The Ultimate Khao Sok National Park Guide

The Ultimate Khao Sok National Park Guide

The Ultimate Khao Sok National Park Guide

Khao Sok National Park is one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets. Limestone rock formations, wild animals like gibbons, elephants and the surrounding jungle are just a few things that give you a unique experience of Thailand. There are some great things to do in this area and you can spend anywhere from 2 to 7 days here. This is the ultimate Khao Sok National Park guide.

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6 Things to do in Khao Sok National Park

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If you have 1 or 2 nights, number 4 + 5 are our top recommendations. Combine these and you will have an unforgettable stay.

1. Enjoy a Kayak Tour on the River

See local people wash in the river, spot wild monkeys playing in the trees and look into the river sometimes to see all the colorful fish swimming around your boat. The river is quiet, this is a relaxing kayak tour, a guide will paddle for you so sit back, relax and keep your camera ready.

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2. Experience a jungle cooking class

A cooking class in Thailand at a jungle location. Arrange a cooking class with a Thai local family and learn how to cook the most delicious and authentic dishes. You will be amazed by the decoration skills of the lovely lady. After the cooking class, it’s time to taste what you’ve made. Enjoy!

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3. Up and close with the elephant in Khao Sok National Park

This Elephant Experience is all about taking care of ‘one’ really old, friendly elephant. He was from a working camp and now lives with a family that takes care of him. Cook a great meal for him and feed him his lunch afterward.  After his lunch and mud bath, follow him to his nature pool and give him a good scrub.w

Tip for all elephant camps: Please never sit on them even though the Mahoot says you can. Keep it with giving them a scrub.

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4. Wake up in the middle of the jungle

Khao Sok National Park is famous in two areas, the riverside (town/jungle) and Cheow Lan Lake (deep jungle). These areas are about 1 hour removed from each other.

Waking up in the middle of the Jungle on a floating raft house is a unique and incredible experience you don’t want to miss. Wake up with sunrise coming behind the limestone formations and the sound of the Gibbon and other monkies around your raft house.

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5. Do a Khao Sok National Park Tour

Ready to have a great boat tour on a man-made lake? Spot some real wildlife like elephants? Go on a day tour to explore Cheow Lan Lake. Have dinner at a small local floating village and learn how the people live on the lake.

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6. Stay at the Khao Sok River

Think the jungle a bit too much for you? Stay at Khao Sok Riverside and do a day tour to Cheow Lan Lake. Staying near the river is a still removed from the town, where you can stay in a jungle bungalow but with a few more modern comforts.

How to get at Khao Sok National Park from Bangkok?

From Bangkok to Khao Sok is the easiest by airplane. Take a 1-hour flight to Surat Thani and arrange a transfer in advance or at the airport to the Khao Sok National Park pier. This ride takes about 2 hours.

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  • Omg guys, you’re such an inspiration for us. This year we went to Lombok and the Komodo islands, because of your recommendations of Le Pirate cruise :D And now we want to go to Khao Sok. And only that. We might have a one or two night stay at the coast of Surat Thani (instead of Bangkok), but that’s it. Mostly because of budget and we really want to explore more Asian nature :)
    Do you have any recommendations to go at the coast around Surat Thani?

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Jolien! Thanks, happy to read that :-D At Surat Thani we don’t have recommendations as it is meant as a ‘stop-over’ town to the islands Koh Tao, Koh Phangan.

  • Hi Hannah & Nick, we are planning a trip to SEA and stumbled upon your site, amazing! You have everything we want to do! I am just curious what is the difference between #4 and #5.. you recommend doing both but not sure what is the difference or how to book for #5.


  • Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me exactly where in the park the pictures under #4 and #5 were taken?

    • saltinourhair

      Hey Kaitlyn!

      Which photos do you exactly mean? The food photos? These are made at a cooking class from Khao Sok Riverside Cottages.

  • Hi! I love this post! Can’t wait to be here next week. Do you know what the name is of the Elephant Experience that you went to? Or where it is located? Thank you in advance!

  • Hey hey:)

    thank you for very inspiring guide for the khao sok national park! I am your big fan :D I wanted to ask you which stay or resort you have got the cooking class in? it looks just amazing on your photos. thanks.

  • Hello! We are wondering about sleeping at night on the lake – is it going to be too insanely hot in the floating bungalows? Did you all experience any issues with temperatures at night, or did you hear about anyone else having problems sleeping at night? Thank you!

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Johnny!
      Sleeping at night is perfectly fine. The temperature is going down at night and most of the Bungalows having a fan.

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