Best Waterfall in Indonesia – Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Best Waterfall in Indonesia – Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Best Waterfall in Indonesia – Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu, which means a thousand waterfalls is without a doubt, the most spectacular and best waterfall in Indonesia. This fairly unknown sight, also named Coban Sewu is not on the usual Java Route so you will probably be one of the few people here. With its 120 meters, it is in the list of one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. You have the option to admire the waterfall from the top and the foot. Plan to visit the waterfall from 7 AM for the best light.

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Panoramic viewpoint Tumpak Sewu

The top of the waterfall can be seen from a panoramic viewpoint and is just a 10-minute walk from the parking area. From the viewpoint, you will see a curtain of silky smooth waterfalls. It is unlike any waterfall you have ever seen. So different from the waterfalls in Bali for example.

Tumpak Sewu is easiest to visit via Malang.  ➳ Read more: Things to do in Malang

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Hike to the foot of Tumpak Sewu

Visiting the foot of the Tumpak Sewu waterfall is a must-do experience. Although you can’t swim at the foot, it is incredible to feel all that water force on the ground.

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Hiking Tumpak Sewu

It is a 30 to 40-minute walk down via bamboo stairs and through small streams. You have to be fit to do this walk down. It is not dangerous but you do have to watch your steps and be careful. Do not wear flip-flops and wear sandals instead.
After you are done descending to the ground, you have to walk for another 5 minutes crossing two walking bridges over the river to get to Tumpak Sewu.

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Once at the foot of the waterfall, feel that incredible power, take a rest and of course a lot of photos. Take a few lens clean clothes because your lens will get wet. If there is one place in the world we can go back to, it would be this best waterfall in Indonesia.

Expect to spend about 2 to 3 hours at the waterfall including the hike down and up.

Good to know:

  • Take water, there are no shops at the foot of the fall.
  • Taking a waterproof bag is useful, not really needed.
  • Wear and take mosquito repellent. The jungle has a lot of those flying friends :)

Rain season

If you are visiting Indonesia in the rainy season, they might have closed down the foot of the waterfall. It can be too dangerous with falling rocks or trees.

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Local guide

Now we are the people who usually don’t take a guide. We did take a local guide here and we highly recommend you to do as well. You can ask for a guide at the parking area.
Our local guide Wawan was super experienced, could not speak any English (that’s good!), helped us with every single step and even took photos. We paid him 100K to take us down and up and another 50K tip because he is an absolute hero.

Tip: Take all your garbage with you even though there are bins at the waterfall.

Visiting Tumpak Sewu, the best waterfall in Indonesia

The waterfall is a bit out of the usual Java Route. From Malang, it’s a 2-3 hour drive. Depart from your hotel in Malang at 5 AM to avoid traffic jams. You could do a tour from Malang or rent a driver for the day.

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Another option is staying in Lumajang which is a bit closer to the waterfall. But when you are planning to do a Bromo tour on your trip through Java, a day trip from Malang is your best option.

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Taking a drone is possible but be careful since there is a strong interference at the foot of the fall.

This is the location of the waterfall and parking area.

Tumpak Sewu video

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