The Most Beautiful Bali Waterfall Route

The Most Beautiful Bali Waterfall Route

The Most Beautiful Bali Waterfall Route

Bali, Indonesia owns so many waterfalls that you probably aren’t able to see them all. This 2-day waterfall route will lead you to the best waterfalls in Bali. This route can be done from Ubud to Lovina or the other way round. Before you leave, get enough drinking water, put your swimming outfit on, bring some good hike shoes and download offline maps! Also, check out our 3-week Bali Route.

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beautiful waterfall route bali

Day 1

  1. Nungnung Waterfall
  2. Banyumala Twin Waterfall
  3. Munduk Waterfall

Day 2

  1. Git Git Waterfall
  2. Aling Aling Waterfall
  3. Sekumpul Waterfall

Bali Waterfall Route: Day 1

Nungnung Waterfall

Grab a motorbike or arrange a drive from Ubud who takes you to the Nungnung Waterfall. The drive from the center of Ubud takes about 40 – 50 minutes. It’s a 509-step stairs hike to the waterfall but it’s a 100% worth it. The entrance fee is 3000 IDR.

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best waterfall bali nungnung

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Hop back onto the motorbike and drive about 50 minutes to the Banyumala Twin Waterfall. You’re now in the area called Munduk, and there’s a lot to do around Munduk. The hike down to the waterfall takes about 15 minutes but is doable. On the foot of the waterfall, take a little swim to cool down and enjoy its beauty.

bali waterfall route Banyumala

Munduk Waterfall

The last waterfall of day 1 of this Bali waterfall route is the Munduk Waterfall. Just a 15-minute drive from the Banyumala Twin Waterfall.
The end of day 1 Bali Waterfall Route.

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After this last waterfall in Bali, head over to you stay for the night. Find a pleasant place to stay online in the Munduk area.

Find all the places to stay in Munduk

bali waterfall route couple sekumpul

Bali Waterfall Route: Day 2

Make sure to have a very good breakfast and resupply your water stock. Get back on your bike and head over to the Sekumpul Waterfall.

Git Git Waterfall

From Sekumpul to the GitGit waterfall is a 35-minute drive. Git Git is next to the road and is a very popular waterfall. That’s why you should be here before noon. The entrance fee is IDR 5000, which isn’t too bad!

bali waterfall route gitgit

Shot by: @andybachtiar_

Sekumpul Waterfall

The Sekumpul Waterfall is an hour drive from the city center of Munduk and probably the hardest fall in this Bali Waterfall Route to get to. It’s not entirely unknown, but it’s a little dislocated which keeps the crowds away. The hike down is 40 minutes at least and along the most incredible rice field views and this waterfall is Bali’s best! The entrance fee for Sekumpul is IDR 5000.

bali waterfall route sekumpul

Aling Aling Waterfall

Hoping you still have the energy for the last waterfall. Aling Aling is located near Lovina and Singaraja. There is a natural waterslide which you can slide down. Which should be your end destination for this 2-day route.

And as we said before: You can also do this Bali Waterfall Route the other way round.

From this point, drive to Lovina or Singaraja and relax on the beach!

Route Driver Price

Our driver was amazing! Contact him and tell him you want to do the same waterfall route as Nick & Hannah from Salt in our Hair. He will know where to take you! The total amount was for two days was 1.300.000 IDR (~$94) and split the costs between 5 people. Well worth it!

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  • Hi! I really love this guide! I’m planning on following your 3-week Indonesia guide and was hoping to add this in. At what point in that guide would you recommend adding this in? Thanks so much!

    • Salt in our Hair

      Thanks Kate! We would put it in as day 11-14. Tie the waterfall route in with your time in Ubud. Have an amazing trip :)

  • Nick, Hannah. You’ve made us book Bali for our honeymoon! What a country.. we’ve read all your blog posts, fallen in love with your images and cannot wait to go. The waterfalls are definitely on the list to visit.

  • Is the route dangerous with the motorcycle?
    Amazing pictures and useful tips on your website.

    • It is doable by motorbike if you’re an advanced driver. Be extra careful when you’re planning to do this is rainy season though, the roads can get very slippery.
      Keep in mind the distances between all these waterfalls are quite long so maybe it better to spread them over 3 days if you want to go by motorbike :)

      Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for this! We have contacted the driver and are going to do the day 2 waterfalls next week when we’re in bali :)

  • What time of year did you guys do this route?
    I’m heading over in late October and wondering if there will be much water?

  • Sorry my question had no sense I though it was 2 night got confused but now I get it. I wanted to change maybe keep one day waterfall and do the Mount Batur as it’s near munduk and only one or 2 in the way back look very nice what do u think with waterfalls should I skip ?

  • Hi I would like to know if the other way around work second day sleep in lavina and the 1 day sleep in munduk then head to Ubud friend of mine told me there is a lot to do in Ubud like 6 nights then to Nusa as Gili not and option for 4 to 5 night then ulawatu

  • You guys have one of the best designed, and best informed travel blogs that I’ve read in a long time. I wish you success, and I’ll keep reading! We’re going to do this waterfall trek tour!

  • Mohammed Mandil

    Awesome route, loved it. Thanks!

  • Praharsha Fonseka

    Hi Guys,
    This post was really helpful and thanks to you guys my wife and I met Yande and went to see all these waterfalls with him last week! We’ve been to Bali twice now and without a doubt this was the best tour we’ve been on! The waterfalls were so damn beautiful and I’m so glad we had Yande with us to take us to these not-so-popular waterfalls in North Bali! I’d recommend this to anyone who’d be planning to visit Bali in the future!

  • Kirsten Kreekels

    Such a great blog. I wanne do this exact waterfal trip this summer. Is it hard to find a driver who will take you there and where does he stay when we stay in Munduk? What is a normal price for a driver for 2 days?

  • amazing place!!!thank for your share it.

  • I am currently in bali! I will for sure try this!

  • Hey guys,
    Great post and love the format of your website. I’m in Lovina now and looking forward to taking in the couple of these I haven’t seen yet. Keep up the great content!

    • Hi Travis,
      Thanks so much!
      Ahh so cool you’re in Lovina now. Unfortunately we didn’t had time to visit Lovina. Do you recommend going there? :)

      Enjoy your travels!!

  • the waterfalls are very tempting:D may i know if there’s any package or tour guide for this route?

  • andybachtiar

    Hey thanks for sharing my shot man haha

  • Anonymous Wanderer

    It is indeed legitimate to say the waterfall is magnificent, but the precise time to catch the rainbow is priceless. I have been there for several times and the venue is perfect for having a peaceful retreat from whatever it is to be your stress in life.

    See ya guys in other sublime environment around the earth.

    • You’re so right! It’s is such a magical place!

      • We went to Sekumpul a week ago. The three waterfalls there are amazing. But they force everyone to get a guide and make us paying 200.000 Rupiah per person. There was no way to bargain. That’s a pity. It must have changed after you went.
        For us it was still worth it.
        At Git Git they start to sell us a guide as well, but luckily we could get out of this. The entrance fee was 20.000 Rupiah.

        • Yes, that is right. It is about 200 kk, but it is because they want to support local people and villages near waterfalls. We had the guides (Sekumpul and Aling Aling) – young students, they were very nice, they told us many interesting things. I think it is not bad idea!

        • Salt in our Hair

          Hi Robert,

          Thanks for letting us know! We’ll do some more research on this and update the prices :) Glad you still enjoyed the waterfalls!

  • around what time did u get to the waterfall to catch the rainbow ?
    ?all ur picts . THaaaankkss a looottt for the information , .. God Bless & Successfull ?????

  • Did you’ll visit the waterfalls in munduk twice?

  • The waterfall is a great adventure for any traveler. That place is very interesting. Now I am 42 years old. When I am the child than I play in the waterfall. My home side a big waterfall. My many times spends in there. That was my childhood history. It is the reminder of my childhood. Thanks for sharing your great post. I really enjoy this post.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Emma! It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. In which country/area did you grow up? Very curious about that waterfall!?

  • Love this post guys. Can’t believe how many waterfalls there are in Bali – excited to get exploring them!

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