Kamenjak National Park (Croatia’s Natural Gem) Kamenjak National Park (Croatia’s Natural Gem)

Kamenjak National Park (Croatia’s Natural Gem)

Discover a magical natural area in northern Croatia that sprawls across a coastal headland full of luscious flora and fauna, ancient woodland, and turquoise sea coves. This is Kamenjak National Park: the perfect place to immerse yourself in tranquil nature or participate in thrilling activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, or cliff jumping. Rent a bike and weave your way through the national park’s scenic landscapes, stopping off for sea swims and a refreshing ice tea at the jungle-style beach bars on a perfect day out from nearby city Pula or neighboring Italy. Find out exactly how to visit Kamenjak with this complete travel guide.

What is Kamenjak National Park?

Kamenjak is a beautiful national park in Croatia’s lesser-known region of Istria. Sitting at the southern tip of the region (also home to the Roman city Pula and many wonderful wineries), there are plenty of things to see and do.

drone kamenjak national park croatia

The area, also known as Cape Kamenjak, is protected because of its high biodiversity, so you’ll find plentiful vegetation and exciting species of animals, as well as some of the most beautiful bays and coves in all of Croatia. The waters here are particularly clear, making them a haven for swimming, snorkeling, and adrenaline-pumping cliff jumping. 

Kamenjak National Park rovinj town sunset church

Things to do in Kamenjak National Park

There is 30 kilometers of coastline to discover at Kamenjak, so there’s plenty to do in either a half-day or full-day trip. It’s undoubtedly captivating, and if you want to stay longer and enter the park more than once, it’s possible to do so by staying at nearby villages or the famous Roman city of Pula, which is just a short drive away. 

beach Kamenjak National Park croatia

1. Explore the Hidden Coves and Beaches

Thalassophiles will love the beautiful beaches of Kamenjak National Park (some of the best in Croatia!). The small white pebble coves and stony inlets create crystal clear water, which you can access either directly from the rocks, beaches, or cliffs with a heart-pumping dive. Additionally, the crystalline turquoise waters of Cape Kamenjak are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, with abundant beautiful marine life to discover. Some of the best beaches in the national park are:

  • Debeljak Beach (great for swimming and sunbathing)
  • Mala Kolombarica (snorkeling and diving)
  • Njive Beach (most secluded)
  • Skoljic (watersports)
  • Or this popular spot near Safari Bar for cliff-jumping
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Kamenjak National Park croatia cove

2. Water Sports

Although many people come to Kamenjak for relaxation (mainly the locals who you’ll find relaxing on the rocks here at weekends), it’s also the perfect place to practice a variety of watersports. 

croatia kamenjak national park cliff jump


The tranquil waters mean it’s ideal for exploring by paddleboard, especially as you’ll be able to reach the rocky inlets, secret coves and sea caves, and small shoreline islands (there are 11 uninhabited islands on Cape Kamenjak) that other people can’t. 


Equally, kayaking is a great way to reach secret spots around Kamenjak National Park. Spend a few hours gently paddling offshore and finding remote areas to take a dip.

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Kamenjak National Park (Croatia’s Natural Gem)
Kamenjak National Park Cape Island Croatia

Scuba Diving

Most people bring snorkels and seek out marine life in the shallows. However, if you have time (whether you’re an expert or a beginner), try scuba diving, heading a little deeper to find more mysterious sea creatures. 

snorkeling Kamenjak National Park


Kamenjak National Park is situated on the Premantura peninsula and is almost entirely surrounded by water, giving it an island paradise-like feeling. This also means that winds can pick up, creating an environment that is perfect for windsurfing. 

3. Walk in the Footsteps of Dinosaurs

For something really unique to do during your time in Kamenjak National Park, walk in the footsteps of some of the most magnificent historical creatures of all time. The Dinosaur Trail crosses the Grakalovac Peninsula and is home to fossilized dinosaur footprints, showcasing what life was like here for the Triassic reptiles who roamed this area over 100 million years ago! 

fossil rocks Kamenjak National Park

4. Walking and Biking Trails

One of the best ways to see Kamenjak National Park is by hiking or biking along the meandering trails covering the peninsula. This network of beautiful trails makes its way across the clifftops and among the undergrowth and trees, allowing you to discover the wonderful nature that makes this landscape so special. 

trails in Kamenjak National Park Croatia

If you choose to cycle, you can cover much more of the area. However, please note that the paths are very dusty and can be super bumpy. In this case, choose to rent something that is suitable for the terrain, like a mountain bike, which you can do before entering the park in the nearby town of Premantura. 

Tip: One of the most unique things to do in Kamenjak is the full moon bike ride, a beautiful experience during the summer when you ride as a group through the landscape in the light of the full moon — magic! 

Bicycle Kamenjak National Park Croatia

5. Watch the Sunset from the Old Bunker

No trip to Kamenjak would be complete without finding a beautiful viewpoint to sit for a while and drink in the glorious sea views at sunset. Our favorite spot was this old bunker located close to Safari Bar (exact location here), where you can see the low sun touching the water and bathing the cliffs in a soft orange glow. It truly is magical! 

Kamenjak National Park drone cape croatia

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Kamenjak National Park

There are a few nice beach bars in the park to get some refreshing drinks and nice food. Safari Bar is the most popular with its jungle-beach style theme. All the tables are intertwined and covered by low-hanging trees, and the bamboo huts blend in with the surrounding nature, giving you an immersive parkland experience.

Safari Bar Kamenjak National Park Croatia

They serve a variety of food, such as tasty calamari, sardines, and gyros, and refreshing drinks to quench your thirst. Choose their delicious homemade lemonade or iced tea and recharge your energy battery for an afternoon of fun ahead.

Other beach bars in Kamenjak:

  • Debeljak Beach Bar
  • Skoljic Beach Bar

Alternatively, bring a picnic and find your own beautiful spot for lunch or dinner. 

Tips for Kamenjak National Park

Follow these tips for Kamenjak National Park to get the most out of your visit:

  • The park is huge so, in summer, we would not recommend walking. During these months, it’s too hot to walk in the sun all day without shade. Instead, we’d recommend coming by car or motorbike.
How to get around Kamenjak National Park Croatia
  • Bring plenty of water, reef-safe sunscreen, and shelter for the beach if you plan on spending time in the sun. Also, pack a hat, swimwear, and water shoes (as the beaches can be rocky and pebbly).
  • Kamenjak is a protected area, so please be a sustainable traveler and take all litter with you. Make sure to also respect the environment, and don’t stray off the roads and trails. The same goes for parking; make sure to park your vehicle only in the designated areas in the interest of protecting the park. 
Sunset cliff jumping Kamenjak National Park croatia

Entrance Fee & Opening Times

Kamenjak is open all year round from 7 AM – 10 PM (please note that the last entry is at 9 PM), making it the perfect half-day or full-day trip from nearby Pula.

We recommend purchasing tickets online in advance (make sure to have your license plate number ready, as you’ll need to input that data at checkout). Alternatively, you can purchase tickets at the entrance on the day, but there is a limit to the number of vehicles allowed in the park (first come, first served). 

Prices for Kamenjak National Park

  • Cars: 15 EUR (10 EUR outside of summer)
  • Moped/motorcycle: 8 EUR (5 EUR outside of summer)
  • Free access for walkers or bikers
kamenjak national park croatia cliff jumping

How to Visit Kamenjak National Park

There are a few ways to visit Kamenjak National Park, depending on where you’re coming from. Many people choose to base themselves in the nearby city of Pula (just a 30-minute drive away). There are also tour options from cities like Medulin or Rovinj.

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By Car

Kamenjak is a half-hour drive from Pula old town, easily reached by following signs to Kap Kamenjak. There are a few things to remember if traveling by car:

  • Book your entrance ticket in advance. Only a certain amount of motorized vehicles are allowed in the park daily, so it’s good to buy your ticket beforehand (you don’t have to do this too far in advance; just the day before is fine).
  • You can access Kamenjak via two entrances: the Rupine entrance (pre-paid tickets) and the Parendine entrance (you can enter on the day if necessary).
  • Although Kamenjak National Park is accessible by car, the roads are bumpy and dusty, so you will have to drive super slow. This is also worth considering if you’re using a rental car. 
  • You can park close to most must-see spots in Cape Kamenjak. All car parking areas are 5-10 minute walk from each beach/swimming spot.
  • Please only park in designated parking places, as anywhere else may damage protected plant life.
  • Don’t leave valuables on show (learn more about travel safety).
How to visit Kamenjak National Park Croatia

By Public Transport

Kamenjak is slightly off the beaten path, so there aren’t a massive amount of public transport options. That being said, you can take a bus from Pula bus station to the town of Premantura and walk from there. However, we wouldn’t recommend this in summer as it’s too hot for the 45+ minute walk.

Another great option is to rent an (e)bike outside the park to enter (also free entry!).

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Where to stay Kamenjak National Park bale Croatia

Where to Stay

Most people choose to visit Kamenjak National Park on a day trip or an afternoon from other places in Croatia. However, as it’s such a beautiful natural area, it’s a tranquil spot to base yourself for a few days and immerse yourself in nature. If you’re happy with something a little more basic, you can camp inside the park with several campsites in the area. However, you must stay within the boundaries of these sites (no wild camping allowed).

Alternatively, there are plenty of hotels, resorts, and guesthouses in the tourist town of Premantura or Pula, which is only a 30-minute drive away. Pula Old Town is a particularly good option, allowing you to explore the Roman city, as well as make trips into Kamenjak National Park. 

Pula amphitheatre Kamenjak National Park Croatia

Best Time to Visit Kamenjak National Park

If you’re looking to bike or hike, we recommend visiting in the shoulder seasons (April/May, September/October) when days are sunny but temperatures are cooler. There are also fewer people during this time, making the area feel even more tranquil and remote. 


If you do visit during the summer, it’s also a fantastic spot for cooling off from the heat at the idyllic beaches and coves. Just remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and protective clothing.

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