Ngapali Beach Myanmar, one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches

Ngapali Beach Myanmar, one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches

Ngapali Beach Myanmar, one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches

Turquoise blue water, white soft sand, 7 km long beach of your dreams. Ngapali Beach (pronounced Napally) is one of our favorite beaches in Asia and it is located in Myanmar! Yes, Myanmar owns some incredible undiscovered beaches. Perfect palm trees all along the coastline and still very to tourism which gives you almost empty beaches. Discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

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Myanmar is world-famous for the temples in Bagan and balancing fishermen at Inle Lake. Getting here can be a little challenging so what better way to close of your Myanmar Route than at one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches?! The whole beach area already offers many hotels but most of them are built in a way they blend with nature pretty well. (Compared to some other beach destinations)

7 Things To Do in Ngapali

Ngapali is all about the beach and its surroundings. Take about 3 to 4 days to really experience and get to know this area. It is not the destination where you can do many tourism activities like parasailing or jet skiing. Ngapali is still as pure as possible. These are 7 things to do in Ngapali.

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1. Explore Ngapali by bicycle

Ngapali is a quiet area with one long main road along the coastline. Rent a bike and hop on the bike in the early morning, say 8:30 AM. The road is about 10 kilometers long so you will be back before the heat of the afternoon.

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You can rent a bike (sometimes e-bikes) at your hotels, some small tourist shops on the main road or local restaurants. Bike price per day ($3.5)

Tip: At sunset the tide is low and it’s possible to bike down Ngapali Beach.

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2. Meet the friendly locals

While driving your bike in the morning, keep an eye open for some small side paths that lead into the jungle area. Get in there and drive around with your bike and interact with the friendly locals who always have a smile for you. They will be fascinated by your appearance and will try to communicate in ‘the’ best language: body language.

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3. Boat tour in the early morning

The local fishermen on Ngapali Beach offer a boat tour where you can visit local the island just off the coast, visit one of the fishing villages and do a bit of snorkeling.

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ngapali most beautiful beach boat

4. Experience a memorable sunset

The sun position at Ngapali Beach is just perfect. In the early morning, the beach is covered in shadow, so you can go out for a morning walk or run. The sunsets are that round-shaped sun that disappears into the ocean. Memorable!

5. Get a super fresh fish meal

Fresh fish is the signature food at Ngapali, many restaurants offer anything from fish curry, grilled calamari, huge sized shrimps and many many more dishes. These were our favorite places to eat.

We lined up our favorite restaurants ordered by yummy(♥️) rating:

Mingalaba ♥️♥️♥️♥️
PVI ♥️♥️♥️
Jones Pizza ♥️♥️
Two Brothers ♥️♥️ (great food, bad service)

6. Relax a day (or two) on Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is all about the beach. It offers plenty of space for everyone, take your towel with you and find a good spot near the palm tree. :-)

There are a few ladies walking on the beach, selling fruits and in the late afternoon locals come out to play with their children in the sea.

If you’re done with relaxing, there are a few small local stalls down the beach renting things like water floaties and paddleboards to have a sunset paddleboard moment.

7. Get a snap with the famous palm tree

On social media, Ngapali is mainly known for its perfect hanging palm tree. It is located next to Art of Sand Resort.

ngapali most beautiful beach sunset palm

How to get to Ngapali

Getting to Ngapali is easiest by plane but definitely not the cheapest. A direct flight (45 min) from Yangon to Thandwe airport (15 minutes from Ngapali) is $75 in high season.

➳ Find: Bus/Flight tickets to Ngapali

If you are planning to visit Ngapali from Bagan or Inle Lake you should look to $90 for a direct flight (70 min).

On a budget?
The bus from Yangon to Ngapali takes 15 hours and costs around 14000 kyats ($9) per person.
From Bagan there is no direct bus, it takes 24 hours so you might want to budget a flight from this.

Where to stay at Ngapali

Hotels and guesthouses in Ngapali are not the cheapest in Myanmar. Guesthouses are anywhere from $15 to $30 per night and luxury hotels range from $100 to $250 a night.

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Guesthouses in Ngapali

Hotels in Ngapali

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  • Which app you used to edit those pictures? So gorgeous :)

  • Hi!
    I was thinking of staying in Ngapali for a few days, but I wanted to know if there was any etiquette in terms of clothing on the beach.
    Can women wear bikinis on the beaches? Without drawing too much attention or offending the locals?

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Sophie,

      Everyone on Ngapali Beach is just wearing their swimwear and there aren’t many locals on the beach either, so don’t worry about that :)
      Of course, it is respectful to cover up a bit when you’re walking on the streets.

      Have fun!

      • Andrew Aungthwin

        You should cover up regardless of where you are.

        Locals won’t say it, but showing skin is not appreciated.

        Just look at how much skin is shown by local women.

        This is the appropriate way to dress.

        It horrifies me how Westerners dress in places like Myanmar and Thailand.

        And another thing. Showing affection in public, for example kissing is seriously frowned upon on. Even holding hands between couples is considered rude. Ironically, men holding hands is quite acceptable unless you are gay.

  • Hi! The bus from Bagan to Ngapali takes 16 hours ( 6 hours from Bagan to Pyay and 10 hours from Pyay to Ngapali) and the price is 35.000 Kyat

  • Hi guys,

    I can find Ngapali – Yangon bus option info anywhere…where did you get the info from?:)

  • Thank you very much !

  • First of all , thank you for the great content you put here together ! Can you tell me how was the telenor coverage in Ngapali ? Thank you

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