Worldpackers Review: Volunteer Abroad and Work Exchange Worldpackers Review: Volunteer Abroad and Work Exchange

Worldpackers Review: Volunteer Abroad and Work Exchange

Choosing to volunteer abroad is a life-changing experience! It’s a great way to see the country, meet new people, learn a new language, and properly understand the culture. One option is to offer your skills/services in exchange for accommodation, which is perfect for travelers on a budget. Worldpackers offers just this! The platform is a collaborative community for travelers and hosts who want to do a work exchange. Accommodation and food normally account for around 70% of your budget, so it’s an excellent way to see the world without breaking the bank.

Who are Worldpackers?

Worldpackers is an amazing travel community with 1 million+ members. Their mission is to help travelers enjoy a transformative and safe trip, where they can exchange their skills for accommodation and learning experiences. Their volunteer opportunities are centered around eco programs and social impact schemes, which aim to make the world a more environmental and sustainable place.


By choosing to volunteer abroad with Worldpackers, you can positively impact a community, learn a new language, make new friends, and even develop new skills! All you have to do is sign up, answer a brief questionnaire about your skills and needs, apply your discount code, and you’re good to start searching. 

Best of all, Worldpackers is a safe way of doing a work exchange, which will give travelers peace of mind. All the hosts are approved/verified and reviewed by previous volunteers. There is also a qualified support team that you can reach if you have problems, and every volunteer will be covered with Worldpacker’s insurance. This means that if travelers have an issue with their host or program, Worldpackers will cover 3 night’s accommodation and find them a new volunteer position. 


Volunteer Abroad With Worldpackers

Worldpackers offer volunteer opportunities in over 140 countries! However, the 10 most active countries on the platform are:

Hosts sign up with the platform and offer amazing opportunities to stay in hostels, yoga retreats, eco villages, surf camps, farms, and more. The type of accommodation can vary, whether it’s a private room, shared dorm, or a tent. If you’re traveling in a couple or with friends, make sure to sign up to the Worldpackers couples/friend plan which allows you to apply to volunteer abroad together.


Types of Jobs on a Worldpackers Work Exchange

Hosts will always offer accommodation and sometimes they will offer other benefits. For example, food, laundry, courses, or activities. Depending on the volunteer position, the host will offer benefits in return for work such as:

  • Content writing, social media, or web development
  • Gardening/farm work
  • Cleaning
  • Painting/decorating/handyman
  • Receptionist
  • Bartending/waitressing
  • Teaching
  • Animal care
  • Au pair/nanny
  • Tour guide
  • And more!

Tip: Always make sure to carefully read the details of the collaboration to make sure you are happy with the exchange of services. The maximum amount of hours a WP host can expect you to help is 32. Most hosts ask for around 25 hours a week (with a set amount of days off, so that you can explore during the work exchange).

worldpackers review

Worldpackers Review: The Benefits

Worldpackers is so much more than a way to travel and see the world cheaply. It is a collaborative experience that allows you to actually make a difference, travel in a sustainable/responsible way, learn new skills, and explore a new part of the planet. Not only is volunteering in this way a memorable experience but it allows you to make connections that could last a lifetime! Some great benefits of joining Worldpackers are:

1. Travel Safely

The careful vetting process means that you will be staying with hosts who have been carefully selected and reviewed by other travelers. What’s more, the support team, and insurance, mean that your agreement will always be honored. Basically, if your work exchange doesn’t work out for some reason WorldPackers will always look after you, put a roof over your head, and help you find the next position. This is really helpful for solo travelers or female travelers who may want more safety/security.

2. Travel Sustainably

Travel, if not done responsibly, can have a negative effect on the planet. By joining Worldpackers, you can travel in a way that protects the future of the planet and its communities. For example, volunteering to help grow trees, work for an NGO, or taking part in social projects that will make a positive difference to local people. Staying in one place for a longer amount of time is also a great way of ‘slow travel’: reducing your carbon footprint, instead of rushing around a country and not getting to properly understand the culture.


3. Learn New Skills

The WorldPacker community is all about unique collaborations which help you to share your skills and develop them. For example, you might offer your skills in photography in return for an immersive experience that will help you build your portfolio and learn a new language. Alternatively, you might want to take part in an environmental work exchange and offer to volunteer abroad in an eco-village. This is a great way to learn about permaculture and renewable energy.


4. Earn Money

Once you have received a positive review from your host, you have the option to sign up with a WP program that allows you to help the community and get paid, so you can continue traveling! You can choose from writing content for Worldpackers or responding to questions from other travelers on the platform. 

worldpackers review

5. Travel for Everyone!

Everyone should have the right to travel and see the world. Sometimes this can be hard for those without qualifications, who might struggle to find work abroad. For example, teaching English abroad normally requires you to have a university qualification and a TEFL certificate. In contrast, Worldpackers doesn’t require you to have any qualifications to volunteer – all skills, abilities, nationalities, and genders are welcome!

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Worldpackers Review: Volunteer Abroad and Work Exchange

Use a Worldpackers Discount Code

Worldpackers is the perfect community for travelers looking for a memorable experience that’s different from the classic vacation. They offer all the benefits seen above for an annual subscription of $49 USD and once you’ve paid the subscription you can apply for as many volunteer positions as you want within that 12 month period.

We’re offering a discount code to get 10% off the original price. Get the discount code here or input SALTINOURHAIR in the promo code box at checkout.

If you’re signing up as a pair, it’s even more reasonable. The price is $59 USD for the couples plan which can be split between the two of you.


Worldpackers Review: What isn’t Included

While a lot of great things are included in the Worldpackers subscription, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Travel insurance is not included. Make sure to buy travel/health insurance before you leave so that you can travel safely and with complete peace of mind.
  • Transportation needs to be arranged by the traveler. Your flights, bus, taxi to get to your destination/work exchange are not included.
  • Check the benefits offered by your host. Some will not offer food, drink, or laundry services. 

Sign up for Worldpackers

Go to the Worldpackers website, click the ‘sign up’ button in the right-hand corner, and Worldpackers will ask you some questions to help you complete your profile. For example, what skills you have, languages, etc. Complete your profile with as much detail as possible to help you stand out to hosts.

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