Sigiriya Lion Rock: Climb the World-Famous Landmark Sigiriya Lion Rock: Climb the World-Famous Landmark

Sigiriya Lion Rock: Climb the World-Famous Landmark

Lion Rock in Sigiriya is one of the most popular landmarks to visit during a route through Sri Lanka. The natural phenomenon is an enormous (200m) square-shaped rock, a former fortress of King Kassapa. It is home to murals, gardens, and on top of the rock: a swimming pool and palace! Lion Rock is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage sites and is a must-visit in Sri Lanka!

To the top of Lion Rock!

Prepare yourself for a little challenge and conquer the 1200+ steps to the top of the Lion Rock. Don’t get scared, this is an absolute must-do in Sri Lanka! The climb is marked with good paths and stairs. The start at the terraces gardens gives you the most impressive perspective of the rock.

During your way up to a breather at Sigiriya Frescoes (old wall drawings), a mirror wall and at the claws carved out of the rock which is right before the last climb.

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Sigiriya Lion Rock: Climb the World-Famous Landmark

Once arrived at the top of rock enjoy the incredible 360 degrees view over the whole area. Every corner has its own unique view. Try to spot some areas you have just visited in Sri Lanka.

Since Lion Rock in Sigiriya is one of, maybe even the, biggest attraction in the country they made the ticket prices (very) high for the Sri Lankan standards. The entrance fee per person is 4500 LKR which is around $30 USD.

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Best time to climb Lion Rock in Sigiriya

Lion Rock is recommended to climb from 7 AM to avoid the heat and crowd. The climb to the top will take about 45-minutes. Exploring the whole area around and on top of the rock will take you about 2 – 3 hours.

Is the hike to Lion Rock difficult?

Getting to the top is quite the climb, however, there is a good and safe stair that leads all the way to the top.

Bees and Monkeys

Monkeys are sometimes walking around and try grabbing something hanging out of your bag. Therefore, make sure everything is locked in your bag than nothing will happen.

There are signs that bees can get aggressive if fly a drone for example. That is the reason it is not allowed to fly a drone!

Pidurangala Rock, an alternative to Lion Rock

If you like to see a different view of Lion Rock and save a lot of money than climb up Pidurangala Rock. The entrance is just 5 USD instead of 30 USD for the big Lion Rock. Both rocks are very impressive so try to climb both if you have the time.

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