7 Best Things To Do in Mauritius 7 Best Things To Do in Mauritius

7 Best Things To Do in Mauritius

Mauritius is known as the ultimate destination to relax on paradise looking beaches with azure blue waters. The island is small, yet it has so much to offer. Mauritian resorts and hotels are top of the bill but it gets even better when we start exploring the island a little more.

About Mauritius

The 1.2 million Mauritians, who are a mix of Indian, Chinese, French, and African people, live from tourism and the export of Sugarcane. School is free until University. You also don’t need to get any vaccinations!

Don’t be fooled by the luxury status of Mauritius, you can visit this island on a budget, too. These are our top 7 things to do in Mauritius, which you should be able to do in two or three days.

Things to do in Mauritius

1. Hike up Le Morne

Le Morne is a mountain on the SouthWestern tip of Mauritius. On top is a big cross as a memorial for the history of this mountain. Slaves threw themselves off a 550+ meter cliff to escape from their masters. In 2008, UNESCO named Le Morne as a World Heritage Site.

A hike up Le Morne takes about 2 hours and it’s recommended to have a guide to be able to reach the top. Make sure to start climbing just after sunrise to prevent the heat.

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2. Visit the Chamarel Waterfalls

Chamarel is a private property where you can buy a ticket to visit the waterfalls and 7-colored earth. The waterfall can (sadly enough) only be seen from the top, and the hike is super easy!

3. Visit the Chamarel 7-colored earth

Another impressive sight and thing to do in Mauritius is the Chamarel 7-colored earth. Many years ago, Mauritius had active volcanoes, and because of the eruption, that part of the earth is not fertile. All the different colors really pop up when it doesn’t rain.

4. Pamplemousse park

Pamplemousse is a park that includes an incredible collection of plants from all over the world. You can easily wander around in here for an hour or two, and also a great place to cool down in the shadow of the burning sun.

5. Try to eat like a local

Mauritian food is a unique mix of African, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Stop along the road where local people are having lunch and try their great food.

6. Grand Bassin, Mauritius

Grand Bassin is an inactive volcano crater lake. A priest from India once brought sacred water and poured holy water into the lake. It is now a sacred place for a large number of Hindu people in Mauritius.

7. Explore the Beaches

Mauritius is completely surrounded by beaches and a beautiful coastline. It offers beaches to relax, snorkel, do boat tours and has world-famous spots for wind and kite-surf.

Trou aux Biches offers a white sand beach with beautiful clear water and a reef close to shore to snorkel.

Le Morne is the go-to back for a quiet, laid back beach experience. Few boats and crystal clear waters with a backdrop of Le Morne mountain.

How to Get Around Mauritius

Mauritius is relatively small, and getting around by Taxi or rental car is the best option. Roads on the island are very well connected, and apps like Google Maps also work.

Getting from the airport to another side of this island takes you 1 to 1.5 hours. Good to know: In Mauritius, driving is on the left-hand side.

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Costs of Traveling on Mauritius

Mauritius can be done on a budget. For example, a double room in a budget hotel would cost you between €40 and €75, but a luxury stay can easily be €200 or more a night. Keep costs lower by choosing to eat street food for €5 per lunch, or stay in self-catering and make your own meals.

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Getting around Mauritius can be done cheaply by renting a car or making use of the local buses. Taxis can be rented for about €60 for a full-day tour.

The price, of course, really depends on the season. The high season runs from November until April.

Costs of Traveling in Mauritius

Travel on a budget in Mauritius, from $550 − $660 USD weekly per person, mid-range $1790 − $3750 USD, and high-end from $3350 − $5240 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Best Resorts in Mauritius

The best places to stay in Mauritius are, for sure, the BeachComber resorts. They own 9 hotels on the island, and it’s the only big resort built by a local Mauritian.

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