7 Unique Things To Do in Fes, Morocco 7 Unique Things To Do in Fes, Morocco

7 Unique Things To Do in Fes, Morocco

Fes is a unique city located in Morocco and you won’t be bored. We’ve included a lot of things to do in our Fes Guide. Fes has the oldest and largest Medina (old town) in North Africa and is the cultural, and handicraft center of Morocco. Photographers will have a busy time shooting pictures since there is plenty to capture during your visit.

1. The magical Bou Inania Medersa

The Bou Inania Medersa is a beautiful religious building in the city that can be entered by non-Muslim people. It was a school before, and now it can be visited for its amazing architecture and green colors. Visiting is completely free so we expected it to be super crowded because we visited it around 4 PM. But there was almost no one!

2. Take in the smells of the Tanneries

Be sure to check out the world-famous tanneries where they color animal skins. The smell is quite strong, take a bit of mint or a scarf with you. They will try to offer you “mint for free” on your way to the tanneries but we’ve seen a lot of people paying afterwards.

3. Sunset on a rooftop

It’s the first thing we do once we arrive in a new area. Check the rooftop view if it has a great sunset point. Sit down and enjoy the sun setting behind the beautiful city of Fes.

4. Fes Guide for the best price when buying a carpet / rug.

Fes is known for its handicraft. You will see carpet sellers in all the main streets of the medina. We were advised by a French woman living in Marrakech to go to a certain shop (across the street of Café El Khmissa) where they will give you an honest price.

After going through around 20 rugs we selected our favorite one. The rug is 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, we paid $150 which we thought was a fair price for a rug.

5. Get lost in the Fes Medina

The medina of Fes is the oldest and largest of North Africa and UNESCO World Heritage. It’s unique that it still has much of its history and roots and that’s why it’s super easy to get lost. We have experienced this a few times at night and that wasn’t the most comfortable place to get lost. Make sure to know which signs you should follow before you leave your riad or hotel because even Google Maps gets lost in this maze. Also, see the 10-day Morocco Route.

Also, it’s best to stay inside the Fes medina with your riad or hotel. Some gates of the medina will close after 7 PM which makes it even harder to find back your hotel.

6. Get your fresh orange juice every morning

Orange juice is one thing we love, so a cheap fresh one every morning was a perfect start of our day. You can’t miss the orange juice stalls in the center of town.

7. Africa’s largest mosques: Kairaouine

The Kairaouine Mosque is known to be the world’s oldest university and second largest mosque in Morocco. It is a gorgeous place with its marble floors, fountains, and all the people praying.

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7 Unique Things To Do in Fes, Morocco

Restaurants in Fes

We had the best food at Chez Rachid. It located very close to the popular Bab Boujloud Gate “The Blue Gate”. Cafe Clock is more trendy but also very delicious to get a more fusion style of lunch or dinner.

Fes guide: How to get to Fes

Fes is well connected from all directions. You can get there from Chefchaouen the blue city, as the final destination from you Sahara Desert Trip or from Rabat.

Bus to Fes

The CTM bus is a great option if you don’t mind long drives. The busses are clean and drive safely. There are some other companies that are offering the same drive when the CTM is full but these buses are a lot more uncomfortable.

Train to Fes

Get to the coastline of Rabat by catching the train from Fes. One track that leads back and connects to the track to Marrakech.

Where to go after Fes?

Sahara Desert Tour

The Sahara Desert is one incredible experience that will be in your mind for the rest of your life.


The blue city, Chefchaouen is one of the best places we’ve visited in Morocco. By car it’s an 3,5 hour drive from Fes. Please don’t skip it if you have time!

Hotels and Riads in Fes

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