Bansko Ski Resort: Discover Skiing in Bulgaria’s Winter Getaway  Bansko Ski Resort: Discover Skiing in Bulgaria’s Winter Getaway 

Bansko Ski Resort: Discover Skiing in Bulgaria’s Winter Getaway 

Nestled away in the breathtaking Pirin Mountains of southwest Bulgaria is Bansko Ski Resort. Just a short two-hour drive from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, Bansko offers an affordable yet charming winter escape that draws visitors from all across Europe. You can ski and party on the pistes during the day and relax in a hot spring in the afternoon. Here’s how to spend your winter getaway in Bansko.

Bansko Ski Resort: The Largest in the Balkans

Bansko Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in the Balkans. Its ski area is situated at an altitude of 2000–2600 meters and guarantees reliable snow cover from December through March. Besides that, most of the pistes here are equipped with snow cannons, making sure you can ski during your holiday.

bansko forest in snow

Why Skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria?

What sets Bansko Skiing apart is its affordability. It’s rapidly gaining popularity for providing good ski facilities at budget-friendly prices. It is also a very beautiful area to go skiing, with majestic mountain vistas only adding to the charm. With a peak altitude of 2600 meters, the resort offers a diverse range of slopes suitable for everyone, from beginners to seasoned skiers. 

bansko ski gondola bulgaria

Bansko has slopes for every Skier and Snowboarder 

Bansko boasts 75 kilometers of ski runs, each offering a unique experience. While it might not match some European counterparts like France or Austria, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in scenery. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a lush pine forest atmosphere.

bansko ski resort bulgaria

Slopes are categorized into Blue, Red, and Black, offering different levels of challenge. With 8 blue runs, 11 reds, and 2 blacks, there’s a good mix of options to suit every skier and snowboarder.

skiing in bansko bulgaria

Bansko Ski Passes, Lifts, and Gondola

To get the most out of your skiing adventure in Bansko, it’s good to know your way around ski passes and lifts. Various pass durations are available, from half-day to 13-day passes. You can purchase these passes next to the parking ticket machine opposite the main blue Gondola entrance or at the blue Gondola.

ski gondola bansko bulgaria

In 2024, the Ski Pass prices in Bansko are: 

  • Half day after 12:30 pm 75 BGN (38 euros)
  • 1 day 96 BGN (49 euros)
  • 2 days 180 BGN (92 euros)
  • 3 days 270 BGN (138 euros)
  • 4 days 370 BGN (189 euros)
  • 5 days 465 BGN (237 euros)
  • 6 days 550 BGN (281 euros)
  • 9 days 825 BGN (421 euros)
  • 13 days 1155 BGN (590 euros)

The main blue gondola is the lifeline of Bansko’s ski resort, connecting the town to beginner slopes and chairlifts, taking you up to other slopes. The blue gondola ride takes about 25 minutes. Using your ski pass is an easy and automated system where you can keep your pass inside your jacket and scan it to the side of the machine. 

wintersport bansko bulgaria

The gondola opens at 8:30 AM and stops at 4 PM. During high season (Jan – Mar), it is best to be an early bird to catch the first rides to avoid long queues. After 9 AM, it can easily take you up to 1 hour to get inside a gondola. 

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Bansko Ski Resort: Discover Skiing in Bulgaria’s Winter Getaway 

There are shuttle buses going up to the top as well; however, from our experience, this wasn’t much faster due to the traffic up there.  

Bansko Skiing Slopes

Bansko has Blue, Red, and Black slopes, each offering a different difficulty. Once you reach the gondola’s top station, this is where the beginner slope is and where you can change to one of the chairlifts to get onto the other slopes. On the Piste map board,  you’ll see which lift is running as it might be closed due to weather conditions.

Tip: Install the Slopes app to track your own and see your friends’ skiing performance. 

ski slopes bansko bulgaria


The beginner area is equipped for those new to skiing, with gentle slopes, drag lifts, and instructors. Our first time skiing started on these slopes with a day of lessons.

Intermediate and Advanced

If you’re not a beginner, take one of two chair lifts up to a blue or black slope. Both lifts connect to other lifts, taking you up further to other blue, red, and black slopes.

As mentioned before, Bansko Ski Resort is not that big, meaning advanced skiers might get a bit bored with the main pistes after a few days. We’ve been told there are a handful of good off-piste and tree runs. 

ski slopes of bansko

Ski all the way back to town

After your day of skiing you can easily avoid the cue at the gondola down and take the easy ski run down. It is a very nice tree-lined, 15 km-long run down all the way to town. This is also a great run for beginners. It’s good to note that at the last part, there’s almost no slope, and snowboarders might have to walk this bit. 

We loved our last run of the day. We went all the way down from the top at 2600 meters, following a red and blue slope, onto the slope to town. This run takes about an hour.

skiing sunset bansko bulgaria

Lessons in Bansko

If you’re planning to learn or improve skiing or snowboarding, Bansko offers affordable lessons. Instructors speak English, making it an excellent place to learn your winter sports abilities.

You can get lessons at the beginner slope up top or through one of the many rental shops that usually offer deals for renting equipment + lessons. If you’re with a group of friends and/or book multiple lessons, the price can go down even further. Our lesson of 2 hours cost us 80 BGN (40 euros).

ski lessons bansko bulgaria

To us, it seemed there was quite a bit of rivalry between the shops and people working around the slopes. And we personally think it’s best to find an instructor working solely instead of for a big company. Our friends had a fantastic snowboarding instructor named: Val. This is his phone number: +359 88 875 0722.

bansko ski resort restaurants

Thermal Pools

Bansko offers more than just skiing. Take a break from the slopes and relax in the therapeutic waters of the thermal pools. Hotels like the Grand Hotel Bansko offer a perfect way to unwind after a day of skiing.

thermal pools bansko

Where to Stay: Bansko’s Hotel Options

Hotels in Bansko range from luxurious hotels to cozy holiday rental houses. There are many options to choose from. One standout choice is the Grand Hotel Bansko, known for its thermal pools, which provide a unique stay experience amidst the snow-covered landscapes. You can get a half-day pass. If you’re with a group, it is the cheapest to look at holiday rental houses

best ski hotels bansko bulgaria

How Many Days in Bansko?

A stay of 3-4 days is ideal to fully enjoy Bansko’s slopes and the town’s offerings without feeling rushed.

mountains of bansko bulgaria

About Bansko town

Bansko town is quite charming, with some cobblestone streets and many restaurants to explore. Closer to the Ski Resort are all the rental shops, supermarkets, and shops. There is a large parking area right in front of the blue gondola where you can park for 15 BGN (7.50 euros) daily.

bansko town

Getting to Bansko

Sofia Airport is the nearest international hub. The journey from Sofia to Bansko takes about 2 hours through a straightforward highway through some nice landscapes. It’s best to rent your own car and drive from Sofia. Alternatively, you can book a shuttle service.

road to get to bansko bulgaria in winter

Après-Ski, Cafes and Restaurants

Numerous Apres-ski cafés are scattered throughout the slopes, offering a perfect spot to pause for a refreshing drink or a bite to eat. And, for those seeking some lively après-ski entertainment, there is a truck playing great beats from 12-4 PM near the gondola upper station.

apres-ski bansko bulgaria

For food, we recommend the 180 Bar, which is renowned for its quality food (pizzas, pasta, etc.) and prime location. You’ll find two other ‘okay’ restaurants (The Barrels and VIP Room) at the beginner slopes. 

bansko apres-ski

Bansko town’s dining scene combines traditional Bulgarian cuisine and international dishes with vegetarian and vegan options available. While prices are higher (20-60 BGN) than in other Bulgarian towns, the quality and variety of food is good. We want to note one coffee spot in particular: Black Honey, which has fantastic coffee and is perfect for warming up after a day on the slopes.

Our favorites:

  • 180 Bar (on the slope)
  • Black Honey Coffee
  • Wake UP coffee & juice bar
  • Danny’s Bar & Mexican Restaurant (Vegan options)
  • Smokey Mountain Bar & Grill (Vegan options)
  • The Voivodes (Vegan options)
  • El Tacos (Vegan options)

How much does skiing in Bansko cost?

Skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria, is very affordable. Lift tickets, gear rentals, and meals on the slopes won’t break the bank, and even accommodation is affordable. However, please be aware to book in advance, especially during peak season, to avoid high prices.

Costs of Traveling in Bansko

Travel on a budget in Bansko, from $370 − $580 USD weekly per person, mid-range $770 − $1340 USD, and high-end from $1310 − $2020 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Packing List: Essentials for a Ski Trip

Ski Gear and Equipment (or rent in Bansko)

  • Skis + Poles/Snowboard
  • Boots
  • Helmet
  • Goggles: Protect your eyes from the bright sun and wind.
  • Gloves

Clothing for the Slopes

  • Ski Jacket: Waterproof and with a ski pass pocket.
  • Ski Pants: Also waterproof.
  • Thermal Base Layers: To keep your body warm.
  • Mid-Layer: Such as a sweater for extra insulation.
  • Ski-specific Socks: For comfort and warmth.
  • Balaclava: To keep your ears, face, and neck warm.
skiing in bansko bulgaria winter


  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm
  • Sunglasses: For non-skiing moments.
  • Snacks: Like energy bars for a quick boost.
  • Travel Insurance


  • Casual Wear: For relaxing after skiing.
  • Swimsuit: If you plan to visit the thermal pools or spas.
  • Comfortable Shoes: For going into town.

Bonus Tip: Join the Digital Nomad Scene

For those seeking a unique blend of work and winter sports, Bansko boasts a thriving digital nomad scene, making it an excellent destination for remote work in a winter wonderland.

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