Climb the 1237 steps of the Tiger Cave Temple

Climb the 1237 steps of the Tiger Cave Temple

Climb the 1237 steps of the Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple, lying on top of a 600-meter high cliff, is a great way to sweat out the laziness from the last couple of days. Unfortunately, there won’t be any tigers at this temple but there will be monkies. Walk to the top well prepared; These are the 6 Things to know before climbing the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

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6 Things to know before climbing the Krabi Tiger Cave Temple

1. Put everything you’ve got in your backpack

The monkeys you’ll meet on the way up will grab everything that’s hanging outside your bag. As long as you act cool they are not dangerous at all.

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2. Stay in Krabi Town or Ao Nang

At least the journey to the foot of the temple is easy. You can either stay in Krabi Town or Ao Nang to visit the temple. Hire a motorbike! It will only be a 10 minutes drive from Krabi Town and 30 minutes from Ao Nang.

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3. Bring water!

Okay maybe that’s something you’ve already thought about, but in this case, you’ll need it for sure. Be prepared, as each of the 1237 steps will be different. Your bottle will be empty when you reach steps 600-something. It’s possible to get a refill on the top of the mountain.

4. Take a moment to look around

When you’re taking a break, forget the fact that you’re sweating like a pig and enjoy the amazing views.

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5. Visit at sunrise or sunset

Take a visit in the morning to avoid the burning sun and the crowd. The crowd will definitely be there when the sunsets. If you do go there to enjoy the sunset, take a small flashlight with you to get down the stairs safely.

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6. Break a record (or a leg)

We got a ‘little’ competition for you. The shortest time in which someone completed all 1237 steps is 10 minutes and 21 seconds on the 19th of April 2016. Can you beat that record?
The climb is tough but the view and experience are totally worth it.

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