Paracas, Peru: Best Things To Do Paracas, Peru: Best Things To Do

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South America

From the world's highest waterfall in Venezuela to the finger-licking Chilaquiles of Mexico.

Did you know?

The Andes, with its length of 7,200+ kilometers, is the longest mountain range on the planet.

South America

home to 14 countries, with Spanish and Portuguese as the most spoken languages.

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Peru Travel Guide: The Ultimate 3-Week Itinerary

Peru Travel Guide: The Ultimate 3-Week Itinerary

Must-do's in South America

South America

South America is the continent of adventure. Each day brings new, exciting experiences and a thrill of never knowing what will come next. By day, listen to the hum of the jungle, hike through remarkable glaciers, or experience the unique Bolivian salt flats. Alternatively, learn to surf in luscious Costa Rica, white water raft in tropical Honduras, or discover wonders of the world in Peru. By night party like a local, through color, dance, and fiery food! Fiesta is the true soul of South America, where carnivals and parades are a signature part of daily life. From the legendary Rio carnival to the memorable ‘day of the dead’ in Mexico, South Americans don’t shy away from passion, dance, and dressing up.

Incomparable Nature

Nature reaches new and outstanding levels, in the home of the greatest rainforest on the planet: the Amazon. In the wonders of this spectacular rainforest live incredible wildlife of all shapes, sizes, and colors. There is a deep sense of care and respect for this luscious, and extreme, nature and everything it creates. Seen in the extraordinarily beautiful mountains, active volcanoes, astonishing canyons, stunning lakes, and wild, wonderful coastline. South America’s natural beauty is truly beyond compare.

The Flavors of Life

This nature is also home to the beautiful Indigenous people of South America. Travelers are transported back to a simpler time, where people live among nature. Recognized at the hilltop Incan city of Machu Picchu, by the alpaca shepherds herding for generations, and ancient communities that resiliently live at some of the highest altitudes in the world. Each country has a specific culture, language, and tradition, that has been preserved despite a history of European colonization. Most important though, is the culture of food. Flavour is life in South America, in the refreshing zing of Ceviche in Peru, the creamy sweetness of Dulce de Leche in Argentina, spicy empanadas in Bolivia, and exquisite coffee throughout the continent. Endless delicious and beautiful experiences await travelers in South America!