7 Tips to Create Beautiful Instagram Photos while Traveling

7 Tips to Create Beautiful Instagram Photos while Traveling

7 Tips to Create Beautiful Instagram Photos while Traveling

Creating travel related Instagram photos is the thing we’ve started with and still love the most. Capturing your travel experiences through a photo. Creating those be as easy as one shot or take up an hour or two can be a real pain in the ass.

We will teach you some basic but very important tips. Put your camera on auto mode because exposure, aperture and all those kind of settings won’t be touched. Learning these tips takes time, effort, and practice to master. These are our 7 tips we would’ve like to know when we start creating Instagram photos (Salt in our Hair) while traveling.

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1. Choose your Instagram photos Niche

Your Instagram look and feel starts by choosing or creating your own niche. What kind of photos do you like to create? Couple goals, nature, hotels, underwater etc. It’s all related to travel Instagram photos but still its own niche. After a posting a few images you will see that your feed starts looking better.

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2. Do your Research on Pinterest and Instagram

Search on Pinterest and Instagram for the kind of shots you like, save them and observe your new inspiration board once you are done. Don’t copy them but try to be unique and create your own style although that can be really hard nowadays.

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3. Have the Right Equipment with you

When it comes to Instagram photos it starts with good equipment. And we’re not directly talking about an expensive camera but about the accessory. We always have our big tripod with us. A Manfrotto Befree. To shoot time lapses, photos of us as a couple or to get a picture from a different angle.

We tried to ask people passing by to help us but it usually turns out that we aren’t happy with those shots.

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The first year of traveling we used a GoPro to do all of our shots. We know a tripod is bulky but without the big tripod we didn’t couldn’t create perfect shots.

Overpacking is something that can happen quickly. But try to only take the necessary equipment with you. Oh and don’t worry, we have over packed every single time ?

Instagram photo tips overpack

4. Wake Up Early, Stay Out Late

One know rule is avoiding midday. The sun is at its highest point and will make it harder for your shots to not get overexposed. Tourist attractions are at their busiest at midday, you will avoid them as well, that would be a double win.
There will be moments that you can’t avoid the strong sun. Just make sure that you don’t shoot against the light but along with it. It’s so much easier to make good shots with sunrise or sunset. Most of these times you’ll get cotton candy colors for free!

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5. The Rule of Thirds

One of the most important rules of composition is known as the rule of thirds. It is a 9-square grid that will be placed over the image you are shooting. The goal is the place the key elements into one of those thirds. Enable it on your device by searching for a grid setting. This can either be on your camera or phone. You don’t only use this in travel related Instagram photos but also in daily life. ?


6. Try a Different Angle

Taking a photo can be done in a minute but in the worst case it can take up your entire afternoon. Take your moment and wait until the crowd has passed by. And try a certain shot is different angles. Did you get a good shot or still doubting if that is the perfect one? Now move to a completely different angle, down low, high up, twist your camera vertically and get a different perspective and sometimes even a better photo.


7. Edit Instagram photos the right way

Now once you have shot all these new style pictures, you have to edit them as well. You can use an Instagram filter but it’s way better to try this yourself. Try using Polarr Pro on your phone or Lightroom on phone or computer. Both free (basic versions) and perfect to use. Match the photos to be the same kind of colors, darknesses etc. Look at the photos you’ve saved on Pinterest and Instagram again to see what colors they highlighted etc.

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instagram photos tips

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  • Hi there, great shots… what camera do you use?

  • What program do you use for editing your videos?
    Thank you :)

  • Mirandaroams

    I think I found you through your instagram. Your pictures always make me want to buy plane tickets, honestly its pretty problematic!

  • Great tips. Thanks for sharing!
    Now I see that a tripod is almost a must for beautiful photos.
    (ive been travelling without a tripod and tried to use rocks and such instead LOL…)

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Stephanie. Yes, the tripod gave us some perfect shots during our trips! We highly recommend buying one. :)

  • Gem (Travels with a Hobo)

    Love love love you guys and your photos, especially the ones in the Philippines (where the Hobo and I are from). As a traveling couple, we’re also not happy with the photos that strangers take for us so we usually use our GoPro pole but most of the time we just take turns taking photos of each other. I’m considering getting a tripod since you highly recommend it. Strongly agree with #4! I’m excited for your editing course, I’ve already signed up. :)

    • saltinourhair

      Ah, thank you so much!! We’re very excited as well, we hope to really teach everyone something new.

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