Hiring a Driver in Bali: All You Need to Know Hiring a Driver in Bali: All You Need to Know

Hiring a Driver in Bali: All You Need to Know

Nothing beats a trip to Bali, the ‘Island of the Gods’, known for its luscious rice terraces, breathtaking temples, and wild and beautiful coastline. However, although Bali has good infrastructure, getting around can still come with challenges. For the most convenience and comfort, we recommend hiring a private driver for your trip. Not only will they offer you insider knowledge, but they’ll give you the flexibility you need to discover the best locations. Visit unknown spots, craft the ultimate Bali itinerary, and make a new friend with our top tips on hiring a Bali private driver!

Prices for Hiring a Driver in Bali

Hiring a Bali driver can be a very cost-effective way to get around the island. You’ll save time and have greater flexibility. Plus, if there’s more than one of you traveling, you’ll be able to split the cost. In fact, there’s potential for it to work out as a cheaper option than taking buses, taxis, or hiring a scooter. 

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Cost of hiring a Bali private driver

The cost of hiring a private driver in Bali ranges from 550000 IDR to 1500000 IDR (~ 35-100 USD) per day with a maximum of 10 hours. Or 375000 IDR to 1500000 IDR (~ 25-90 USD) per half-day (6 hours). Both options usually include the cost of fuel and parking. 

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It’s important to negotiate the price beforehand and get a clear understanding of what is included in the quote to avoid any surprises. For example, our good friend Yande is an excellent private driver in Bali, offering fixed packages with entrance fees already included. If you want more flexibility, you can choose the basic option, which includes a private car, petrol, driver, parking fees, and mineral water but excludes entrances to sites.

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What to keep in mind

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to negotiating a price for your trip:

  • Length of Rental
    You may only need a driver in Bali for one day of your trip. However, if you opt for a multi-day tour, you should be able the negotiate an even better rate with your driver.
  • The Number of Passengers
    Keep in mind that most cars have a maximum number of four passengers. For more passengers, the driver in Bali would need to switch to a larger, more expensive SUV-type car, which may impact your overall price.
  • Your Itinerary
    The price you’re quoted may change depending on the areas you plan to visit on Bali island. For example, if you plan to travel far east to Amed, the price will be slightly higher. For that reason, it’s good to plan your itinerary before contacting the driver.
  • Seasonal Demand
    During peak tourist seasons (like the months of July – September), prices may be higher due to increased demand. Drivers can also be affected by the rainy season that runs from October – March when the roads can become more congested due to flooding and a higher volume of traffic.
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Where to Book a Driver in Bali

We recommend booking your driver in Bali locally with a small local company instead of through a large tour operator. It is generally easier with smaller companies to customize your journey without extensive high extra costs. Finally, by booking your private Bali driver locally, you know that your money goes directly to the driver. 

However, it’s good to note that hiring a driver in Bali directly is a very popular option, so be sure to book well in advance.  

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Bali Private Driver Rental Length

Whether you’re staying in Bali for two weeks or just a few days, hiring a private driver is a great option for your trip. The price is generally higher the more days you require the driver. However, there may be discounts provided for longer-term rentals. When it comes to rental duration, you have several options to choose from:

Half-Day Rental

The first option is a half-day rental. This is ideal for those who only need a driver for a few hours. For example, those who need collecting from the airport, a morning trip to the nearby town for shopping, or an afternoon tour of a local temple. 

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Full-Day Rental

The second option is a full-day rental. The distances between major sites in Bali are not too far, so this is perfect for those who want to explore multiple locations on Bali island throughout the day.

Multi-Day Rental

If you wish to explore several parts of Bali, a multi-day rental is a very interesting option. With this option, you’ll be able to bargain on the price slightly. Not only is this an economical option, but a multi-day rental gives you the opportunity to build a friendship with your driver. In our opinion, you’ll find some of the friendliest people in the world in Bali!

Why You Should Rent a Driver in Bali

So why hire a private driver in Bali? There are a lot of good reasons why it’s the best option.

1. A Local Friend

There’s nothing better than a local driver who can tell you everything about their beloved island. Your driver will be able to provide you with information about the history and traditions and give you some additional options for where to stop. Most travelers who hire a private driver in Bali end up with a new friend! 

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2. No Public Transport

Unfortunately, Bali doesn’t have a good public transport system. Your only options are metered taxis and motorbike taxis. As interesting as it would be to try and squeeze all your luggage on the back of a motorbike, hiring a private driver definitely makes for a less stressful experience! 

3. Car Rental Prices 

Believe it or not, the price to rent a car in Bali is as expensive, if not more expensive than renting a private driver in Bali. If you hire your own vehicle, you’ll also have to be familiar with the roads to avoid. For this reason, it’s much more convenient to hire a driver with all the inside knowledge. 

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4. Traffic Situation 

Bali is an extremely popular island, and traffic is a real issue, especially around the Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu areas. Having a driver navigating through congestion is a much more convenient way to get around the island, especially as they’ll know the times, roads, and routes to avoid. This means you should get to your destination faster and, ultimately, save time and money!

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5. A Flexible Itinerary 

By hiring a Bali private driver, you can customize your itinerary before you begin traveling. You can even change your plans during your trip by chatting with your driver, who will accommodate your needs. This is great for those who don’t want to worry about sticking to a strict schedule. Instead, if you hear about an epic waterfall or a hidden temple, you can simply let your driver know. They can then alter the day’s itinerary, making sure you don’t miss out on seeing these must-see spots.

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Hiring a Driver in Bali: All You Need to Know

6. Go off the Beaten Track

Another advantage of hiring a private driver is the opportunity to explore parts of Bali that you might not otherwise see. Many people stick to the popular parts of Bali like Canggu, Seminyak, or Ubud. However, there are many more peaceful destinations to explore! Our favorite hideaways are Sidemen and Amed, home to picturesque rice terraces, charming bamboo bridges, and perfectly preserved local villages. 

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7. A Stress-Free Holiday

Having to arrange transport at your destination can be one of the biggest stresses of your trip. By hiring a private driver in Bali, you can simply book your flight and accommodation, and your travel needs will be sorted right from the minute you arrive. Your driver will take care of everything, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your trip.

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Tips for Hiring a Driver in Bali

Lastly, here are some useful tips when it comes to hiring a driver in Bali.

Research your itinerary: Make sure you have an idea of the sites and areas you’d like to visit before contacting the driver in Bali. You can do this by having a look at our Bali itinerary. Alternatively, Yande offers many tour package options, so you can also ask him for his recommendations.  

Check reviews: Whether you plan a trip with our friend Yande or another company, always check a company’s reviews online beforehand. It’s good to get an idea of what to expect before your trip so you don’t have any unexpected surprises. 

Double-check prices: Some companies try to charge excessive amounts for their services. If the price seems far off from what we quoted in this article, try negotiating or looking for another reputable company. 

Ask about the vehicle: Before hiring a driver, find out if the vehicle is well-maintained, and has air-conditioning and seat belts. If you’re traveling with a large group, ensure the car is big enough to accommodate you and any luggage you might be bringing.

Communicate: During your trip, it’s a good idea to inform your driver in Bali of any specific requests you might have. For example, dietary requirements or itinerary changes.

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  • Alda

    Hi, thanks for the post. We are heading to Bali in March/April for 1,5 – 2 months and as we don’t have licence for scooter we have to find another way. Are people used to use / rent / buy bikes on Bali? Is it safe? And what would you recommend me about a driver for 2 months, is it better to plan days when I won’t need a driver and book him just for – idk – 3 week is row or how would you do it? Thanks :)

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Alda, Yes it’s normal to rent a bike, however, safety is an issue in Bali these days as it’s much more crowded around Canggu and Ubud. If you want to hire a driver for longer, I think it’s best to ask Yande directly what special service he can offer you. Or you can opt for local taxis like Gojek motorbike / Gojek taxis.

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