Ksiaz Castle, Poland: All you Need to Know when Visiting Ksiaz Castle, Poland: All you Need to Know when Visiting

Ksiaz Castle, Poland: All you Need to Know when Visiting

Situated high above the stunning Polish countryside, its turrets poking out above the low lying clouds, is the sensational pink ‘barbie-style’ Ksiaz Castle! This candy-colored castle, with its enchanted woodland surrounding, certainly looks like something out of a fairytale. However, its history tells a different story, of secret tunnels, nazi stories, and chilling legends. Read this complete guide on how to visit Ksiaz Castle, Poland!

Visiting Ksiaz Castle

The breathtaking Ksiaz Castle is often referred to as the ‘pearl’ of the Lower Silesia Region and for a good reason! Built during the 13th century, it was occupied by the Hochberg family, one of the most wealthy and influential families in Prussia, for hundreds of years.

Ksiaz Castle Poland

After World War 2, Ksiaz Castle was restored to reflect the grandeur of this time. As such, each room inside the castle is unique, complete with incredible art, gold decorations, regal furniture, and dazzling chandeliers.

Ksiaz Castle Poland guide

Chilling Nazi History

The turbulent history began in World War 2 when the Nazis seized the castle from the Hochberg’s. It was even rumored that Hitler would relocate and make the Ksiaz Castle his headquarters. The true mystery is the network of underground tunnels built by the Nazis during this time. No one knows why these tunnels were created (named the Riese Project), but it’s said they were going to be used for secret Nazi operations.

poland most beautiful castle

Now visitors have the chance to explore 1.5 km of tunnels carved out of the rock face and reinforced with concrete. There are even the remnants of an elevator shaft that apparently led to Hitler’s bedroom. These fascinating tunnels give visitors the chance to learn about the turbulent history of the castle, as well as the myths and secrets.

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Ksiaz Castle, Poland: All you Need to Know when Visiting

Walbrzych Palm House

The gardens and Palm House of Ksiaz are just as beautiful as the castle itself and an absolute must-see for plant lovers. Prince Hans Heinrich XV of the Hochberg family had the Palm House built for his wife in the early 1900s. Over 250 species of plants grown within the palm house, from all over the world!

Opening Hours

The Ksiaz Castle is open at varying times depending on the season:

  • High season (April to October): 9 AM – 6 PM Monday to Sunday
  • Low season (November to March): 10 AM – 4 PM Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM
Ksiaz Castle garden

Ticket Price Ksiaz Castle

Depending on the castle’s attractions you wish to see, tickets can range from 10 USD – 21 USD. At the lower end is the self-guided audio tour, where you will receive headphones and plenty of information displayed throughout. However, If you really want to learn the intricacies and mysteries of Ksiaz Castle, join a tour with an official tour guide.

  • Self-guided tour (with audio) of the castle (and the palm house): approx $10 USD (39 Polish Zloty). 
  • Self-guided tour (with audio) of the castle (and the palm house) + the tunnels: approx $16 USD (59 Polish Zloty)

There is also the option to take part in ‘Ksiaz Castle by night’: a 90-minute spooky nighttime tour. Walk along some of the castle’s most eerie corridors, lit only by lanterns!

beautiful castle poland

How to get to Ksiaz Castle, Poland

Staying in Wroclaw? The castle is 1 hour 20 minutes drive. For the most ease, join a day tour from Wroclaw, which includes return transportation, entry, and a guide.

If you’re visiting using public transport, there are direct trains from Wroclaw to the town of Walbrzych (1 hour). From here, take a short local bus up to the castle.

Alternatively, the most cost-effective option is to take the bus directly from Wroclaw to Walbrzych, which takes 1.5 hours and costs around 3 USD each way.

Where to Stay

If you want the real fairytale experience, book a stay at Ksiaz Castle itself! Situated within the wooded grounds, in three castle outbuildings, is the Ksiaz Hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel and a great place to stay to relax and enjoy the surroundings after a long day at the castle.

If you’re taking part in the ‘Ksiaz by night’ tour, stay at the hotel to save yourself making a journey back to Wroclaw late at night.

On the other hand, if you’re staying in Wroclaw, we recommend basing yourself in the Old Town, where all the most beautiful buildings are located.

Ksiaz Castle Poland hotel
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