10 Best Things to do in Colombia in 2024 10 Best Things to do in Colombia in 2024

10 Best Things to do in Colombia in 2024

Magical Colombia: a tropical and colorful country where vast valleys and luscious rainforests coexist with arid deserts and Caribbean-style beaches. There’s no place quite like it; a place where giant flowers and tropical fruit grow among the trees, murals are painted on street corners, and people salsa dance at every opportunity. There is such a diverse range of things to do in Colombia, whether it’s trekking, surfing, or wildlife watching. It’s all here in this complete guide to the 10 best things to do in Colombia!

Best Things to do in Colombia

Colombia is really something special, home to the emerald green landscapes of mountain-top Minca, the moon-like desert of Tatacoa, and the bright lights and unstoppable hum of Medellin and Bogota. Between the metropolis and remote landscapes are tonnes of other incredible places to see–all compiled into this complete travel guide. Enjoy all the top things to do in fantastic Colombia! 

best things to do colombia cocora valley

1. Hiking in Tayrona National Park

Who knew Colombian beaches could be this good? Dropped in Tayrona National Park for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking you were on a Caribbean island. Huge boulders stick out of the sky-blue ocean, bordered by white sandy beaches and green forest.

best things to do colombia Tayrona national park

This heavenly slice of nature is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coastline and is the perfect place to disconnect and unwind on your Colombia itinerary

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10 Best Things to do in Colombia in 2024

Hike through the forest, following the well-mapped walking routes. As you go, cross through dense jungle, over meandering streams, and spot fascinating wildlife as you go. Once you reach the beaches, take a refreshing dip and get ready for a night of stargazing ahead.

best things to do colombia Tayrona national park hike

2. Cartagena Old Town (Must do in Colombia)

Discover the beauty of Cartagena Old Town, where colorful houses sit under vibrant flags blowing in the breeze. The atmosphere here is wonderful; watch the street artists or buy fruit from the traditional vendors in their brightly colored clothing.

As you wander the meandering streets, you’ll find endless historical buildings and ancient churches. In fact, you could even think you’re in a European city! 

Tip: We recommend joining an Old Town tour to explore with the help of a local, insightful guide. 

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best things to do colombia cartagena streets

You’ll also notice the enormous fortified walls that circle the Old Town, built by the Spanish to defend against oncoming attacks. They are a significant part of Cartagena’s history and, as such, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best of all, you can climb on top of the walls and sit and enjoy fantastic views of the city. Tourists and locals alike come here to enjoy a beer or picnic on the walls, watching the sun go down with the glistening skyscrapers in the distance.

colombia cartagena sunset view

3. Cocora Valley (Top thing to do in Colombia)

Home to the tallest palm trees in the world, Cocora Valley is an absolute top thing to do in Colombia! This painting-like landscape allows visitors to hike beautiful trails, ride on horseback through open valleys, or go off-road by jeep under the towering palms.

best things to do colombia salento cocora valley hike

Start in the neighboring town of Salento and hop in a Willy (an old-fashioned jeep) that will take you to the valley. From here, you can choose to do the short or long hike, both of which take you among the 60-meter-high palm trees and the mist from the cloud forest. You also have the option to visit the Acaime Hummingbird sanctuary for a small extra fee. Here are all your hotel options in Cocora Valley.

best things to do colombia salento
salento cocora valley best things to do colombia

4. Guatape Village and ‘The Rock’

Welcome to remarkable Guatape, one of the best day trips from Medellin and a top thing to do in luscious Colombia. This colorful village is worth visiting in itself, but its true claim to fame is the mammoth rock that sits just outside the village, towering over the surrounding lakes.

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best things to do colombia Piedra del Peñol guatape

The 65 million-year-old rock, named ‘Piedra del Penol’, is actually climbable and has 675 steps to take you to the top.

The story goes that in the 1950s, a group of friends dared to climb to the top using only wooden planks. They succeeded and set about building a zig-zagging staircase so that other people could also reach the top and see the magnificent panoramic vistas. It reminded us of Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

best things to do colombia Piedra del Peñol guatape medeillin
best things to do colombia

5. Tatacoa Desert 

One of Colombia’s most unexpected landscapes is the extraordinary Tatacoa desert, a moon-like landscape of red and grey desert dotted with cacti. Follow the trail through the Red Desert, taking photos of the intricate, wavey soil formations and watching out for the exciting wildlife (look out for scorpions and snakes!).

best things to do colombia tatacoa desert

Thirty minutes drive from the Red Desert, you can also explore the Grey Desert, with its ‘ghost-like’ soil formations that protrude from the ground. Both deserts are a must-see on your trip to Tatacoa! See all hotels near Tatacoa.

tatacoa desert colombia

Tip: Because of Tatacoa’s remote location, there is no light pollution making it the perfect place for stargazing. Take a visit to the observation tower in the area and use one of the giant telescopes. When the conditions are right, you can see the galaxy with the naked eye.

transport tatacoa desert

6. Colorful Salento Village

On the edge of the stunning Cocora Valley, discover the colorful highland town of Salento. The town is a popular stop off on a Colombia itinerary, and for good reason; the rainbow village has cute shops and beautiful viewpoints and is at the center of Colombia’s coffee region.

Aside from visiting the one-of-a-kind Cocora Valley, there are plenty of other things to do in this cute village. For example, chocolate making and coffee tasting or playing a game of Tejo (a traditional Colombian game) with the warm and friendly locals.

best things to do colombia salento Calle Real

7. La Candelaria, Bogota

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and is known for its bright lights and skyscrapers. However, dig a little deeper, and you can discover charming districts home to colorful street art and cute houses. La Candeleria is one of them and the most famous for street art in Bogota.

bogota la candelaria best things to do colombia

It’s become a hub for artists who want to express themselves creatively and send political messages through art. There are plenty of street art tours you can join that will take you among the streets. The guide will also teach you about the murals, the history of street art, and a little about the artists themselves.

best things to do colombia bogota street art tour

Because the neighborhood is so artistic and trendy, it has drawn people to open cool cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops. Because of this, there’s plenty to do in this district. The area is also home to one of the most famous squares in the city: Plaza Bolivar.

best things to do colombia bogota plaza Bolivar

The plaza was named after the icon of independence Simon Bolivar. You’ll find many regal buildings surrounding the square, and it’s a great place to hang out in the evening. See all hotels in Bogota.

bogota colombia things to do la candelaria

8. Luscious Minca 

Be at one with nature in luscious Minca, a beautiful hilltop town that sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There isn’t much to do in Minca; it’s more about unwinding and enjoying the beautiful views and incredible greenery.

Many hotels and hostels have swimming pools, great places to practice yoga and meditation, and even giant hammocks to sit in and look out over the treetops. See all hotels in Minca.

things to do colombia best hotels

During the day, explore one of the many waterfalls or lagoons in the area, or join a tour and visit one of the oldest coffee plantations in Colombia, Finca la Victoria. 

best things to do colombia minca Marinka Waterfall

9. Comuna 13, Medellin (Top Thing to do in Colombia)

Nowhere tells such a turbulent story than Comuna 13 in Medellin (one of the top things to do in Colombia!). This vibrant neighborhood was once considered the most dangerous area of Medellin, run by violent gangs and Guerrillas.

best things to do colombia Comuna 13 medellin tour

Between 2002-2008, the government waged war on the area promising rewards to those who killed guerillas themselves. Placing this power in the hands of the people was exceptionally dangerous, and many innocent people were killed, and their bodies dressed up as guerillas. In fact, over 400 people are buried in a mass grave in the area. 

best things to do colombia street art medellin

Despite this horrible history, the area has come back stronger, with the community uniting for a better future for its people, encouraging creativity through the form of street art, music, and dance.

Comuna 13 street art medellin

We recommend doing this fantastic tour with Zippy Tours, run by people from the area who’ll teach you everything you need to know. The tours are free, but please leave a good tip for the guide and a donation that will go back into the community. 

Comuna 13 medellin
things to do medellin Comuna 13

10. Laidback Beach Vibes at Palomino

Live that barefoot beach life in beautiful Palomino. Just up the coast from Tayrona, discover this cute beach town on the Northern Caribbean Coast—one of the top things to do in Colombia!

beach palomino

Life slows down here, as you relax on swinging hammocks under the palms, stop to smell the beautiful flowers and gorgeous mango trees. In the morning, you’ll hear only the sound of crashing waves and parrots flying through the trees, the perfect preface to your tropical fruit breakfast. 

best things to do colombia restaurant palomino

In town, you’ll find lots of lovely artisanal shops and delicious restaurants where you can hang out and watch the world go by. Alternatively, for more action, go surfing, waterfall hopping, or even experience tubing down the wide-open river in Palomino. There’s something for everyone in this fun Colombian town. See all hotels in Palomino.

street art palomino colombia
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