Sahara Morocco: Visit the Merzouga Desert on a 3-Day Tour Sahara Morocco: Visit the Merzouga Desert on a 3-Day Tour

Sahara Morocco: Visit the Merzouga Desert on a 3-Day Tour

The Sahara Desert is a place you really can not skip when you are visiting Morocco. It is an area of 9.4 million square kilometers, which is the same size as the United States! Trek through the desert, see the rippling red sand dunes, and camp under a deep blue sky of beautiful stars! Sahara Desert tours are organized by many companies and there are loads of possibilities in order to fit it into your Morocco itinerary. Get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime on a Sahara Desert Tour!

Marrakech Sahara Tour

Our tour started in Fes because we came from Chefchaouen, the Blue City. The tour is also available from Marrakech as a return. Be prepared for a lot of driving, though the sceneries and sights you will visit are so worth it!

Sahara Desert Tour – Day 1

From Fes, we left around 8 AM, and the driver took us to Merzouga that day. Merzouga is a city that is located at the beginning of the Sahara. On our way, we stopped several times to look at the stunning views of the Moroccan landscapes.


Once you have arrived in Merzouga, you will change the car to a four-wheel-drive vehicle that takes you to your camp just in time to see the sunset. Seeing the epic, red sand dunes of the Sahara for the first time is unforgettable! We decided to go glamping, which is sleeping in a tent but far more luxurious. KamKamDunes was the camp we booked in advance, and it was excellent. These tents are super comfortable and come with proper beds and even a private bathroom!

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Sahara Morocco: Visit the Merzouga Desert on a 3-Day Tour

That night we had a great dinner, played music together, and looked at the millions of stars from the dunes. Stargazing in the desert has to be one of the most extraordinary experiences while in Morocco – true magic!

glamping morocco desert

Sahara Desert Tour – Day 2

The next morning you will be woken up very early to get up and walk to the top of a dune. Once on the top of the dune, the sun will rise from the horizon, and all the dunes will get a beautifully soft orange color. Temperatures rise quickly as soon as the sun is up, so get ready to experience the famous heat of the desert!

desert tour morocco

After breakfast, you will leave in the direction of Marrakech. You will pass and stop at several sites like Tenhir, Tinjdad, Jorf, and Erfoud. These are all incredible Saharan towns and cities with wonderful earthen houses.

Once the sun begins to set, you will stop in Boumalne Dades (or a nearby village), where you will spend the night in a traditional Kasbah. A kasbah is a house/palace under the control of a family where multiple families live.

Sahara Desert Tour – Day 3

From Dades to Marrakech was the most beautiful part of the route. You will drive through the Atlas Mountains along steep cliffs that can be snowy, depending on the time of year.

Aït Ben Haddou morocco

Additionally, visit Aït-Ben-Haddou, a famous place where a lot of movies are made. It’s easy to see why the moment you see this amazing scenery! Drink a delicious mint tea here, or buy a traditional Moroccan rug. Just before sunset, you will arrive in Marrakech.

Pick your Sahara Desert Tour wisely

It’s quite a distance to the Sahara from Marrakech or Fes. But once you’ve seen the sunset or the millions of stars at night, the journey is easily forgotten. The journey is also a beautiful part of the trip and a great way to see more of Morocco’s scenery!

Try to pick a tour that fits your itinerary, for example:

  1. How many days? Tours vary from 2 to 6 days.
  2. Are you leaving from Marrakech or Fes?
tour atlas mountains

What’s a good price for a Sahara Desert Tour?

The price really depends on the tour you pick. We had a 3-day private Sahara Desert tour from Fes to Marrakech, which cost around 700 USD. This included two nights, one at the tent and one in a kasbah, food, gas, etc. Of course, you can also share a minivan with other travelers, which makes the tour a lot cheaper.

Most of the tours of four or more days will take you far into the Sahara Desert. A two or three-day tour will take you to the Erg-Chebbi area. This is at the foot of the Sahara and is also very beautiful. However, if you have the time, we really recommend going into the Sahara. It is an experience unlike any other to feel the remoteness of the desert and see how locals live their lives here.

Sahara Desert Tour Discount!

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Where to Stay

Whether you’re starting your journey to the stunning Sahara Desert from Fes or the bustling Marrakech, there are plenty of beautiful accommodation options to choose from in either city. Relax in the pool after having spent 3 days in the desert and fully recharge from all the incredible sights you’ve seen.

Best time to visit Sahara in Morocco

The best time to visit the Moroccan Sahara Desert in Merzouga is during the cooler months of October to April when temperatures are more comfortable. Avoid the extreme summer heat, especially in July and August.


Sahara Desert Vlog

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