Best Place to see Tulips in the Netherlands Without Tourists Best Place to see Tulips in the Netherlands Without Tourists

Best Place to see Tulips in the Netherlands Without Tourists

Between mid-April to early May, the Netherlands bursts into the colors of the rainbow. Large fields with tulips in the Netherlands show the country from one of its best sides. Keukenhof, Lisse, and Amsterdam are the most popular places to see tulips in the country, but what if we told you there’s a secret better location? An island filled with massive tulip fields, away from the crowds, and free to visit! Here’s how to see tulips in the Netherlands for free!

Tulip Season in the Netherlands

With over 11000 hectares, the tulips are a big export product of the Netherlands. Right before winter hits, between October and January, the bulbs are planted. These bulbs need that cold period to be able to bloom. 

Around mid-April, large fields in all kinds of colors appear, which are a feast for the eye after a grey winter. In the first week of May, the flowers are cut and ready to be sold at the markets, florists, and grocery stores.

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Best Place to see Tulips in the Netherlands Without Tourists

Of course, this all depends on the weather. For example, in 2018, the tulips were still there in the second week of May, whereas by the end of April 2019, everything was already cut.

tulips netherlands map goeree overflakkee

After cutting the tulips, it’s not over. The energy that used to go to the tulip now goes into the bulb, which makes it grow better. The tulip bulbs are the export product of the farmers.

About Tulips in The Netherlands

The best place to see tulips for free in the Netherlands is in the southwestern part of the country. An island called ‘Goeree-Overflakkee’, where we both were born and raised, has one of the best Wind and Kite Surf beaches in the Netherlands and massive tulip fields.

tulips netherlands

Goeree-Overflakee and its tulip fields are a 35-minute drive from Rotterdam. Other than Keukenhof, Lisse, or Amsterdam, these tulip fields are only known to locals who visit the tulips on the weekend or after their day at work. There are so many fields around that it won’t be hard to find tulip flowers without any visitors.

Fun fact: Tulips were originally brought to the Netherlands from Turkey.

tulips netherlands jump

The best time to see the tulip flower is usually the last two weeks of April. You can combine the tulip season with Kingsday, the birthday of the king on the 27th of April. Known as one of the best public holidays in The Netherlands.

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best tulips netherlands fields

Best Tulip Field Locations

Across the entire island of Goeree-Overflakkee, you’ll find tulip fields in all colors and sizes. The largest fields are outside the villages in the central and eastern parts of the island. The exact location of the fields changes every year, but with dozens of tulip fields around, they won’t be far!

A yearly returning event is the Tulip Walking Tour called ‘Tulpenwandeltocht’. You can sign up and walk a route along with all the tulip fields. 

tulips netherlands flower

Tulip Locations Route

Find the majority of the tulip fields on our map below or in this Google Maps map. Please remember that the tulip fields in the Netherlands are only in bloom in April and possibly May. The map may be older, but the fields will be close to these locations.

tulips netherlands goeree overflakkee route 2019

Taking Photos at the Tulip Fields

It’s important to know that farmers sell these flowers and need to make a living off of that. Different from the tulips in Amsterdam, Keukenhof, or Lisse, these tulip fields remain unfenced or protected. It is your responsibility not to harm the tulip flowers.

tulips netherlands pink flowers

There are a handful of wider paths in each field that can be used to take photos. You can take so many beautiful images even if you are not walking in the tulip fields. Sometimes, it’s all about perspective.

How to Visit the Tulips in the Netherlands

Getting to Goeree-Overflakee and the tulip fields is best done by rental car. This way, you have the freedom to drive around to all the tulip fields and the enormous beach area on the west side of the island. Driving around the whole island can be done in a maximum of 60 minutes.

tulips netherlands beautiful field drone

Tulip Fields 2019: A few of the picturesque tulip fields are located here. Spend a night or an entire weekend in the area. There are loads of B&Bs available on Goeree-Overflakkee. 

The best options are:

  1. An easy 35-minute ride by rented car from Rotterdam.
  2. A 90-minute drive by rented car from Amsterdam.
  3. Take the 25-minute express train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Rent a car in Rotterdam and drive 35 minutes to the island.
tulips netherlands rent car

When is the Tulip Season?

A common misunderstanding of the tulips in the Netherlands is that they are there year-round. Tulips in the Netherlands are only in bloom in tulip season during the last two weeks of April and the first week of May. Tulip season is during the spring in the Netherlands, which usually is a period of pleasant sunshine and a comfortable breeze.

tulips netherlands rainbow field

Good to know is that the tulips in Keukenhof are maintained. They will be there for a longer period but don’t compare to the stunning farm fields.

Staying Near the Tulip Fields

Wandering at the tulips during sunset is a must-do! Spend the night at one of the many guesthouses or B&Bs in the area so you have more time to do this and even see the beach.

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