Mallorca Itinerary: Ultimate 7-Day Road Trip Mallorca Itinerary: Ultimate 7-Day Road Trip

Mallorca Itinerary: Ultimate 7-Day Road Trip

Welcome to the magical island of Mallorca in Spain, a mountainous landscape home to hilltop stone villages, orange groves, plunging cliffs, and turquoise coves. Follow this 7-day Mallorca itinerary for the ultimate mix of culture, nature, and adventure; ride vintage wooden trains through mountain tunnels, snorkel among emerald caves, ascend hairpin bends to majestic lighthouses, and admire Moorish architecture with a pastry in hand.

Complete Mallorca Itinerary

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands which includes Ibiza, Formentera, and Menorca. Because of this, it has fantastic infrastructure, with roads connecting towns across the island. This means that on each day of your Mallorca itinerary, it’s only maximum a 1 hour drive to your destination. 

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Mallorca Itinerary: Ultimate 7-Day Road Trip

For the ultimate freedom, we recommend to rent a car for this Mallorca itinerary. However, there are buses and trains on the island, with particularly good connections from the city of Palma

deia mallorca belmond hotel garden

Day 1: Palma de Mallorca

The airport in Mallorca is located just outside the city of Palma, which is about 20 minutes away by bus or taxi. That’s why Palma is the perfect place to stay for the first few days of your Mallorca itinerary! (See all hotels in Palma)

bellver castle palma de mallorca itinerary

Morning in Palma Old Town

Spend day 1 immersing yourself in the beautiful buildings and culture of Palma. Its palm tree-lined boulevards, Gothic architecture, and narrow historic streets make it feel like a smaller version of Barcelona

architecture palma de mallorca itinerary

An absolute must-see while you’re here is the fantastic cathedral of Palma, which is an icon of the city! Facing out onto an artificial lake, the 13th-century building has some of the most beautiful views from the terrace (120 steps up). Book skip-the-line entry tickets here

cathedral palma de mallorca itinerary

While you’re here, look out across the rooftops of Palma to spot buildings like La Almudania Palace (the official residence of the Spanish royal family) and the ancient market of La Lonja. This is a great preview before you take a walking or bike tour of these awesome spots.

authentic street palma de mallorca

Spend the Afternoon on the Beaches of Palma 

After a morning of sightseeing, you’ve earned some well-deserved relaxation on the beaches of Palma. While there are fantastic beaches within walking distance, the most idyllic beaches are just a short trip away by bus or car. Find the easiest beaches to reach from Palma.

azure blue water mallorca spain

Day 2: Mallorca Markets

Spend day 2 of your Mallorca itinerary immersing yourself in typical village life, visiting markets and traditional fishing villages. 

Morning: Santanyi Market

Arrive early in the charming village of Santanyi! Although the village is beautiful in its own right, it’s most famous for its colorful market, which takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 AM – 2 PM. This market was one of Hannah’s favorites!

santanyi market mallorca spain  itinerary

We recommend arriving earlier than the market opening time to get a parking space. While you wait, grab a pastry and a coffee and watch the vendors set up their stalls. As the morning progresses, the atmosphere really comes to life as you shop for fresh food, clothing, and handicrafts.

bags santanyi market mallorca

Lunch Tip: Santanyi is home to some fantastic restaurants! There is an amazing interior shop called Terracuita, which also has an adjoining restaurant named Terra Origins. Other options are Cafe Bar Can Chono, Ca Na Pou, or a more luxurious lunch at Restaurant Cal Reiet’s Table.

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cute cafe mallorca

Afternoon: Cala Llombards + Cala Figuera

After lunch, drive 10 minutes to the small secluded cove of Cala Llombards. Take a dip in the shallow turquoise waters as you take in the beautiful pine tree scenery. Because of the crystal clear waters, it’s easy to see the island’s vibrant marine life, so make sure to bring your snorkel.

As the afternoon ends, head for the charming fishing village of Cala Figuera. It still feels very much like a working port; you’ll see the fishermen returning to the harbor, pulling out their catch, and anchoring their boats in the docks. It’s an authentic glimpse into old-world Mallorcan life! 

Watch the sunset as you stroll along the harbor, perusing the many restaurants and terraces with marina views. Dinner Tip: Restaurante Pizzería Es Port.

cala figuera boat mallorca itinerary

Day 3: Idyllic Beaches

On Day 3 of your Mallorca itinerary, pack your beach bag to explore some stunning coastal gems. 

Discover the adjoining beaches of Cala del Moro and Cala s’Almonia, two secluded coves connected by a small walking path. Both are characterized by their rocky cliffs and outcrops, which create the most magical turquoise water to swim in. 

cala del moro mallorca spain itinerary

As you walk down towards Cala del Moro, you’ll have the option to take a clifftop walking path to Cala s’Almunia instead. Otherwise, you can walk to Cala del Moro first and then take the path to your left through the charming boathouses. Hannah and I went here twice, early in the morning and late afternoon, as it was such a lovely spot to relax!

authentic beach house mallorca itinerary

A Night in Palma

After a day of sleeping in the sun and snorkeling among the coves, head into the city! Spend your evening among the bustling streets of ‘El Casco Antiguo’, also known as the historic old town of Palma

cute bakery palma de mallorca

There’s also an incredible dining scene here, with renowned chefs showcasing fusion menus, classic Spanish favorites, and international fare. After your evening stroll, dip into the luxury stores and boutiques on Passeig el Born before grabbing a bite to eat at Kaizen or OMBU Passeig del Born. See our favorite restaurants in Palma here.

Day 4: Southern Caves and Natural Parks

Start day 4 of your Mallorca itinerary with a visit to one of the island’s most beautiful churches: Església Nova. The Gothic building was never finished which means it is roofless — making it incredibly unique! These days, the incredible open-air structure is also used for weddings and events. I was so surprised there were barely any tourists at this building. Definitely a bit of a gem!

esglesia nova mallorca spain

Coves del Drach

The next part of the morning takes you to the breathtaking Drach Caves, one of Mallorca’s most famous sites. It’s also only a 20-minute drive from the Esglesia Nova, meaning you can easily combine your visit.

mallorca spain coves del drach

As you explore this network of four huge underground caves, complete with enormous stalagmites and stalactites, and you’ll also see the largest underground lake in the world where they perform a live concert from a boat! Our opinion is that we found it was very busy, but the concert was very worth the visit. Find out everything you need to know about visiting the caves here.

Lunch at Terragust 

For one of the most wholesome outdoor experiences on your itinerary, book an incredible farm-to-table lunch at Terragust. The restaurant also hosts beautiful outdoor lunches among the fruit trees and vines, using fresh ingredients grown on the farm. It’s a must-do on your Mallorca itinerary!

farm-to-table lunch terragust mallorca

Afternoon: Mondrago Natural Park or Traditional Llaut Boat Tour

After a beautiful four-course lunch on the farm, spend the final part of the day on the Mediterranean coast.

Option 1: Mondrago Natural Park

This beautiful natural park feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island. Home to stunning wetlands with various exciting bird species, the park also covers a spectacular stretch of coastline. Its remote, secluded nature is hard to beat; relax on the white sand beaches until the sun goes down. Bliss! 

mondrago natural park mallorca spain
Option 2: Traditional Llaut Boat Tour

Across the Balearics, you’ll see the traditional Llaut boats, still used today for fishing. We joined a fantastic Llaut boat tour and spent the afternoon snorkeling and swimming off the boat. Our local guide took us all to the famous beach of Es Trenc, as well as some secret spots, including some beaches only accessible by boat.

mallorca itinerary

Your boat tour returns to land just as the sun goes down, making for a magical end to your day. 

Day 5: Soller (Northern Part of Your Mallorca Itinerary)

On day 5 of your Mallorca itinerary, it’s time to head to the wild and rugged north! The north of Mallorca feels a world away from the white sand beaches and low-lying farmland of the south. Instead, you’ll find the dramatic peaks of the Tramuntana Mountains, plunging cliffs with snaking roads, pebbly coves, and endless olive terraces. 

authentic tram soller mallorca itinerary

Tip: If you feel like a change of scenery on your Mallorca itinerary, consider changing hotels for the second part of your vacation. We recommend staying in Soller, Deia, or Valldemossa.

beautiful hotel pool soller mallorca
Hotel Ca’l Bisbe

Discover the Mountain Town of Soller

Spend the day in the charming town of Soller, nestled between the Tramunta Mountains and the dazzling Mediterranean Sea.

Split into two parts, you can explore both Soller Town (an old stone village inland) and Puerto de Soller (the beach and marina area). The two areas are connected by the famous tram, with its vintage-style wooden carriages. As you go, enjoy the view and snap pictures of the beautiful mountains, cottages, and farmland.

beach puerto de soller mallorca
Getting to Soller

If you’re staying in the north of Mallorca already, it’s very simple to reach Soller either by car or bus. However, if you’re in Palma, take the opportunity to ride the 100+-year-old train through the mountains! Learn more about the tram and train experience here.

wooden tram mallorca

Jardins d’Alfabia

After a morning of exploring Soller and the marina, head for the nearby Jardins d’Alfabia. Walk among these beautiful gardens, with palm trees, lily ponds, and flower gardens. These gardens are fit for royalty — once visited by the Queen of England herself! They’re also a fantastic place to cool down on a hot summer afternoon.

jardins d'alfabia mallorca spain

Day 6: Tramuntana Mountain Villages

No Mallorca itinerary is complete without exploring the magical mountain towns of Valldemossa and Deia. Both have a similar vibe, with old stone cottages that line cobbled stairways, painted shutters, charming cafes, and stunning mountain viewpoints. Best of all, they’re a 20-minute drive apart, so you can visit both villages on day 6 of your itinerary! We couldn’t really choose which was our favourite, so definitely explore both!

Morning in Valldemossa

Start the day early in Valldemossa so you can have the place to yourself before it gets busy. The beauty of Valldemossa is simply getting lost in its ancient stone streets, with pretty flower arrangements, and gazing out across the valley down to Palma. 

valldemosa viewpoint mallorca itinerary

There are also some great spots to grab coffee and breakfast! We really enjoyed brunch at Barbaflorida Cafe. Head upstairs and choose a table in one of the open windows for a quintessential Valldemossa experience. 

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girl and cat in valldemosa village mallorca itinerary

Afternoon in Cala Deia

First, head for Cala Deia, one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca. The secluded cove at the base of the mountains is covered in boulders and surrounded by pine-tree-covered cliffs and abandoned boathouses.

coastal viewpoint north of mallorca

Because of the rocky seabed, the water is absolutely crystal-clear, shimmering in a variety of blues and greens. It’s also the perfect place to snorkel, mainly as there are many little caves and inlets to explore. 

Lunch Tip: For deliciously fresh seafood, book a table at Ca’s Petro March. This restaurant has been used as the setting of many famous movies, so it’s incredibly popular. Reserve your table online here.

ca's petro march beach restaurant mallorca

Evening in Deia Village

After spending time at the beach, head into the village to explore the streets. The scenery here really takes your breath away; on one side, you have Teix Mountain, and on the other, olive terraces cascading down to the sea. 

deia village mallorca itinerary

Dinner Tip: For a real treat, book yourself a table at the famous Belmond La Residencia Hotel. You can also just have a cocktail if you prefer. You’ll need to dress up as this hotel is infamous for its rich and famous clientele.

el olivo restaurant belmond hotel deia mallorca

Day 7: Epic Road Trip

On the final day of your Mallorca itinerary, end the trip in the best way possible: an epic road trip to Sa Calobra Beach!

The journey to get here is truly sensational. From Soller, drive into the mountains before dropping down the valley on one of the most jaw-dropping zig-zag roads. At the top, you’ll also need to tackle the ‘Nus de Sa Corbata’, an incredible hairpin bend that loops back underneath itself. The views from up here are breathtaking! 

winding road to sa calobra mallorca itinerary

Sa Calobra

At the bottom, prepare for a little more adventure as you walk through a cliff tunnel to reach the remote and wild beach of Sa Calobra. Make sure to also bring a picnic lunch with you (the restaurants here aren’t the best); it’s the perfect way to enjoy the untouched beauty of this part of the island. 

most scenic beach mallorca

Tip: Don’t have a car? Another way to reach Sa Calobra is by boat from Soller. You can either book the regular ferry or join an organized tour. Both offer a unique way to see this part of the coast from a different perspective.

ferry mallorca

Afternoon: Pollença Village

From Sa Calobra, drive up 30 hairpin bends and across the very northern tip of the island to reach Pollença. The traditional Mallorcan village is home to beautiful squares, charming churches, and some great boutique shops. 

pollenca village mallorca spain

Sunset at Cap de Formentor

As the afternoon comes to a close, hop back in the car for a short trip up the winding roads to Cap de Formentor. This is definitely one of the most epic places to see sunset on the island!

sunset cap de formentor mallorca itinerary

This headland is also Mallorca’s most northern point, home to incredibly steep cliffs that look out onto the endless horizon. At the pinnacle, you’ll also see the pretty white lighthouse where everyone gathers to watch the sun go down. 

lighthouse cap de formentor mallorca spain

Dinner Tip: From Cap de Formentor, drive back down towards Pollença. However, instead of going back to the main village, follow signs for the Port of Pollença. Walk along the beach promenade and afterward grab dinner at Bella Verde Jardín Gastronómico, a fantastic vegan restaurant. 

Day 8: Fly Out

After an incredible 7 days in Mallorca, it’s time to head home — feeling sunkissed, relaxed, and full of unforgettable memories.

flights to mallorca spain

Where to Stay Mallorca

As there are so many beautiful spots to stay across the island, we recommend switching hotels halfway through your Mallorca itinerary. This will also reduce the driving distances. We stayed around Palma first, followed by Soller.

If you’d rather stay in one location for the entirety of your trip, choose somewhere central with good connections to explore the rest of the island. For example, a hotel in Palma.

colorful houses palma de mallorca

Days 1-4: South Mallorca

Anywhere between Palma and Santanyi is a great place to base yourself for the first part of this itinerary.

luxury villa mallorca itinerary

Days 5-7: North Mallorca

The mountain villages of Soller, Valldemossa, and Deia offer great options for your stay. However, Soller is probably the most central point to cover all the sights on the Northern part of your itinerary. 

restaurant view deia mallorca itinerary
Belmond La Residencia Hotel

How Many Days in Mallorca?

The beauty of Mallorca is its relaxed, untouched nature, best discovered over 1-2 weeks. If you’re only in Mallorca for a short time, for example, a long weekend, you can choose certain days of this itinerary to see a good mix of all.

How to Visit

Fly into Palma International Airport from all over Europe. The airport is huge and offers plenty of great flight options to major cities. In the summer, in line with demand, flights are also increased; there is even a direct flight to the USA! 

Find flights to Mallorca ✈️

Once you’re at the airport, pick up your car hire or take a bus for 20 minutes into Palma. From here, you can transfer onto a bus or train to other destinations across the island.

Getting Around

Mallorca is one of the best places for road trips, with its great infrastructure, stunning mountain roads, and endless sea viewpoints. 

By Car

It’s necessary to have a car for your Mallorca itinerary, especially to reach the more remote spots like Sa Calobra. However, bear in mind that car hire in Mallorca gets booked up months in advance, so be well organized ahead of your trip.

Top Tip: In the north of Mallorca, the roads are not for the faint of heart! Narrow cliffside roads, sheer drops, and hairpin bends are expected, so please ensure you’re a confident driver before taking on the challenge. 

By Bus 

While taking the bus is certainly longer, it’s not impossible. Especially if you’re staying in Palma, the central bus station offers lots of options to reach villages and coastal spots around the island. 

In the north, the 203 bus line runs from Palma to Valldemossa, Deia, and Soller. If you choose to stay here, it is easy to hop on and off on this route. (See the full bus schedule here)

public bus mallorca itinerary

Organized Tour

Another great option to reach more secluded spots is to join an organized tour with a local guide. Whether you travel by boat, tram, train, or minivan, a tour is an excellent way to see multiple points of interest on this Mallorca itinerary.

Tours & Tickets 🥾View all
girl watching view on valldemosa mallorca itinerary

How Much Does 7 Days in Mallorca Cost?

Although Spain is generally known as a cheap European destination, Mallorca is noticeably more expensive due to the high tourist influx.

Although places like Palma and Deia are costly because of their high-end hotels and gastronomic restaurants, there are still ways to cut your budget. For example, grab a delicious bakery pastry, choose a cheap ‘menu del dia’, or take public transport. (Learn more about how to travel cheap)

Costs of Traveling in Mallorca

Travel on a budget in Mallorca, from $510 − $570 USD weekly per person, mid-range $1530 − $2810 USD, and high-end from $2840 − $4190 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Mallorca Itinerary: Best Restaurants

Dine on delicious tapas, fresh seafood, and the sweetest oranges; this is island living at its finest! Along with its tourism, Mallorca has also developed an incredible dining scene led by renowned chefs from all over the world. Some of our favorites across the island are:

  • Palma: OMBU Passeig del Born, KAIZEN Restaurant, Restaurant Botànic
  • Santanyi: Terra Origins, Cafe Bar Can Chono, Ca Na Pou, Cal Reiet’s Table
  • Cala Figuera: Restaurante Pizzeria es Port, Restaurant La Petite Iglesia
  • Soller: Ca’n Llimona, Restaurant Corazon
  • Valldemossa: Barbaflorida Cafe, Es Taller
  • Deia: Ca’s Petro March, La Residencia, 
  • Pollença and Port de Pollença: Bellaverde, Portofino
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restaurant mallorca

Best Time to Visit Mallorca

The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are the best times to visit Mallorca when there are sunny days and fewer crowds. We visited in October, and the weather was still fantastic! The beaches were also much quieter, and the prices were lower. 


Note: Mallorca can be hectic during the summer. Although this is the best time to enjoy the island’s stunning beaches, you’ll need to make reservations well in advance for parking, restaurants, hotels, and tours.

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