Best hotels and hostels in Bali

Best hotels and hostels in Bali

Best hotels and hostels in Bali

We made a list of the best hotels and hostels in Bali! If you are going to book through you can pretty much always book two or three days in advance. Hotels and hostels in Bali are very popular so it is wise to book a few days in advance. 

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Canggu Hotels & Hostels

Hostels Canggu

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Munduk Hotels & Hostels

Hostels Munduk

Read more about Munduk

Ubud Hotels & Hostels

Hostels Ubud

Gili Air Hotels & Hostels

Hostels Gili Air

Read more about Gili Air

Nusa Lembongan Hotels & Hostels

Hostels Nusa Lembongan

Read more about Nusa Ceningan

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Nusa Ceningan Hotels & Hostels

Hostels Nusa Ceningan

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There’s is a lot to do in Bali. Check out the full 3-week Bali Guide.

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  • Hi Thank so much for inspiring me to visit Bali with your excellent blog, I am travelling with my husband and two teenage boys of 17 and 18 , We are stopping in Singapore from London on the way for two nights of exploring, then have three nights booked in Ubud, please let me know of any must do experiences while visiting ubud , then A ferry to Gili Air for five nights, as we love to snorkel and would love to swim with the turtles do we need to book a trip for this? I have checked out your blog for this area with some excellent suggestions ,
    Then catching a ferry to Nusa Ceningan for 2 nights, we are hoping to swim with the manta rays and visit Diamond beach etc can you recommend how we do this, is it possible in one day ?
    we then have a 2 final nights to spend back on the mainland and was thinking of Nusa Dua , but I am open to suggestions where would it be best to go with the teenage lads?
    Many thanks Sam

    • Salt in our Hair


      Read: Things to do in in Ubud
      For the turtle trip, you do not need to book this in advance but simply on the island.
      You can’t do all in one day on Penida. Do the snorkel trip and visit Kelingking (stay on the west side of Penida)
      Yes, Nusa Dua or Uluwatu is a good beach area to spend your last days!


  • Hi and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences and advice with all of us. I have never done any travelling and will be in Bali for 3 weeks in February. I am a very poor sleeper and require private suites etc at all hostels I will be staying at. Can you recommend the best hostels with private, quiet rooms? Also, how much more expensive is it for a private room? Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon!

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Mikal, We can’t recommend any hostels with private rooms as we normally stay in guesthouses or apartments but guesthouses and homestays throughout Indonesia are normally very reasonable and still a good place to meet people! For more information on those we recommend, take a look at each individual guide we have for each destination in Indonesia and there are more recommendations + links. Sorry we can’t help more!

  • Bali sounds beautiful place. I really want to be go there. Hope I will go there soon and enjoying this trip. Thanks for sharing

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