Best Reasons to Visit Kerela, India Best Reasons to Visit Kerela, India

Best Reasons to Visit Kerela, India

Kerala: the gateway to India, with its slow and peaceful pace of life. Locals snooze under coconut trees, cows lazily wander along the streets, curries slowly stew over the fire, and children play in the river until the sun goes down. Drift amongst lagoons and tropical forests, be at one with nature, and experience the warmth and kindness of the extraordinary people. These are the top reasons you should visit Kerala.

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To Meet Keralan People

The people of Kerala are special in more ways than one. They are fearless and brave, but yet also kind and giving. They find answers to life’s big questions via the forests, mountains, rivers, and oceans, always respecting what nature provides.

This is a place where women wash clothes together by the river, communities are loving, and families help each other collect coconuts from the trees. There is constant chatter, warm smiles, and the hand of friendship extended at every turn.

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Best Reasons to Visit Kerela, India

To Explore the Backwaters by Boat

Kerala is characterized by its famous backwaters: calm lagoons and rivers that interlace in a stunning waterways network. Start in Alleppey, or Kumarakom, and spend a few days staying on a traditional houseboat. Enjoy sailing the calm river, spotting exotic wildlife among the palm tree forests, and colorful birds skim the waters.

There’s no doubt that the sceneries of Kerala are one of a kind, as you watch fishermen quietly catching dinner in a sunset haze.

To Discover Tea Plantations

The tea plantations, and hill stations, of Kerala, add another element to the beauty of this region. Vibrant green hills rise out of the cool mists, as tea leaves grow in stunning rows and swirls.

Because of its high elevation, the weather is much more refreshing than the lowlands. As such, it’s perfect for growing tea, spices, and coffee. Once you’ve explored all that the plantations have to offer, discover other delights in the region of Munnar. For example, humid jungle treks and exhilarating waterfall dips.

To Discover Spirituality

Keralans are incredibly spiritual, believing that they are at one with the sky, earth, trees, and animals. This spirituality, and the belief that God blessed this area with natural beauty, led Kerala to be known as ‘God’s own country’. Not only this but the history of seafaring means there is a fusion of many religions. Christians, Muslims, and Hindus live peacefully side by side in this unique cultural melting pot.

Ayurveda Retreats in Kerala

Part of this spiritual, natural way of living is Ayurveda medicine. This is a natural healing process that involves balancing your mind, lifestyle, diet, and energy. This type of healing is particularly popular in Kerala because of the abundance of medicinal herbs and plants used for Ayurvedic treatments.

Taking part in an Ayurvedic retreat is highly recommended while in Kerala. Normally, packages include treatments, yoga, meditation, meals, and beautiful accommodation. 

To Explore the Kerala Coast

Kerala is even blessed with a beautiful coastline! Red earthy cliffs topped with tilted palm tree forests blow in the breeze, above blue waters that lap the white sandy shores.

The coastline is good for relaxation and adventure alike. Hike cliff paths to see forts and lighthouses, learn to paraglide, or join a surf camp. In the evenings, many coastal areas come alive with music, festivities, and dancing, as free-spirited travelers and locals come together.

To See Unique Wildlife

A huge draw of Kerala is the incredible wildlife living within touching distance of villages and towns. Not only is it home to the Indian elephant, but also the regal tiger. Although sightings are rare, it’s worth taking your chances at one of the national parks such as Periyar or Wayana. Even if you don’t see a tiger, the experience of safari is hard to beat for animal lovers and adventurers.

Best Time to See Elephants in Kerala

The months of March and April, when the elephants like to play in the water because of the heat.

Note: Make sure to do your research when it comes to taking part in safaris in national parks.

To Taste the Kerala Food!

Keralan curries are famous the world over! They are spicy, use coconut, freshly caught seafood, and have a much fresher lighter taste than northern curries. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are beautiful too; colorfully served on a green banana leaf.

To Enjoy Beautiful Weather

Kerala has warm temperatures all year round, as well as monsoon rains that make the countryside luscious and green. Different seasons are good for different things, depending on what you want.

For example, the end of the monsoon season (September/October) is much quieter, and greener. As a result, it is better for those who want to go on a retreat or wish to explore the plantations at their most luscious. On the other hand, beach lovers and sun-worshippers will prefer the dry, hot months of November to February. 

This article is sponsored by Kerala Tourism and images provided by Unsplash.

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  • saif khan

    Kerala is a wonderful and amazing place and also called a place of gods, and i have visited Kerala twice such an amazing place
    The most liking and enjoyable thing is the boathouse every time we love to spend time in Kerala in a boathouse and have more fun.

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