Airbnb Discount Code: Save Up to $50 USD! Airbnb Discount Code: Save Up to $50 USD!

Airbnb Discount Code: Save Up to $50 USD!

Are you about to travel the world and explore the world’s most incredible destinations? Stay in beautiful accommodations for reasonable prices through Airbnb! By using this Airbnb discount code, you will save up to $50 USD on your first booking! Follow our step by step guide and find out how to sign up and apply your discount on Airbnb.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an amazing way of seeing a destination while staying in a home away from home. It is generally cheaper and a more unique experience than booking a hotel. Make it even more affordable by using this Airbnb discount code!

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Locals rent out their entire home, or a room in their home, to tourists. They choose what the fee is per night, based on the location and the facilities. If you opt for the ‘entire home’ option, you will have full access to the kitchen and other amenities in the home too. This is a great option for those who want to stay long-term in a place. For example, digital nomads

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Airbnb Discount Code: Save Up to $50 USD!

Not only is it cheaper than staying in a hotel, but it is also far better for the environment. Airbnb typically uses far less water and energy than a normal hotel and ‘88% of Airbnb hosts around the world now incorporate green practices into hosting’.

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How to use the Airbnb Discount Code

So how can you make staying in an Airbnb even cheaper? Use this discount code to get up to $50 USD off your next booking! All you have to do is sign up for Airbnb via this link. When you sign up your account will automatically be credited. You can then use this credit to get a free or huge discount on your next Airbnb booking! Make sure to click the button ‘apply for travel credit’ when making your booking. This will then discount the price.

Depending on your currency, the discount code will make you a saving of:

  • $66 AUD
  • €40 EUR
  • $47 USD
  • £36 GBP

Note: If you cancel a booking the discount code can’t be used again. Additionally, make sure to always check the expiration date on your code.

Airbnb Discount Code italy

How to Use the Discount Code if You Are Already a Member

Are you already a member of Airbnb? To use the discount code you’ll have to create a new account on Airbnb using a different email address. Alternatively, if you’re traveling with other people who aren’t yet members of Airbnb, get them to sign up and use the code. 

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Other Ways to Save Money on Airbnb

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Airbnb discount codes for current members. They do release them but it’s not very often/usual.
  • Contact the hosts directly. Message the host directly to discuss the specifics of your booking, as they might be able to offer you a personal discount! Hosts often do this, especially if you’re looking to stay in their home long-term. *Note: Even if you get a special deal via your host, you can still use the discount code to make your booking even cheaper.
  • Refer your friends and family to this article for them to get the same discount code. Once you are signed up, and a member of Airbnb, you will also get your own referral link to send to friends and family. When they use your referral code they will get money off their booking and you will also earn credit.
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Things to Remember Before Booking an Airbnb (Using Your Discount Code):

  • Read the reviews. Make sure the cleanliness, location, and handover reviews are good. For example, you don’t want to be waiting for ages for your host or confused about where to find the keys. Make sure you have the host’s phone number just in case and always choose a verified Airbnb host.
  • Book as early as possible to get the cheapest deal and to make sure there is still availability. 
  • Check the small print.
  • Check for added fees, cleaning, and the cancellation fee
  • Use the filter option to narrow down your search. i.e ‘entire home’, ‘
  • Allow for flexible dates. This gives you more of a range of homes and prices.
  • Split the cost with more people. It might be the same price for two of you to stay in the Airbnb as it is for four! If that’s the case, think about asking other people to join you so that you can split the cost and make it even cheaper. Because of this, Airbnb is great for group travel.
  • Widen your search if you’re flexible on location. There might be an incredible Airbnb just outside of the city for half the price.
  • Make sure the check-in and check-out times suit you.

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb has also launched ‘Airbnb Experiences‘ which is an excellent way to get to know your destination. Hosts offer experiences such as cooking classes, jewelry making, or activities that are unique to the place you’re visiting.

The discount code can also be used on Airbnb Experience. Get it here

airbnb experiences cooking class
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    Hi guys, absolutely love your page and instagram! I tried signing up through your AirBNB link but unfortunately did not get any credit whatsoever :( I was wondering if there was something I could do about this?
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