Homestay Bali – Experience local life of Bali, Indonesia

Homestay Bali – Experience local life of Bali, Indonesia

Homestay Bali – Experience local life of Bali, Indonesia

Bali is well-known amongst travelers for its stunning nature, surfing, temples and beautiful resorts. Exploring the best waterfalls in Bali is a great experience but how about getting to know how the real Balinese people live? Stay with a local family in Bali and we promise you this will be added as one of your best things to do in Bali.

Stay with locals in Bali: What to expect

Nyoman, Era, and their daughter Ayu; A Balinese family living in Gadungan, a small village 1-hour north of Canggu. Their nephew Adi, who lives in Denpasar, speaks English and joins every visitor during their visit to Gadungan village as a guide, translator, driver and most important; friend.

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bali stay with locals family

Our Bali family is how we call them after having stayed there multiple times. During our first visit in 2017, we were all shy. We broke the ice by sharing the cookies we took for them from the Netherlands.

bali stay with locals house

Help on their Balinese farm

Nyoman has his own farm and rice factory near their home. After a short walk through the rice fields, you will reach their farm where they grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. After helping or cutting some rice, a fresh coconut, just cut from the tree is waiting as a refreshing reward.

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bali stay with locals farm coconuts

The best Balinese local food

Era takes care of lunch for all the people working on the farm. She is such a sweet lady and definitely knows how to make mouth-watering meals.

Most of the meals were prepared with fresh ingredients from their own farm. You can learn about the ingredients used or ask if you can cook together with Era.

Oh and; The local sweet snacks were incredible by the way!

bali stay with locals food

Learn how Balinese people live

Stay a few nights at the family and get a true view of how Balinese people live. We were lucky to join a ceremony, the birth of a baby boy in the family. A unique experience and an even deeper look into their culture.

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bali stay with locals ceremony family

New friendships

The family is warm, welcome and always open to hosting new travelers. Although you are only able to talk via hand gestures and body language, staying a couple of days at the family creates an instant friendship.

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bali stay with locals adi

One day, Nyoman wanted to introduce us to the Hindu Culture in Bali which is different from India. Earlier he visited the Besakih Temple, which is the most important temple of Bali that you visit only twice a year. Every visitor receives bracelets.

Nyoman gave us both got a bracelet called “Tridatu”. When the Balinese people wear it they say it brings peace, safety, and luck.

bali stay with locals bracelet


Adi shows you around the village, their temple located on the top of a rice field valley,  a nearby waterfall, and one of the best rice fields you will see in Bali. Yes, even better than Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud.

bali stay with locals rice terrace

Learn Balinese & teach English

Bring a game or book because when the evening falls you can do this together with the family and they will love it. During our stay, it started raining and didn’t stop until the next morning. Ayu had a school book with Indonesian words and their English translation. We basically talked the entire night by using Ayu’s school book and Google Translate when we had a 3G connection.

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stay with locals bali translation

How to stay with locals on Bali

Interested in staying with a local family in Bali? The family’s doors are always open for you.

The price per person is 2.000.000 IDR (~ 145 USD). This includes three meals per day, transportation, community, private room, bathroom, activities such as cooking, visiting their stunning local temple, a walkthrough in the rice fields and much more.

Contact Adi here on Whatsapp and book your homestay

bali stay with locals home

Expect to go back to basic during your stay. A basic room, with double bed and fan, an outdated bathroom but it has hot water. Taking children is no problem. They will have the time of there lives with all the local kids around.  
The price for the stay includes transportation from and to your hotel, all meals, and you support the family and the Gadungan town community.
“Terima kasih pakman dan bukman. Sampai jumpa lain wakta.”

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  • Abdul Matin

    We plan for a honeymoon from 11th to 17th feb 20 arriving/exiting Denpasar ,We need to cover few lplaces sampling the beauty of bali, sea seafood , forest , rice terraces , watefalls .please advise , max stay per places 2 to 3 days

  • Hi, we are booked for the same family this week and was we were thinking of bringing some clothes, etc, to give to them. Do you think that would be ok? Or would it be something they wouldn’t need? Your help is appreciated!!

    • saltinourhair

      Hi! That’s never a bad idea, even if they don’t need it. Just try to explain that they maybe can give it to other locals who do need it.

  • hi there, I am interested in living with locals but how did you get to stay with them? Do you pay to live there or it there a site?

  • My boyfriend and I just spent 3 days with locals in Lombok and it was the best experience ever ! We would certainly never have come across Duara Travels without you, so thank you so much !! :)

  • Amazing guys! Just came across Duara Travels through your blog and their concept is exactly what I am looking for in order to connect with the locals while travelling. Will certainly get in touch with Duara soon. Thank you for sharing! Lovely video btw. xx

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