at the beach in Skradin, which is just outside the park.

how to visit krka national park croatia

Krka National Park Entrance Fee

Before you arrive, save yourself some time and book your ticket online. Here are the different tickets options:

  • Skradinski Buk (bus or boat transfer) + Roski Slap : 40 EUR
  • Skradinski Buk (no bus or boat) + Roski Slap : 40 EUR
  • Roski Slap only : 20 EUR
complete guide krka national park croatia Skradinski Buk falls

The bus shuttle service (which is included in the ticket price) takes you from the car park at Lozovac to the falls, or if you prefer, you can always walk. However, remember it is all uphill and around 875 meters to the top!  

how to visit krka national park croatia waterfalls

Make sure you get to the Krka National Park entrance for opening time at 8 AM and be the first to visit the magnificent Skradinski Buk Waterfall before it gets busy. 

Note: While the Krka National Park entrance fee is a little pricey, we didn’t mind, knowing it was helping nature preservation. 

What is the Cost of a Krka National Park Tour?

Taking a guided tour is a good option if you want to take the hassle out of the trip, as they will organize everything, including pick up and drop off (they are also very reasonably priced!). The guides can also explain the history of the park and show the best spots and viewpoints. 

A day trip from Split includes pick up and drop off, a boat cruise, swimming (Skradin), and guided walking tours. Plus, some even offer wine and food tastings as well! You should expect to pay around 15-30 EUR per person. 

Note: You don’t have to book a tour to visit Krka National Park, as you can easily explore independently. Particularly if you travel by car, you’ll have more flexibility. 

sign krka national park croatia

What to Bring to Krka National Park

  • Water in a reusable bottle (you can refill in the park, tap water is perfectly safe to drink in Croatia. Plus, it’s the best way to travel plastic-free!)
  • Environmentally-friendly sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Swimwear
  • Some snacks for the hike
  • Food and drinks (inside the park, prices are high!)
where to eat krka national park croatia

Where to Eat in Krka National Park

There are a few small restaurants by the Krka waterfalls, close to Skradinski, but most are very overpriced. Therefore, we recommend eating closer to the parking area or the Roski Waterfall. Our two favorites were both near Roski:

  • Alte Mühle Kristijan: An authentic restaurant where you essentially have lunch in a waterfall. They have a fixed menu where you get a platter of local Cheese and dried ham, salad, and fresh bread with olive oil
  • Panorama Roski Slap: Panoramic river and valley views with good wine and reasonably priced dishes.
Alte Mühle Kristijan Krka national park Croatia

The village of Skradin, just outside the park entrance, has some of the best dining options in the area. If you do visit, make sure you try the famous Skradin risotto and Skradin torta. A better option may be to bring your own picnic so you can have lunch with the view of your choice! 

Where to Stay in Krka National Park

The best options for accommodation are Skradin or Sibenik, small towns just outside the entrance to the Krka National Park. 

Skradin is a very charming village with a long history (built in 33 BC) and is often overlooked by visitors. There are pretty pastel-colored houses, vineyards, and a waterfront on the Krka River with a marina. You are also permitted to swim at the small beach here. From Skradin, it is just a 30-minute ferry ride to the Krka Waterfalls.

Alternatively, Sibenik is a good option, as it’s only 20 minutes away and easily accessible by car or bus. 

where to stay in Krka National Park church sibenik

How to Visit Krka National Park

Krka National Park is a must-see destination on any Croatia itinerary, mostly visited on a day trip from Split. However, it is also easily accessible from Sibenik. If you want to extend your trip for a few days, there are plenty of accommodation options in Sibenik or Skradin.

Skradinski Buk waterfall sign krka national park

By Bus

There are frequent buses from Sibenik, Zadar, and Split.

Once you reach the entrance, the bus shuttle service (included in the Krka National Park entrance fee) takes you from the car park at the Lozovac Entrance (see the exact parking location here) to Skradinski Buk Falls. These buses leave every few minutes.

Tip: We recommend walking one way to Skradinski Buk (875 meters to the top) and taking the shuttle bus back. If you do this at 8 AM (and do the loop backward), you’ll reach the big waterfall first and, hopefully, have it all to yourself.

By Car

If you are after more flexibility and want to explore the park fully, then the best option is to rent a car. Travel time by car from Sibenik is 20 minutes, from Zadar, 1 hour, and from Split, 1.5 hours.

Once you’ve seen Skradinski Buk and are back in your car, you can drive to other waterfalls in the area. The more remote falls, such as the beautiful Manojlovački Slapovi Falls, are not accessible by bus, so require you to have your own transport. The drive from Skradinski Buk to Manojlovački is roughly one hour.

how to visit Krka National Park car

By Boat

The alternative option to visit the national park is from the nearby village of Skradin. From here, you can take a boat upstream which will bring you into the park. This option is a bit longer but very scenic. You can find the ferry pier near the Krka National Park ticket and information center.

beautiful restaurant sibenik croatia

On a Guided Tour

For a hassle-free trip, take a guided tour which includes pick up and drop off. The majority of these leave from Split, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for a day trip on your Croatia itinerary.

Tours & Tickets 🥾View all
village waterfall Krka National Park

Best Time to Visit Krka National Park

We recommend visiting Krka National Park in the shoulder months of April and May and September and October. The summer months can be quite busy and much warmer, and the boat tours don’t run during the fall and winter.


Tip: You can spend anything from a half to a full day at the Krka National Park, visiting the stunning Krka waterfalls.

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