Visit the Colorful Nubian Villages in Egypt Visit the Colorful Nubian Villages in Egypt

Visit the Colorful Nubian Villages in Egypt

Deep down south in Egypt on the West Bank of the Nile, near the city of Aswan, are the most colorful and feel good villages of the entire country. The Nubian Villages painted in all the colors of the rainbow. To start farming around the Nile, the friendly Nubians moved from Sudan over 8000 years ago, which is why they have a darker skin tone. They have their own unique language that they never teach to an outsider.

Visit a Nubian Village

Visiting the Nubian Village is a fantastic half-day trip. There are a lot of colorful Nubian villages in Egypt. The one that has been popular among locals and foreign tourists and is 45 minutes by boat from Aswan. Plan to spend about 2 hours in the village walking around and 3.5 including lunch. Visiting a Nubian village has to be on your Egypt Travel Itinerary.

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How to get to a Nubian Village?

Cross the beautiful Nile river towards the colorful villages. Arrange a motorboat to cruise up the Nile. A relaxing boat ride through shallow waters passing some stunning sceneries.

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Visit the Colorful Nubian Villages in Egypt

The price for a round trip should be around 400 for an entire boat. We highly recommend arranging an afternoon trip as you can catch a stunning sunset on your boat ride back to Aswan. This is the exact location of the Nubian Village on Google Maps.

Seeing the most colorful village of Egypt

After passing a few corners by boat, the picturesque, arty village appears. The friendly Nubian people welcome you to their village, and you can start wandering around. From beautiful souvenirs, local spices to great food and accommodation. Yes, we highly recommend you spend the night here if you have time.

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Food and drinks

Colorful villages are not the only thing Nubians are well known for. Nubian cuisine is popular throughout the entire country. Have a delicious meal at Kato Dool Restaurant and drink an afternoon coffee or tea at the well-decorated AnaKato Restaurant. Which is also a popular hotel to spend the night in.

If you are into photography or Instagram like us, you will absolutely love this village!

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Hotels in a Nubian Village

Have a memorable and special stay in Egypt by spending the night in a Nubian Village. There are a lot of colorful guesthouses and hotels overlooking the Nile. One is even more picturesque than the other. Spend at least one night here if you have the time.

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  • Tiyanna

    Your history is inaccurate. They did not move there from Sudan. The original Egyptians had a DARK SKIN TONE. However, when Ramses took rule he banished them out of Egypt to Sudan. And as we know the Arab invasions happened after. Those still left in the Nubian village are what is left of the original “Egyptians” – A word that didn’t exist at that time. Also note that the only Nubian Ramses didn’t banish was his wife (one of them anyway), who he deemed to be his most beautiful and favorite wife of all. It’s 2021. Most all educated people know that the original Egyptians were black. ….yes… black people built the pyramids!!

    • Bint Masr

      The “original” Egyptians are of tons of different tribes, ethnicities, and races. There are Black Egyptians, white egyptians, brown egyptians, and every shade in between. Coming from an Egyptian

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