10 Things To Do in Lima, Peru – The Complete Guide 10 Things To Do in Lima, Peru – The Complete Guide

10 Things To Do in Lima, Peru – The Complete Guide

Welcome to Lima! This modern capital of Peru, build along the scenic cliffs, is the second-largest city of South America. Lima is generally the starting point of everyone’s visit to Peru and unfortunately often skipped as the majority of the people only visit Cusco and Machu Picchu. Take one or two days to explore all the great things to do in Lima and see for yourself why Lima is such a great city.

Things to do in Lima, Peru

Lima has dry and usually grey skies throughout the entire year; however, it barely rains. Lima is your connection to all major cities in Peru. Take the bus down to Paracas and Huacachina, fly to Cusco or Arequipa

1. Barranco – Lima’s coolest neighborhood

Barranco is home to many well-known artists and musicians who have given, together with the colonial houses, the neighborhood a colorful, creative, and romantic character. Many hotels, great restaurants, and nightlife are located in Barranco, which makes it a great location to stay.

Good to know: The charming districts Miraflores, San Isidro, and Barranco are safe to roam around and Lima.

2. El Parque Del Amor

To celebrate love in all forms, Lima’s ‘Park of Love’ opened on Valentine’s Day 1993. Parque del Amor is a small, colorful park with flowerbeds and architecture along the scenic coastline offering a great view over the coast and the Pacific Ocean. 

The curved benches with mosaic are inspired by Parc Güell in Barcelona and is a great place to see a romantic sunset.

3. Miraflores Lighthouse

Faro la Marina is a 22-meter tall lighthouse built in 1900 on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From Parque Del Amor, it is a 10-minute walk.

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10 Things To Do in Lima, Peru – The Complete Guide

At least 8 kilometers of the coastline is transformed into a beautiful green park with many people relaxing or walking their dogs, a skatepark, tennis courts, and much more. It’s a lovely place to spend your time and possibly recover from your jetlag.

4. Bike around Lima city

Lima is a relatively flat city which makes it super convenient to explore by bicycle. All over the popular neighborhoods of Lima are protected biking lanes that aren’t accessible for cars. Organize a self-guided biking tour and do all the things to do in Lima at your own pace by bicycle. Bicycle rentals can be found all the center of Lima. 

Alternatively, organized bike tours are a great way to meet people and see and learn about Lima city at the same time.

5. Paragliding or Surfing

Ready for some action? Both paragliding and surfing are some of the best things to do in Lima. Experience the spectacular coastline of Lima by air together with a professional pilot. Book your flight here

Do you prefer to stay on the ground? Lima is a great place for beginners to learn surfing. There are many surf schools down at the coast that offer a 90-minute lesson for 20 USD. 

6. Ceviche – Peru’s National Dish

Ceviche is a raw-fish fish dish soaked in lime juice and spiced with chili peppers topped with red onions, sweet potatoes, and large corn. It is considered to be Peru’s national dish, and it’s a favorite dish of many travelers while they’re traveling through Peru. Due to Lima’s location on the coast, it is undoubtedly the best place to eat freshly caught seafood. 

7. Puente de Los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs)

The Puente de Los Suspiros is a small wooden bridge that formally crossed a water stream below. Nowadays, the stream has become a stone pathway named Bajada de Los Baños that’s leading down to the beach passing small cafes, artist studios, and a viewpoint. 

The name of the bridge originates from the fact that the bridge brought luck in love. All the sighs of love resulted in the name Bridge of Sights, which is a completely different reason that the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy.

8.  Street Art of Lima

The streets of Barranco are like a beautiful outside art gallery. The local government allows artists to create murals all over Barranco, which, at the same time, attracts many visitors. Make sure to not miss some incredible creations around the Barranco area.

9. Visit the Pyramid of Lima – Huaca Pucllana

In the middle of the wealthier area, Miraflores is a collection of 22-meter high ruins rising above its neighboring building. The eroded bricks of the pyramid are currently being replaced with new ones. Get to know more about its history and surprising discoveries in a 40-minute guided tour. The entrance fee is 12 soles (3 USD).  

10. Mercado de Surquillo

Immerse yourself in the local life and head out to Mercado De Surquillo #1 or #2. These markets are filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat and we found it a great way to connect with locals and learn a word of Spanish at the same time.

Getting to & Getting around Lima, Peru

Lima has many direct flights from America and even a couple from Europe. The fairly large airport hub is located on the outskirts of Lima. Reach the city center within 30 to 40 minutes by arranging a taxi at the arrival hall or using Taxify/Uber. This ride usually costs 50-60 Soles. (~ 15-18 USD) The neighborhood around the airport is known as troubled, therefore taking a taxi from the airport is recommended.

How to get around Lima, Peru

By foot – Within Miraflores and Barranco walking is a great option as most of the city’s sights are within walking distance.

Bike – Be able to cover more distance by renting a bike (daily price 50 Soles)

Taxi – Taxis are a good choice in Cusco but during rush hours it will take much more time to get from A to B. Taxify and Uber are very convenient.

Where to eat in Lima

The food is incredible in Lima – Peruvian cuisine gained a lot of popularity in recent years and now can be found in all major cities worldwide. These were our favorite cafes and restaurants:

  • Barra Maretazo
  • El Pan de la Chola
  • Restaurante Alfresco 
  • Colonia & Co
  • Punto Azul

Where to stay in Lima

The best areas to stay in Lima are Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco as these are safe, offer a lot of accommodation, restaurants and it’s in the middle of all the things to do in Lima. 

Belma Boutique Bed and Breakfast is a cozy small boutique hotel in the middle of the city with superb staff. They offer bikes for you to explore the city, but most of the sites are within walking distance.

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