Best Honeymoon Destinations: Top 13 Places of 2024 Best Honeymoon Destinations: Top 13 Places of 2024

Best Honeymoon Destinations: Top 13 Places of 2024

Your honeymoon is the most memorable trip you’ll ever take, a beautiful time to connect, explore, and relax with your new partner after the planning and excitement of your wedding. The world is full of countless romantic destinations for you to explore, but which one is right for you both? Whether you’re looking for adventurous mountain activities, a cultured city break, or the ultimate tranquility of desert island beaches, we’ve got you covered with this complete list of the best honeymoon destinations.

1. Bali – All-round honeymoon destination

Bali is nicknamed ‘Island of the Gods’, and for a good reason. The island is as diverse as it is spiritual, with its volcanoes, paradise islands, and sacred temples. Because of this, it is one of the greatest honeymoon destinations for both romantics and adventurers.

honeymoon destinations bali

By day, walk on the white sand of Nusa Penida or the stunning rice paddies of Ubud. By night, enjoy candle-lit dinners in your jungle bamboo house or dance in the moonlight on the clifftops. 

best cafes canggu bali

What’s more, there are activities for both sunbathers and adrenaline junkies. Simply venture to your chosen corner of the island to look for luxury retreats, spa treatments, or private beaches. Alternatively, hop on a boat, snorkel with stingrays, or learn how to surf in one of the best all-round honeymoon places on earth. Get ready to make some spectacular memories in this heart-stopping destination!

Favorite Honeymoon Hotels in Bali

best honeymoon destinations nusa penida bali

2. Maldives – Luxury honeymoon destination

Think of honeymoon destinations, and there’s no doubt that the Maldives will be the first word on your lips. It has a hammock swinging, palm tree swaying, coconut-knocking beauty that makes it truly magical.

luxury honeymoon destinations maldives
Location: Kandolhu Island

Luxury, romance, and tranquility are the vibe here. As such, you can look forward to overwater bungalows, private beaches, 5-star retreats, and gourmet dining. If you’re looking to switch off, disconnect, and feel the love, the Maldives is the place for you.

Walk barefoot on the sand in the breeze, see plankton glowing in the starry water, and sip from coconuts as the waves lap the shore. There’s no doubt, the Maldives is one of the most relaxing honeymoon destinations in the world!

Best Honeymoon Hotels in the Maldives

luxury honeymoon destinations maldives
Location: Kandolhu Island

3. Philippines

Got a notebook full of honeymoon ideas but still don’t know which country is ‘the one’? The Philippines might just check all your boxes! With 7641 islands, there’s no doubt there’ll be something for every kind of honeymooner in this incredible country. In fact, Palawan, one of the Philippines’ most popular islands, was even named ‘best island in the world’ in 2020!

Nature is king in some parts of the Philippines. Monkeys, whale sharks, and tropical birds, live within its spectacular palm-fringed beaches, colorful reefs, and luscious jungles. Because of this, it’s perfect for wildlife lovers, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and many remote beaches! This honeymoon is truly a James Bond movie come to life and an absolute must on any honeymoon destination list.

Philippines Honeymoon Hotels

4. Iceland

Rugged and beautiful, Iceland is one of the unique honeymoon places on earth. It’s not your typical island honeymoon that you see in the glossy pages of magazines; in fact, it may even be better. Instead, you can look forward to black sand beaches, volcanoes, glaciers, whale-watching, and the breathtaking Northern Lights.

Photo credit: Torfhús Retreat

That’s not to say you can’t find luxury in Iceland, though. The country offers glamorous hotel stays, complete with spas and saunas that are a key part of Iceland’s unique culture. 

If you’re looking for an adventurous honeymoon idea, take a campervan road trip around the country. Drive and trek through its moon-like landscapes by day, and soothe your muscles in the hot springs by night. Whatever you choose, Iceland won’t disappoint as a honeymoon destination! It gives you a taste of northern nature that will leave you wanting to return again.

Honeymoon Hotels in Iceland

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Best Honeymoon Destinations: Top 13 Places of 2024

5. Italy

Culture and food are at the heart of Italy. In every corner of this charming country, you will meet the smiles of friendly locals, pointing you to the best espresso or authentic pasta. The food will certainly impress, but it tastes all the more delicious with the scenery that surrounds it.

best honeymoon destinations italy rome

Eat next to the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean, sip wine within glorious vineyards, or enjoy a gelato as you cruise the canals of Venice.

In Italy, you can choose from romance in the colorful towns of the Cinque Terre, the rolling hills of Tuscany, or the historical sites of Rome.

best honeymoon italy

The chic accommodation options at the honeymoon destination won’t disappoint, from lakeside villas to 5-star penthouses that look onto the cobbled streets of Siena. This is just one reason why it’s one of the most glamorous honeymoon places in the world!

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Italy

6. Sri Lanka – Unique honeymoon destination

Sri Lanka exceeds all expectations, making it one of the best, and most surprising, honeymoon destinations of all time. The country is home to a melting pot of religions and cultures which make it truly fascinating to explore.

sri lanka surfing

Just like the temples are sacred, so are the ancient sites and the wildlife that call it home. Because of this, you can look forward to beautifully preserved wonders. For example, the mammoth Sigiriya Rock or the ancient carvings and temple ruins of Anuradhapura. Both of these sites are a stone’s throw from grass fields full of elephants and bushland of leopards. 

One thing many people don’t know is that Sri Lanka is one of the best safari countries outside of Africa. Unlike Africa, though, Sri Lanka is small. This means that within a honeymoon, you can jump from safari jeeps in the jungle to trains riding through tea plantations and gorgeous palm-tree beaches.

sri lanka safari

Having such variety makes Sri Lanka one of the best honeymoon places! It provides sandy beaches and coconut trees for the more traditional honeymooners, epic surfing and waterfall hikes for adventurers, and rooftop bars and city skyscrapers.

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Destination Hotels

7. Thailand – Best Value Honeymoon Destination

Dreaming of adventure, culture, and relaxation all rolled into one? Thailand might be a backpacker favorite, but it’s also one of the best honeymoon destinations!

beautiful krabi thailand

Everything is sizzling in this awesome country: the fiery chillis in the curries, the humid temperatures of buzzing Bangkok, and the flame throwers dancing on the beaches. There’s so much to see and do from the northernmost point to the southernmost tip that honeymooners will definitely be booking a return trip.

Road trip through the green mountains, bamboo huts, and jungles of the north, taking part in yoga and meditation and connecting with your partner. Alternatively, take a boat to one of the many incredible islands off the mainland. Here, you will find the peace of remote beaches and the serenity of hotel sanctuaries.

tropical destination

There’s a reason that Thailand is known as ‘the land of smiles’. It’s not only because of the friendly Thai nature but also because you won’t stop smiling in this breathtaking honeymoon destination. 

Best Honeymoon Hotels at this destination

krabi thailand

8. Costa Rica – Adventurous Honeymoon Destination

Costa Rica might just be one of the best honeymoon places for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. If you’re looking for more than just luxury hotels and paradise beaches, Costa Rica certainly won’t disappoint! Costa Rica, translated as ‘rich coast’, is true to its name, absolutely teeming with wildlife in both its rainforests and oceans.

best honeymoon destinations costa rica
Photo credit: Nayara Springs

In fact, it is known as one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Because of this, its environment is fiercely protected and preserved. As such, on your honeymoon, you will get to explore luscious scenery, home to macaws, sloths, turtles, and many other vibrant species. And the best way to see these animals? Joining them in the oceans by snorkeling and surfing, zip-lining through the monkey-filled canopies, or rafting in rivers bordered with unique tropical plants. 

tabacon hot spring la fortuna costa rica
Photo was taken here

When all the adventure is done, enjoy the produce that makes Costa Rica famous: freshly brewed coffee, bananas, melons, and pineapples. You’ll lose count of the number of times you say ‘wow’ on this honeymoon trip of a lifetime!

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Costa Rica

costa rica luxury hotel
Photo credit: Origins Lodge

9. Mauritius

Searching for paradise? You’ve found it in Mauritius. Picture the sparkling Indian ocean, green cliff faces, overhanging palm trees, and soft white sand that melts into the waves. There’s no doubt that this is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples hoping to reflect on their wedding experience. In fact, the island is so beautiful that every day could almost feel like a wedding day!

luxury honeymoon destination
Location: Dinarobin Resort

Best of all, Mauritius has a secret side that’s more than beaches and ‘tropical’ vibes. Panoramic viewpoints and epic waterfalls are dotted across the island, waiting to be discovered. Once you’re at the top, witness rainbow-colored earth, giant water lilies, and giant tortoise; scenes so unique it could be something from a fantasy novel.

If you need another reason to choose this magical island as your honeymoon destination, it also has a secret underbelly of clubs, beach bars, and spectacular seaside restaurants. This means you can dance, eat, and party to your heart’s content! Everything you need is in this remote island paradise, so what are you waiting for? Follow the rainbow, dip in sparkling lagoons, and fall in love with this incredible honeymoon nation. 

tropical honeymoon destination
Location: Dinarobin Resort

10. Portugal

Is there anything more romantic than Europe in the summer? Portugal is no exception! With its whitewashed villages, rugged cliff coastline, and cultural city delights, it’s a country made to be a honeymoon destination. Plus, it’s small enough that honeymooners can jump in a campervan and make their way around the entire country in just 2-3 weeks!

portugal algarve beaches

If you’re a surfer or sports enthusiast in general, Portugal is perfect for action and outdoor adventure. Simply, pack your board in your campervan and stop and surf as you please along the azure Atlantic coastline.

honeymoon algarve portugal

When you’re done with surfing, try hiking, cycling, and horseriding at the stunning national parks inland. Alternatively, if you’re more about enjoying the finer things in life, Portugal has that too. Visit art galleries in Lisbon, and ancient bookstores in Porto, taste wine in the Douro valley, and relax in the coastal retreats of the Algarve

Whatever honeymoon vibe you’re after, and whatever time of year you intend to visit, Portugal will satisfy your vacation cravings. 

Honeymoon Hotels in Portugal

portugal road trip nazare surf

11. Morocco

If you want atmosphere, noise, flavor, and color, Morocco is easily the honeymoon place. Get ready for all your senses to be wowed! Hear the noise of vendors negotiating in the bazaars and call to prayer echoing out from the mosques.

best honeymoon destination morocco
Location: Riad Be Marrakech

See endless oranges, yellows, and reds of spices, textiles, and candied fruits. Smell the hot, dusty streets and flavors of tagine. Taste the sugary pastries and croissants in a place oozing with French culture.

The cities are mazes of treasures and trinkets, snake charmers, and rooftop terraces that are the perfect place to enjoy hot tea. Outside of the cities, journey to the snow-capped Atlas mountains, situated close by to the heat and vastness of the Sahara desert.

sahara desert morocco

Along the way, discover blue village Chefchaouen, coastal towns, and surfing hotspots that stretch as close to Spain and as far as Mauritania. Morocco is most definitely a rare gem among honeymoon destinations. 

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Morocco

12. Greece

Imagine white and blue clifftop towns overlooking a calm ocean that looks almost too good to swim in. That’s Greece! The country is famous for the breathtaking beauty of its islands, filled with olive trees, farmhouses, and sparkling coves that feel like the world’s best-kept secret.

best honeymoon destination greece
Photo credit: Perivolas Hotel

From plane to boat, you’ll soon be zooming around on a scooter, with the smell of lemons and salty sea in the air. By night, eat delicious Greek food by candlelight, or join in with the high-spirited tradition of plate smashing.

greece honeymoon
Photo credit: Art Maisons

Looking for more than just European island living? Athens, the capital city, is rich in history! Consider adding on an extra few days to soak up the ancient stories of the Acropolis, an incredible site that will really add a different perspective to your honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Greece

Photo credit: Santo Maris

13. Peru

Peru is the best honeymoon destination for those couples who have a bucket list to tick off. From the once-in-a-lifetime scenes of Machu Picchu to the breathtaking sight of Rainbow Mountain, Peru is remarkable in more ways than one. 

best honeymoon destinations peru machu picchu

Start with a journey through the valleys by train, ending in the highlands at the Inca ruins. After, go to the deserts of Huachina and the Ballestas Islands full of thousands of birds. End in the Amazon, the greatest rainforest on the planet to enjoy the reds, greens, and blues, of parrots, rivers, and plants.

rainbow mountain peru

If nature is the cake in Peru, then the cities are the cherry. Discover the streets of cities like Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa on the honeymoon of a lifetime! Lima, in particular, is the city for lovers, where love is celebrated in the Parque del Amor and the colorful street murals. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ while you’re there, as it’s supposed to bring luck in love!

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Peru

peru travel oasis
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