11 Best Things To Do in Peru 11 Best Things To Do in Peru

11 Best Things To Do in Peru

Prepare your senses for the magical colors of Peru. See the rainbow minerals of the mountain, feel the weave of the traditional Peruvian poncho, and listen to the enchanting song of the Amazon rainforest and its wildlife. Home to some of the world’s greatest spectacles and 75% of the world’s alpaca population, yes you read that right haha! These are the things to do in Peru.

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1. Explore the ancient Incan city Machu Picchu

One of the new seven wonders of the world is the iconic site Machu Picchu. The Incas carried stones up these mountains with their bare hands, so not only is this an amazing example of Incan engineering but also an amazing example of human capability. Machu Picchu is the absolute must-do in Peru.

2. Hike the unknown trail of the Palccoyo Rainbow mountain

If you’ve ever considered a trip to Peru, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the Vinicunca Rainbow mountain. With popularity comes crowds, so instead choose to hike its more peaceful, and equally stunning, brother Palccoyo.

The incredible colors of this mountain are a must-see in Peru and originate from a mix of minerals, giving the mountain its unique rainbow stripes.

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11 Best Things To Do in Peru

Good to know: The hike is well worth it but be prepared for the high altitude.

3. Tour the Sacred Valley

Experience the ancient Peruvian villages, salt mines, and terraces and gaze in wonder at the architectural and cultivation techniques displayed throughout the valley. This valley is a perfect example of Incan brilliance!

4. To do in Peru: Hop on Peru’s most scenic train ride

Arguably one of the most scenic train journeys in the world leads to the foot of Machu Picchu. The carriages of the train have rooftop windows so you can admire the towering peaks of the mountains from all angles. Surely there is no better way to travel Peru?

5. Experience an extraordinary wildlife event at the Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands are home to an extraordinary wildlife event, which is an absolute must-do in Peru. Penguins living alongside with dolphins, sea lions, and pelicans. Prepare yourself for endless wildlife, bird-filled skies, and rugged cliffs- the Ballestas Islands are a must-see for nature lovers!

6. Climb the highest sand dunes of South America

Peru is a country of records: the deepest canyons, oldest relics, and home to the highest sand dunes in South America! Discover the desert paradise of Huacachina, a tiny village centered around a lagoon and palm trees, that gives the feeling as if you’re far away from the rest of Peru. Climb to the top for a sunset like no other!

7. Admire the volcanic white stone city of Arequipa

The old city of Arequipa is built by using the white volcanic rock taken from the nearby Misti Volcano. The volcano is now dormant (having last erupted in 1600) and can be viewed from the scenic Yanahuara viewpoint. The variety of fruits and veggies on Mercado San Camilo is due to the fertile volcanic soil in the region.

8. Stroll down the cobblestone streets of Cusco

Cusco, the ancient Incan capital is the most popular destination and great thing do in Peru! Wander down the cute cobbled streets featuring a mixture of Incan and Spanish colonial architecture. Hike up the hill out of Cusco to the stone wall ‘Saqsayhuaman’, discover the many cathedrals in the historical center, and finally, have a sunset view at one of the many viewpoints overlooking the city.

Try the food in Cusco – A must-do in Peru

Get the perfect cup of Peruvian coffee from one of the overhanging cafe balconies and try Peru’s national dish- Ceviche (Morena is our fave!).

9. See the sights of Lima by bike

The capital city of Peru is fast becoming the new city of romance! Take a walk in the park of love or walk over the ‘Puente de Los Suspiros’ bridge. 

If romance isn’t really your thing, go for adrenaline instead and spend the day paragliding or surfing as these are some of the most popular activities in Lima. Due to its coastal position, the city is mostly flat so it is perfect to cycle through to see the endless street art, beautiful green parks, and cliffs of Lima.

Did you know? Lima has its very own pyramid.

10. Visit Peru’s Amazon jungle

One of the world’s greatest and most important places: is the Amazon rainforest which covers an impressive 60 percent of Peru! Experience Amazonian culture and wildlife by taking a walking and boat tour, allowing you to observe the way of living of the rainforest’s tribes and wildlife.

Nothing compares to the sight of pink dolphins or the sounds of thousands of jungle birds. Here’s how to visit the Amazon of Peru.

11. Fly over the Nazca Lines 2000-year-old sand drawings

One of life’s great mysteries are the Nazca Lines, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Drawn in the sand in the middle of the desert are more than 70 human and animal geoglyphs, which have been preserved for a span of 2000 years due to the arid conditions. Climb up the viewing tower next to the highway to get an awesome bird’s eye perspective!

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