Best Babymoon Destinations: Top 19 Ideas for 2024 Best Babymoon Destinations: Top 19 Ideas for 2024

Best Babymoon Destinations: Top 19 Ideas for 2024

You鈥檙e about to embark on the most exciting chapter of your life: becoming a parent! But before your new arrival, spend some quality time with your partner鈥攋ust the two of you鈥攔elaxing and unwinding in readiness for what鈥檚 to come. Maybe you want to staycation close to home or travel further ashore? Perhaps you want to feel a sense of adventure in a remote location? Or maybe you want a luxury beachside retreat with pamper days at the spa? Whatever you鈥檙e looking for, you鈥檒l find it here in this list of 19 ideas for a babymoon destination!

Top 19 Ideas for Babymoon Destinations 

You might already have a long list of babymoon ideas, but how do you decide? Most babymoons are more about relaxation than anything, although there’s no reason why you can’t have a little adventure. Whether it’s wandering the cobbled streets of Siena in Tuscany or lying on the palm tree-fringed shores of the Maldives, there’s something for every kind of ‘babymooner’. Enjoy this ultimate list of the 19 best babymoon destinations!

best babymoon destinaitons bali

When is it safe to travel to your babymoon destination?

The first trimester is the time you’re most likely to experience nausea, meaning it’s not the best time to go on your babymoon. For this reason, many prospective mothers go on their babymoon in the second trimester when the sickness has typically passed. Plus, you’ll still feel comfortable enough to travel.

best honeymoon destinations

After the 28-week mark, some airlines won’t allow you to fly without a doctor鈥檚 note. However, every pregnancy is different, so always check with a medical professional before you fly.  

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Best Babymoon Destinations: Top 19 Ideas for 2024

1. Costa Rica (Unique babymoon idea!)

Costa Rica is the ideal place to slow down before your little one arrives. It’s also one of the greatest babymoon ideas! Here, 鈥楶ura Vida’ is a way of life; join the locals in connecting with nature, as you take a barefoot walk on the beach with a coconut in hand.

Spend your babymoon appreciating the incredible wildlife, spotting red-eyed tree frogs among the rainforest canopy, looking out onto volcanos, and witnessing some of the most beautiful ocean sunsets.

best babymoon destinaitons costa rica

2. Umbria, Italy

For a unique take on a Tuscan babymoon, head to Tuscany’s underrated neighbor: Umbria! This beautiful central region of Italy is often forgotten about in favor of other destinations, and wrongly so. Discover its charming cobblestone towns, beautiful churches, lakes, and viewpoints. It鈥檚 even home to one of the largest waterfalls in Europe! Best of all, it鈥檚 a little cheaper than Tuscany, so a very affordable option for an Italy babymoon destination.

babymoon destinations umbria italy
Rasiglia, Italy

Umbria Hotel Babymoon Ideas

If you want a city break, consider staying in one of the bigger cities like Assisi, Spello, or Perugia. These cities are all good jumping-off points to explore the rest of the region. For a relaxing babymoon, choose to stay in an Agroturismo or a countryside resort. This is the perfect way to relax, looking out over the beautiful rolling hills as you unwind by the poolside. See all hotels in Umbria.

best babymoon destinaitons umbria italy spoleto

3. Menton, France

Candy-colored houses, the smell of lemons, the sway of palm trees, and the sound of the Mediterranean sea. Yes, you鈥檝e reached the sunny shores of the French Rivera! Menton might just be one of the most perfect babymoon ideas; discover this beautiful town just a stone鈥檚 throw from Italy.

best babymoon destinaitons french riviera europe

Spend your babymoon relaxing under a parasol on the beautiful beaches, wandering the cobblestone streets, and enjoying French food by candlelight. You could even take a day trip to nearby Monaco (ooh la la!). 

Menton Babymoon Hotels

The old town and the beaches are the best locations in Menton and give you easy accessibility to all the things to do. See all hotels in Menton.

best babymoon destinaitons beach europe france

4. Hawaii (Best USA Babymoon Destination)

Hawaii is one of the best babymoon destinations (especially for parents from the USA)鈥攁n island of dramatic cliffs, mountains, jungle, and incredible wildlife. Although you may not be surfing on the famous Hawaiian waves, it鈥檚 a great place to people-watch or join a tour to spot unique wildlife, from dolphins and humpback whales to turtles and Manta Rays.

Take the chance to discover its incredible culture by watching the locals perform typical Hawaiian chants and dances in the traditional dress. 

Babymoon Hotels in Hawaii

Picture spending your babymoon lying by the pool, looking out onto the beach, surrounded by a ring of palm trees, with the sounds of the waves crashing鈥攂liss! You鈥檒l find many incredible beach resorts in Hawaii, which we recommend if you want to be close to the beach. Alternatively, journey further inland, and you鈥檒l find beautiful eco hotels nestled deep within the rainforest. See all hotels in Hawaii.

hawaii babymoon destination

5. Paris, France (Romantic Babymoon Idea)

Next up鈥攁nd one of the all-time most fantastic babymoon destinations鈥攊t鈥檚 Paris! What better place to spend time with your partner before the baby arrives than the city of love itself?

If you want a relaxed trip, stay in a beautiful hotel, take a romantic dinner cruise down the River Seine, and picnic under the Eiffel Tower. For the culture vultures, there are endless things to do, with more museums and galleries than you can count. Best of all, this is a babymoon destination where macarons are always on the menu! 

best babymoon destinaitons paris city trip europe

Paris Babymoon Hotel ideas

Paris has a fantastic selection of beautiful hotels to stay in. Choose a self-catering apartment, a boutique hotel in the hillside district Montmarte, or a 5-star hotel with the chicest decor. See all hotels in Paris.

best babymoon destinaitons paris europe

6. The Maldives (Ultimate Babymoon Destination)

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations, so it makes sense that couples consider it one of the best babymoon ideas. There is no greater way to prepare for your new arrival than a week or two in paradise itself.

Slow down by spending your days walking barefoot on the whitest sand and swimming in the most transparent waters with vibrantly colored sea life. It’s the perfect place to fully embrace the tranquility of island life. 

best babymoon destinations maldives sunset

Maldives Babymoon Hotels

The Maldives is synonymous with luxury resorts, so many might think this would be an expensive babymoon idea. However, while it鈥檚 pricier than some destinations, it can still be visited at a reasonable price if you stay in guesthouses or apartments on the islands. See all hotels in the Maldives.

luxury honeymoon destinations maldives

7. Sri Lanka

For the adventurous 鈥榖abymooners鈥, Sri Lanka is up there as a top babymoon idea. This incredible destination has everything: green highlands (with beautiful tea plantations!), mountain viewpoints, fantastic beaches, delicious food, and some of the most beautiful train rides.

You might want to explore by beach-hopping in Trincomalee, or finding secret corners of fascinating towns like Kandy. Alternatively, for a more relaxing experience, head to the south of the country, to places like Unawatuna or Tangalle, where it鈥檚 all about slow beach living. 

best babymoon destinaitons sri lanka Kandy Botanical Gardens

Babymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

One of the best things about Sri Lanka is that it鈥檚 home to some of the most incredible accommodation. Here, you鈥檒l find plenty of beachside resorts to choose from at a great price and with the best service. 

sri lanka best babymoon destinaitons

8. Iceland (Best Winter Babymoon Destination)

Exploring in the snow by day and cozying up by the fire at night; is what a babymoon in Iceland looks like! This magnificent country is one of the ultimate babymoon destinations and the perfect place to appreciate the wilderness. Discover mammoth glaciers and remarkable cliffs, topped off with a relaxing bath in a natural hot spring.

Time your trip right, and by night you might also get a chance to see the northern lights鈥攐ne of life鈥檚 bucket list experiences!

unique babymoon destinations iceland

Iceland Babymoon Hotel ideas

There鈥檚 something so romantic about a cozy trip to the winter wonderland of Iceland. It鈥檚 also home to a wide variety of accommodation. Choose from eco huts out in the wilderness (think glass ceilings and starry nights), luxury hotels with all the mod cons, or for a little more adventure, opt for a campervan and enjoy the ultimate Iceland camping road trip!

best babymoon destinaitons iceland waterfall

9. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most relaxing babymoon destinations. It’s an incredibly spiritual place (named 鈥業sland of the gods鈥) where you can unwind and connect, not only with your partner but with nature too. Relax by the poolside at a beachside resort in Seminyak, or spend your days exploring the boutique shops of Canggu. Alternatively, use this time to tap into your inner zen at a retreat in jungle paradise Ubud; there鈥檚 truly something for every kind of babymoon in Bali!

babymoon destinations bali indonesia

Bali Babymoon Hotel Ideas

Bali has a range of incredible accommodations, from treehouse resorts deep in the forest to five-star beach resorts. Best of all, Bali hotels are cheap! This means you can get something really lovely for a fraction of the price you would in Europe or the USA. See all hotels in Bali.

babymoon destinations bali sunset

10. Mauritius 

Welcome to Mauritius: an African island that鈥檚 hard to beat! This babymoon destination has paradise written all over it鈥攂ut with a dramatic difference. Here epic cliffs melt into white sandy beaches fringed with turquoise water and beautiful coral reefs.

The nature here is incredible; a place where you鈥檒l find waters teeming with sea life and giant tortoises wandering across the beautiful landscapes. Although the island is tranquil, it also has some fantastic restaurants and hotels, so you鈥檒l be spoilt for choice.

best babymoon destinaitons luxury resort mauritius

11. San Diego, California

San Diego is a pacific coastal dream and one of the best babymoon ideas! Not only has it got great beaches, but there are many museums, natural parks, and great shopping, so there鈥檚 plenty to do outside of relaxing on your babymoon. Head to San Diego’s old town for your dose of history or the swanky neighborhood ‘La Jolla’ for beautiful beaches and excellent dining options.

san diego babymoon destination

San Diego Babymoon Hotels

San Diego is all about the poolside 5-star experience. Think palm trees, beautiful swimming pools, and delicious food and drinks brought to you on your sunbed. See all hotels in San Diego, California.

12. Portugal

Thinking of baby mooning in Europe? Portugal is one of the most fantastic countries to choose as your babymoon destination. It鈥檚 home to beautiful cities (Lisbon, we鈥檙e looking at you!), but also cliffside coastline and deep valleys. However, most importantly, it鈥檚 the home of Pastel de Nata (custard tart!). Need we say more?

babymoon destinaitons lisbon portugal

Start in either Porto or Lisbon, enjoying the sights of the cities (wear comfy shoes because they鈥檙e hilly!) before heading off to the coastline of the Algarve or the rivers and viewpoints of the Duoro Valley. We highly recommend renting a car in Portugal so you can experience all the destinations the country has to offer. 

babymoon destinaitons algarve portugal

Portugal Babymoon Hotel ideas

Many people choose to travel by campervan in Portugal, as it’s famous for its beautiful ocean roads and great surfing. You can also find some very comfortable van options. However, understandably you may want something a little more luxurious. In this case, you鈥檒l find the cities teeming with fantastic hotels, and likewise in beachside resorts in the villages dotted along the Algarve. 

portugal babymoon

13. Greece (Best European Beach Babymoon)

Ahhhh, beautiful Greece, home to the sparkling blue Aegean sea, white domed houses and churches, endless blue doorways, and pink hanging bougainvillea flowers. Bring your Mamma Mia dreams to life and spend a week or two Greek island hopping.

babymoon destinaitons santorini

Alternatively, simply relax in one spot and enjoy the simple pleasures of Greek life鈥攅at local olives, greek salad with the most delicious feta, swim in calm blue waters, and listen to the sounds of donkeys braying on the hillside.

babymoon greece europe

Greece will steal your heart and leave you with the most amazing babymoon memories to prepare for your new journey ahead as parents. 

best europe babymooon greece

Greece Babymoon Hotels

Stay in a beachside house or hotel on one of the Greek islands like Milos or Santorini. Be aware that in the summer months, the islands get very busy with tourists, and the streets in places like Santorini can be particularly busy. If you want a more peaceful experience for your babymoon, stay in Greece during the shoulder seasons of late spring or early fall.

14. Singapore (Best City Babymoon Destinations)

Thinking of a city break? Singapore might just tick all your babymoon destination boxes. The city may be big, but it also has secret corners that are very peaceful, like the extraordinary Botanic Gardens and the massive parkland that covers a large part of the city. The most impressive part of all is the sky gardens, an 鈥榓vatar-like鈥 landscape of giant mechanical trees covered in lights (book your ticket here). It鈥檚 truly a magical experience!

While you can find cheap eats in Chinatown (Singapore is home to the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world!), it鈥檚 also super luxurious and the perfect place to spoil yourselves, with many beautiful restaurants, pools, gyms, and spas.

babymoon destinations singapore

Singapore Babymoon Hotels

Home to some of the most famous luxury hotels in the world, you鈥檒l have plenty of choices for your babymoon in Singapore. Dip in a rooftop pool, relax in the spa, and make the most of the skyscraper views of this beautiful city. See all hotels in Singapore.

babymoon singapore

15. Bath, England (Most Charming Babymoon Destination)

One of the most picturesque escapes is the historic spa town of Bath, England. When you鈥檙e not relaxing in your quintessentially English B&B, spend your time jumping from teahouse to teahouse, sampling every afternoon tea on offer, and walking it off with a spot of shopping on the beautiful cobbled lanes.

babymoon destinations bath england

Pay a visit to the Royal Crescent, the beautiful arched network of Georgian Houses (also where scenes of Bridgerton were filmed!), and have a picnic in the opposite park. If the weather is nice, take a boat cruise down the river or head to Bath Spa for a dip in the thermal baths (the only natural ones in Britain!). 

The nearest airport to Bath is Bristol which has regular flights from many major European cities. Alternatively, for more international flights, choose to fly to London.

Bath Babymoon Hotels

Stay in a boutique hotel within one of the magnificent Georgian mansions, and live the English dream with a cup of tea in hand. See all hotels in Bath.

16. Mexico

Ancient Mayan ruins, white sandy beaches, and the clearest waters are what draw people from all over the world to beautiful Mexico. This mix of warm culture, sunny weather, and great nature make it the perfect babymoon destination!

best babymoon destinations mexico cenote

Choose a destination like Tulum, which is famous for its yoga retreats, or live the true island experience in Isla Holbox, where there are no cars, and days are spent swinging on your hammock under the palm tree. 

best babymoon destinations mexico

Babymoon Hotels in Mexico

As Mexico is so close to the USA, it caters to tourists, meaning it’s full of incredible beachside resorts, so sit back, relax, and be taken care of (with a virgin cocktail in hand!). 

babymoon beach destinations mexico beach

17. Tuscany, Italy

Is there a better babymoon idea than Tuscany, Italy? Hire a car and hit the road, traveling through a sea of cypress trees and sunflower fields. You might not be able to enjoy the wineries, but you can enjoy all the delicious food, whether it鈥檚 fresh pasta or a famous Italian gelato. 

We recommend staying in an agriturismo (farm stay), where you can immerse yourself in the Tuscan landscapes, with only the sounds of cicadas for company. Use this as a jumping-off point to explore famous Tuscan cities like Florence or Siena. Live La Dolce Vita! 

best babymoon destination Tuscany italy

Tuscany Babymoon Hotels

Visiting Tuscany in the summer? Many Agroturismos will have swimming pools where you can relax and refresh from the warm temperatures. Alternatively, locate yourself closer to the coast to make the most of the ocean! See all hotels in Tuscany.

tuscany italy

18. Florida, USA

Welcome to Florida, known as the Sunshine State, and for a good reason! Discover everything this diverse state offers, with its landscapes constantly bathed in sunshine (the perfect babymoon idea!). Choose from various locations, whether it鈥檚 the island vibes of places like the Florida Keys or the luxury and glamour of Miami.

best babymoon destinations florida

Alternatively, unlock your inner child and head to Disney World. You might not be able to hit the rollercoasters, but there are plenty of other attractions to discover, including the famous Harry Potter World.

For the most relaxing babymoon, we recommend heading to the most beautiful beaches in the USA, mainly found on Florida鈥檚 Gulf Coast. Enjoy the whitest sand and the most beautiful blue calm water. 

best babymoon destinations miami beach florida

Babymoon Hotels in Florida 

There are plenty of accommodation options in Florida, whether you choose a charming guesthouse that feels like a home away from home or a glamorous resort with all-inclusive food and drinks, beautiful swimming pools, and spas. See all hotels in Florida.

Hotels in Miami, Florida

19. The Philippines (Best Island Babymoon Idea!)

The Philippines is the second-largest archipelago in the world, with 7000+ islands鈥攅ach one as pretty as the next. The islands are home to the most stunning scenery; discover mammoth limestone formations looming over remote beaches and lagoons.

Filipinos are also exceptionally friendly, and it鈥檚 maybe one of the warmest communities in the world, meaning you鈥檒l always feel welcome and looked after on your babymoon.

Choose from one of the many beautiful hotels in the Philippines and live the island dream, walking around with no traffic, making your first footprints on the sand, and basking in the shallows while sea life moves around you. The Philippines is such a special place and one of the best babymoon destinations! 

babymoon destinations philippines boat

Babymoon Hotel ideas in the Philippines

Think candlelit dinners, beach walks at sunset, and days of hammock swinging under towering palm trees. It鈥檚 true bliss and one of those destinations where you鈥檒l feel like the only people in the world.

tropical babymoon destination

Health Notice

Before traveling, always consult a medical professional, especially in areas where there may be a risk of Zika Virus. Do not travel to red areas on the map, and ask your doctor for their recommendation for travel to purple areas (which have a current or past spread of Zika), such as Mexico, Singapore, Costa Rica, and the USA. View the Zika advisory map here.

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  • Rejsefanatikere

    As a father-to-be planning a baby moon with my wife (we’ve both been world travelers), I must say this feels more like an article of “chill places we’ve traveled too” guide rather than a practical baby moon guide for couples in their second trimester. We’re towards the end of the first trimester and couldn’t imagine dealing with a 8-12hr time change (US- NYC based) while battling the everyday challenges of pregnancy. Let alone figuring out places to easily find restrooms, food, pregnancy friendly spa/outdoor activities, and safe healthcare.

    Great guide for chill trips though not related to pregnancy/baby moons!

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      Hi Rejsefanatikere, we’ve included a range of destinations for every type of traveler – Hawaii could be a great spot for you both if you’re not looking to travel too far from NYC. Congrats on the baby! :)

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