Indonesia Route: 3-week itinerary to Java, Flores & Bali

Indonesia Route: 3-week itinerary to Java, Flores & Bali

Indonesia Route: 3-week itinerary to Java, Flores & Bali

Indonesia, an immense country existing out of 17.000+ islands. A 3-week Indonesia route shows you the stunning diversity of this country. Waterfalls, volcanoes, stunning beaches, architecture, cultures, and its delicious food. Feel welcomed by the open-minded Indonesian people. These are the highlights you should see on a 3-week Indonesia trip.

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Indonesia Route Guide, 3-week itinerary

This 3-week itinerary through Indonesia is a day by day route taking you to the highlights of East-Java, Bali, and Flores. Feel free to add more days if you have the time and note that each day includes a link to a details article about that location.

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Day 1 – 2: Yogyakarta, Java

The hippest city of Java, Yogyakarta, is a great start of your route through Indonesia. Visit Indonesia’s largest Hindu complex; Prambanan, the underground mosque and Borobudur. Yogyakarta has an international airport and is connected to many transit airports like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

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Day 3: Train to Malang

Take the early morning express train from Yogyakarta to Malang. It is an 8-hour comfortable train ride that takes you on a scenic route along with small villages & vast rice fields. The express train to Malang is the best way to travel between these cities.

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Day 4 – 5: Malang, Java

The higher located city of Malang has a much more comfortable climate. Malang is one of the more surprising locations on your Indonesia route due to its beautiful waterfalls like Coban Putri, Coban Rondo and Tumpak Sewu, green tea plantations and the rainbow city Jodipan in Malang, which is a former slum area painted to attract visitors.

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Day 6: Bromo, Java

Start day 6 with an incredible sunrise over the active Bromo Volcano. Now, don’t forget to bring something warm because it will be freezing cold before sunrise. Luckily, this only cold place on your Indonesia route. To get there, you could either leave Malang in the afternoon of day 5 and stay in Bromo village or get out back midnight on day 6 and drive from Malang. Bromo hotel recommendation: Pagupon Hotel

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Day 7: Ijen Crater, Java

Visit the Ijen crater in the middle of the night to see the ‘blue fire’ and the sunrise over the aqua blue crater lake. The hike to the top is pretty steep, which makes it quite challenging; however, the view on the crater makes it up to you!

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It’s time to follow your Indonesia route to the island of gods; Bali! From the Ijen crater, it is 30 minutes to the harbor where the ferry is waiting for you. Once on Bali, it takes 3 hours to reach Canggu.

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Day 8 – 10: Canggu, Bali

Canggu is a fantastic town popular for its surfing and an incredible choice of restaurants. Take a day to relax and recover because you just did two sunrise mornings on Java. The beach, a coconut, delicious food, and the nearby rice fields will make sure you recover well.

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Day 11 – 14: Ubud, Bali

Next up is the art village Ubud. The area is popular because of the surrounding rice fields, waterfalls, yoga retreats, and Ubud Art Market. Both Tegalalang rice fields and the Monkey Forest in Ubud are things you have to see on your Bali Route.

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Day 15 – 16: Nusa Penida, Bali

Incredible white sandy beaches and 200-meter high cliff drops; Nusa Penida is one of the most stunning places on your route through Indonesia. Visit the T-Rex head Kelingking and hike down to one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches: Diamond Beach. Nusa Penida is stunning!

Arrange a taxi + boat transfer from Ubud. It takes about two to three hours to reach Penida Island. On your last night, make your way back to Kuta, Bali and spend the night near the airport. Book a return flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo tomorrow you are heading to Komodo National Park.

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Day 17: Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo is a little port town on Flores island. It is the entrance to UNESCO labeled Komodo National Park, home of the Komodo Dragon. Labuan Bajo itself has not much to offer so use it as a stopover before you head on a boat into the park. The flight to Labuan Bajo from Bali only takes 45 minutes.

Things to do Komodo Islands

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Day 18 – 20: Komodo Islands, highlight of your route through Indonesia

Close-off your 3 weeks in Indonesia with the best part; a 3-day boat trip in Komodo National Park. The park is world-famous for diving and snorkeling where you can expect to see manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, small sharks and millions of colorful fish. The hiking paths are mind-blowing and don’t forget about the pink beaches, yes pink! 🤩

Komodo Islands trip

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Day 21: Back to Bali – Fly out

Fly back to Bali and spend your last day along the Bali coastline. We recommend you to spend this time either in Canggu or Uluwatu.
Canggu hotel recommendation: Calmtree Bungalows

Getting around Indonesia

The islands in this Indonesia Route; Bali, Java and Komodo National Park are all well connected. Travel easily with a backpack or suitcase via trains, planes or by car. In the populated areas, you can also use transport services like Go-Jek.

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You can easily arrange transport from your current location in Indonesia. However, we recommend booking your flights in advance.

Contact our friend Yande if you are looking for car transport.

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When to visit Indonesia

May until October are the best months to visit Indonesia. There is a year-round temperature of 28°C although in the wet season is between October & April it can feel a lot warmer. Wet season is not a bad as it sounds. It is a daily heavy and short rainfall, some days cloudy but some days beautiful weather.

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Budget Indonesia

Your budget for a 3-week Indonesia route depends on where you stay and eat. A stay at a guesthouse ranges from 6 – 35 USD a night depending on the popularity of your location. This is similar for eating, Indonesian food ranges from 1 – 3 USD per meal whereas Western food can go anywhere from 3 – 15 USD per meal.

Average prices in Indonesia:

⛺ Guesthouse: 15 USD per night (double room)
🏨 Hotel: 30-100 USD per night
🌯 Food: 15 USD per day (per person)
🚗 Transportation: 10 USD (per day)
🛵 Motorbike rental: 5 USD (per day)
📡 Sim card: 2 USD (6GB)
👖 Laundry: 1-2 USD (per KG)

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