12 Things You Must Do in Bali, Indonesia

12 Things You Must Do in Bali, Indonesia

12 Things You Must Do in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island that should be on everyone’s bucket list. During your 3-week Bali Route, it is best to have a combination of hidden gems and rich experiences. Do this by following our list of 12 Things You Must Do in Bali.

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1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang Rice Terraces is a valley of rice paddies, located north of Ubud. During the daytime, Tegalalang is an incredibly popular attraction in Bali but in the early morning, it is one of our top things to do in Bali. 

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things must do bali Tegalalang

2. Sekumpul Waterfalls

Dislocated from all other tourist attractions the Sekumpul waterfall is a real gem! A 40-minute hike down to the foot of the waterfall, reveals an enormous powerful fall and when the sun shines, a rainbow appears at the foot. Our number one on must does in Bali!

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beautiful waterfall route bali sekumpul

3. Visit Diamond Beach

White beaches, silk blue water, and palm trees on the foot of an enormous limestone cliff. Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida Island might have the title ‘most beautiful place in Bali’ and therefore a must-visit!

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4. Explore paradise Gili Air

Ok, the Gili islands aren’t part of Bali but it just has to be on your 3-week Bali Route Guide. White sand, turquoise water, and bikes as transportation. Yes, Gili Air is car-less! Snorkeling with turtles is one of the popular things to do on Gili Air. Grab a snorkel, dive in and explore paradise!

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things must do bali gili air swing

5. Stay with a local family

Get to know the Balinese local life by staying with a local family. One of the things you must do in Bali to get to know the island. Experience how the real Balinese people live their daily lives, help them do their work, taste the incredibly tasty food they eat. After these days you will leave a lot of new friends behind.

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bali guide stay with local family

6. Sunrise in Munduk

No matter if you’re a morning person or not, make sure to experience the sunrise in the Munduk region. Munduk is higher up north in Bali and the climate is more foggy and rainy, which makes it greener than near the coast. The pool photo below is at Munduk Moding Plantation.

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things to do in Bali munduk

7. Monkey Forest in Ubud

In the heart of Ubud is a forest without a fence where monkies roam free. The big old rainforest is a beautiful walk and at some locations, the monkies are relaxing or getting fed to keep them calm. Don’t worry, there is monkey police is they start to get annoying. 

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8. Must do on Bali: Kelingking Nusa Penida

Yes, this one sounds a little strange. Nusa Penida owns some mind-blowing views and natural beauties. Visiting Kelingking on a Nusa Penida Trip is a must-do on your Bali Route. A 40-minute boat ride from the Sanur harbor will take you to the most impressive views you will have around Bali. Do you see the T-Rex head in the third photo? :)

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things must do bali nusa penida kelingking

9. Kecak Fire Dance

The Kecak Fire Dance is a dance performance in Bali. A group of 65+ human vocals acting as instruments that strength a story told in the form of dance. Witness the dance at sunset on a cliff-top amphitheater at Uluwatu Temple or in the center of Ubud town.


10. Become a Canggu Foodie

Canggu is a food lovers paradise! Indonesian food, burgers, fusion, vegan and the best coffees and cakes. Compensate that with a little surf, CrossFit or yoga and are ok to be a full-time foodie when staying in Canggu!

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best restaurants canggu koloni food

11. Surfing in Bali

No matter if it is your first time or you a real skilled surfer; Bali is surfing. Kuta for beginners and loads of other spots like Uluwatu or Canggu for the more experienced surfers. To the beginners out there: Grab a board, find an instructor on the beach and you are ready to go!

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things must do bali surf

12. Uluwatu Cliff – The 70-meter drop

In the deep southern tip of Bali, the limestone cliff drops go straight down into the ocean. Uluwatu Cliff, officially named Karan Boma Cliff has a height of 70 meters! The sunset from this location is one of the things you must see in Bali.

things to do uluwatu eat pray love beach

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  • Hi,
    We are a family of 4 (myself, husband son (11) and daughter (5)) and would like to spend 7 to 8 days in bali.
    Would like to do Ubud, Gili air and not sure what else, please can you advice where all can I go in this short trip.

    • Gili air for the turtles and tropical fish my kids loved it
      I I’d is good for the monkeys but gili is chilled and fun

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Daphne! If you’re going to Gili Air, we would recommend making a stop on the way (or on the way back) at Nusa Lembongan/Ceningan/Nusa Penida (a small group of islands). Maybe spend:

      Ubud- 2 days
      Gili Air-2 days
      Nusa Lembongan/Ceningan/Penida- 2 days
      Canggu (a more chilled version of Seminyak)- 2 days (before going back to the airport).

      Hope that helps in some way! Enjoy the trip :)

  • Hello Team,

    We are planning a honeymoon from 15th December to 28th December. What would you recommend? Can you some good itinerary for the same.

  • Hey guys

    How are you?

    Me and my girlfriend are planning to visit Bali around 6th October for 10 days.

    Now, honestly I haven’t had any chance to do my research. Could I ask for help and enquire which are the best places to be and do for these 10 days. I really want to make my girl friend happy ?.

  • Hey guys!!

    I love your blogs!! We are visiting Bali in December and I wonder if you give me some tips pls. We arrive on the 17th -29th and our first stop will be in Ubud.

    We arrive in the morning so will not plan much for the first day in case we are jet lagged. Perhaps we might visit the sacred monkey forest and Saraswati temple since they are close to the hotel.

    We then have 4 full days in ubud -temples, waterfalls, rice terraces, mount batur..

    Next we want to go to either Gili islands/ nusa Penida or both. What do you recommend? I love the idea of easy snorkeling at Gili with good possibility of seeing turtles and would love to try snorkeling with manta rays and visit Penida. Can you get from Gili to Penida with fast boat? Also it will now be close to Christmas Day. Where would you say be nice to spend Christmas? Was planning to return from the island to seminyak/ Uluwatu on the 24th but then have till 29th so will it be too long on seminyak?

    Any idea what events take place for Christmas?
    Sorry for the long message hope you can give me some insight of how to plan the rest of our trip xxx

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Denise!

      You itinerary sounds great. We’d definitely recommend doing both Nusa Penida and Gili Air if you can as they both offer such different thing. Gili Air is very relaxed and good chance of seeing turtles, whereas Nusa Penida has more of a sense of adventure and you can discover more secret spots. Here is the fast boat you can book here from Penida to Gili Air or the other way around.:

      A nice place to spend christmas would be on any of the islands: Nusa Lembongan/ Nusa Ceningan, Penida or Gili Air or back on mainland (maybe in Canggu as this is a nice alternative to the busier Seminyak), as once on mainland you have access to all the christmas markets/fireworks etc. hope this helps in some way!

  • Hi. I’m travelling to Bali in early November for 8 days.
    I’m travelling with my husband and 2 kids, 8 year and 6 years. Want to do Seawalk and snorkeling. kids knows little swimming but we 2 no swimming. Is Seawalking OK for us without swimming?
    And how about snorkeling? is there any easy one for people with no swimming? Thanks for your suggestion is advance.

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Afreena,

      The seawalking should be fine if you can’t swim, as you have guides with you and it’s designed so there is no swimming involved. However, with snorkelling it is a bit harder if you can’t swim- although there may be snorkelling guides who can take you out into the calm shallows with life jackets? We have seen this alot on Gili Air and Lembongan :) Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the article! I am visiting Bali from Sep 10 – 14 with gf, best friend, and his gf (all mid 20s):

    Sep 10: Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa
    Sep 11: Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa
    Sep 12: Leave Seminyak, Arrive Ubud – Purist Villas & Spa
    Sep 13: Ubud – Purist Villas & Spa
    Sep 14: Leave Ubud

    We already have the villas, but starting to work on activities. Interested in Monkey Forest, Horseback riding, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Snorkeling, White Water Rafting, scenic swings, nightlife, good restaurants.

    What do you think about our schedule, and please recommend any activities based on our interests. Thanks so much!

  • Hey guys!
    I’m in love with you blog!!!
    I’m planning to Bali this September! This place have been of my bucket list of places to visit.. so as my 30th birthday gift from my boyfriend its to visit the gorgeous land of BALI <3 !!!
    We're super excited.. I've been doing some research.. (it was so unplanned and well a surprise…) and on these point all the info, tips, and everything its good! we'll have just like 8 days there…

    I was thinking on something like..
    Night 1. Seminyak
    Day 1. Nusa Penida.. Beaches and sunsets!
    (if we got time..) Day 3. Gili more Sunsets on the beach..
    Day 4. Ubud.. The waterfalls, Rice Fields and the Uluwatu temple.
    Day 7. Back to the airport.

    But im having trouble to find how to get from one place to the other..
    …should we rent a car? o Uber? I mean I have no clue.. (of course some boat to get to the islands) please help this lady!!! to be able to explore as much as we can…

    and thanks!!! <3 MUCH LOVE FROM MEXICO!

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Yoly! Thanks for your comment. That itinerary sounds great! When you’re on Bali most people get around using Grab taxi ( Grab is a similar app to Uber) or by moped, but make sure you’re a confident rider as it is a bit tricky on the roads there. To book ferries between Bali and the islands you can use this website: https://saltinourhair.12go.asia/en/travel/bali/nusa-penida
      Hope this helps. Have an incredible time :)

  • Hi! Thank you so much for all of your info and tips on so many wonderful places. I’m getting married and will be in Indonesia in October (second half) for about 10 days. We want to go to Ubud for sure and stay there (maybe go to Uluwatu from there), but also want to spend several days relaxing on the beach (we have the fantasy of the white sand/turquoise water), but are having some trouble deciding which one :/
    Would love to get some guiding from you! I was told Gili Air was way too touristy, but I don’t get that vibe from what I’m reading here! Would you recommend Gili Meno? And what about Nusa Dua?
    Thanks again, hope to hear from you!

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Isabel! End of October is a great time as just the very end of the low season. It is really dependent on the kind of thing you like. If you want beautiful beaches and incredible snorkelling then Gili Air is probably the one for you, but yes it can be busy. However, you can always find peaceful places on the island and can easily hire bikes to explore. There are lots of great places to eat and you can take a day trip to Gili Meno from there to snorkel. If you want something that has a bit more of a honeymoon feel then staying at one of the resorts on Gili Meno would also be lovely.

      Alternatively for a bit more of an untouched feel you could do one of the Nusa Islands like Lembongan or Nusa Penida :) Hope this helps in some way. Have a beautiful honeymoon!

      • Thank you so so much you guys! Two last questions: do you recommend Nusa Dua or is Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan much better? And from Gili Meno to Gili Air, which transportation do you recommend? Thanks again! We’re so grateful!

        • Salt in our Hair

          No worries! We haven’t been to Nusa Dua yet so we couldn’t say however the other Gili’s offer different things. Nusa Penida offers more of a sense of adventure as it’s very unspoilt, Gili Air is more of a paradise destination and Lembongan is somewhere in between. From Gili Air to Gili Meno it’s a really quick and easy transfer by speed boat normally. You can find snorkelling day tours from all the vendors on Gili Air or just a boat to take you across if you’re going to stay there. They leave regularly. Hope this helps!

  • Hey! :)

    Been following you since quiet a while & always love reading your blogs. We just booked our tickets for Bali, taking our 11.5 months old baby along and wouldn’t want to change hotels in those 4 nights. Could you recommend us which area should we stay, interested in shopping, food (fancy & street both), rice field, temples, spa and massages, a few hours on a beach, watching sun set from La Plancha, Jl Dhyana Pura Seminyak, & bali swing)

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Rida! Thanks for your comment. It depends what you’re looking for but it sounds like Canggu would be a good option for you. It’s got great places to eat, beautiful places to stay and is within driving distance of the places you mentioned in Seminyak ( you can use a GRAB taxi, which is like uber). Here’s our guide to Canggu https://www.saltinourhair.com/bali/canggu/

      Have an amazing trip!

  • Hi!

    First of all, amazing blog, thank you for all the tips ;)

    Me and my girlfriend will be traveling to bali for about 15 days in September and like many others we would like a check up on our itinerary!

    1-4: Seminyak, as it is close to the airport and we would like to see most of the southern part of Bali from here.
    5-9: Ubud. We’ve been reading everywhere that this is the “cultural heart” of Bali and we suppose we need the most of our time in here.
    10-13: Munduk. We would like to hike in the mountains from here and also visit Lovina.
    14-15: for a peaceful end to our trip that is also relativly close to the airport, we would like to stay in Jimbaran.

    Any suggestions on locations and time spend on those locations would be awesome, we are open to anything. Thank you in advance!!

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Tom,

      That sounds like a great itinerary and the perfect amount of time in each place. If you want to add in an extra place for snorkelling and beautiful beaches you should try Nusa Lembongan (can take a day trip to Nusa Penida from here). Maybe cut down on Seminyak if you choose to do this. Happy travels!

  • Great read! We are going to Bali in September with a week based in Seminyak and a week in Ubud. Where would you recommend for a snorkelling day trip ?
    Thanks Jo

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Jo! Thanks for your comment. For a snorkelling day trip from Seminyak, you should try Nusa Penida Island as there is often a high chance of seeing Manta Rays! Have an amazing trip :)

      • Thanks so much for this advice. Do you recommend doing an organised tour or is it just as easy (and cost effective) to organise ourselves and get a driver ?

        Jo D

        • Salt in our Hair

          No worries! We were on Nusa Penida for a little bit longer so it was a bit more relaxed for us so if you’re only going for a day trip it’s probably better to organise your tour from bali and that will include pick up from your hotel, boat trip over to Nusa Penida, several snorkelling spots and normally lunch! It probably won’t be much more than organising the boat for yourself and then booking snorkelling from one of the vendors on Nusa Penida (crystal bay) and it will be a lot less hassle for you. You can find lots of options for day tours online or you might be able to book it through your hotel/guesthouse. Hope this helps!

  • Nicola Moorhouse

    I am due to go to Bali this Sunday 14.07.19 for 10 nights with my husband on our honeymoon, we are hoping to explore as much as we can but also fit in some down time aswel. currently we are staying at a hotel in Nusa Dua for the first week and then on to Ubud for three nights before travelling home. We are hoping to get to Gilli Islands and book a stop over whilst there for 1-2 nights but the rest will be day trips out then back to base. Where would you recommend to go as 1st timers and do you think it possible to explore the island while based at one point?

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Nicola,
      Happy honeymoon! In our opinion, Gili Air is always a lovely ‘paradise’ island to visit with beautiful snorkelling. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are also great options for a quick stay from Bali. If you choose to stay on Nusa Lembongan, you can easily take a day trip out to Nusa Penida. Equally, if you stay on Gili Air, you can take snorkelling day trips out to the other islands. Hope this helps!

  • Hey guys !

    Love the blog! Just need some advice.
    Me and my gf are planing to be in Bali/lombok for 2 weeks and already got an itinerary worked out:
    Day 1,2 Ubud
    Day 3,4,5 Nusa Islands
    Day 6,7 Gili Air
    Day 8,9,10 Senaru and Mount Rinjani
    Day 11,12,13 Kuta Lombok
    Day 14,15 Kuta Baki, Canggu, Seminyak
    We just currently not entirely sure if we should stay one day longer in Gili Air and just have one day in Kuta Bali. Is there much to do there besides beach clubs and food ? Because if we will be there at the beach I believe it would be more beautiful in Gili Air cause I am afraid we need more time relaxing before Mount Rinjani.
    Would love to hear your input and advice
    Thanks guys and keep up the good work :)))

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Johann,

      Great to hear that the blog has been helpful for you! We would personally recommend cutting down a day on Kuta Bali as the beaches are not as nice or relaxing as other places. Definitely spend extra time if you can on Gili Air as it’s beautiful! Enjoy your trip :)

  • Leisha Motwani

    Hi there!! This has been so helpful love your blog. Wanted to cross check if the itinerary m planning is doable and makes sense.
    Day 1 canggu
    Day 2 Nusa penida
    Day 3 Nusa lembongan
    Day 4,5 Gili trawangan
    Day 6,8,9,10 Ubud
    Is there is a direct ferry from Nusa lembongan to Gili T? And should I stay one night in penida and one night in lembongan or stay both nights in lembongan and do a day trip to penida one of the days.
    Thanks so much already

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Leisha,

      Your itinerary sounds great. It’s totally up to you what you prefer regarding Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. If you are wanting to beat the crowds and see an awesome sunrise then it’s definitely worth staying one night on Nusa Penida in order to see sunrise before the crowds arrive off the day trip boat. If not though, Nusa Lembongan is a great place to stay and the day trip to Nusa Penida is very easy. There is also a ferry that runs from Lembongan to Gili T (normally via Gili Air). Here is an easy link to booking ferries online:


      Enjoy your trip!

  • Hi I’m coming to Bali in September and we staying for around 11 nights in total.i was thinking of doing 3 nights seminyak,3 nights Ubud,2 nights Nusa penida and possibly 3 nights in Nusa dua.was thinking of maybe shortening somewhere band maybe then doing 2 nights in Gili air.please advise what u would recommend.

  • Hi,

    I’m travelling to Bali in October and have a very rough idea of where we might want to go. I have visited before and know that we definitely want to go to Gili, but quite flexible on other points.

    We want a mixture of culture, sightseeing and beach clubs.

    Cangguu/seminyak (waterfalls, beach clubs, day trip to nusa Penida?) 4days
    Canngu to Ubud (waterfalls, monkey forest, mount batur) 2 days
    Ubud to Gili (relax, snorkelling, visit different islands) 4 days
    Gili to uluwatu 2 days

    Do you have any suggestions how to improve this itinerary?

  • Hi, a friend recommended Lovina as a place to base from and enjoy the coast. Do you agree?
    Kids want to snorkel and swim and we want to visit the forests and waterfalls.
    I would welcome your guidance.

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Tony,

      We haven’t been to Lovina ourselves but location wise it’s great since you’re close to the waterfalls and beaches so it definitely a good option to stay there :)
      Wish you a wonderful holiday!

  • Hi! Love your website and planning to go this July (after reading this page haha!)

    I will be 20 weeks pregnant by then, are all these places you mentioned (+ Munduk) easily accessible without rough treks and bumpy car rides? Safety is our main concern here! :D

    We love less touristy and peaceful/ quiet places with good food and some light trekking for scenery. Where would you recommend to stay, if not Kuta?


    • saltinourhair

      Hi Kyra!
      Ah so great to hear you’re going to see Bali!
      Some waterfalls are a bit of a climb, other than that everything is super easy to go :)
      We wouldn’t recommend Kuta to stay since it major touristy and not in a fun way.
      Uluwatu, Canggu, and Ubud are nice places to stay with lots to do and great food!


  • Tora Bjørnås Kristiansen

    Hi! So many beautiful Pictures, which camera are you using? And which editing program are you jusing?

  • Hi, this is an awesome Blog- it has been the most helpful so far in assisting me in planning our first anniversary trip! My name is Alexa, I am from the states & I could use some advice creating an itinerary for our trip! We are pretty adventurous, but we also love to relax so we wanted a combination of the two. We would love to see the Gili Islands, Ubud, Nusa Penida, Semenyak, or anything else recommended but I am not sure how to incorporate everything into our 9 day itinerary! Right now I can’t seems to figure out what sequence to do everything in so I have a blank itinerary.

    Day #1 (Aug 15th): Arrive @ 3:15pm
    Day #2 (Aug 16th)
    Day #3 (Aug 17th)
    Day #4 (Aug 18th)
    Day #5 (Aug 19th)
    Day #6 (Aug 20th)
    Day #7 (Aug 21st)
    Day #8 (Aug 22nd)
    Day #9 (Aug 23rd)
    Day #10 (Aug 24th): Depart @ 4:15pm

    HELP! Thank you in advance!!! :)
    -Alexa & Mario

  • Hi, we are going to bali this year on July, we are staying at kuta for first 4 days, from kuta we are planning to visit ubud,kintamani,uluwatu and nusa penida. Then we want to visit gili, but we are faceing difficulty while planning for gili. Should us go to Bali directly or via Lombok, In which gili we should stay and should we take a day tour in lomnok or not? We will arrive in Kuta, Bali on 17th July and will be leaving Bali on 27th Evening. Pliz give us a tour plan so that we can visit all the amazing places in Bali and Gili.

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Raihan,
      Just to start with, I don’t know if you’ve already booked your stay in Kuta, but we highly recommend to stay away from that city. It’s literally the worst place in Bali. It’s extremely touristy and not a real Bali experience at all. (sorry, just honest)
      Seminyak is a better option and still close to the airport.
      We would recommend Gili Air, it’s a good mix of relaxed beaches and some beautiful restaurants (https://saltinourhair.com/bali/gili-air-island-guide/)
      You can easily go directly from Bali and it’s best to stay at least 2 nights there.
      This is our Bali friend Yande: https://www.facebook.com/balifriendtours/
      He’s a professional taxi driver and you could contact him to book your trips on the island.

      Hope you’ll have a great trip!

  • Tina Clausen

    My husband and I were talking about visiting Bali in September this year and while doing a little research cane upon your blog. After reading it, we just can’t wait to be there. We have 6 days minus traveling time. What would you recommend we do? We love to hear back from you so we can start doing our planning. Any advise on driver or tour would be helpful. Thank you.

  • I am sitting and doing research for my Bali trip in 2 weeks, and this list will come to good use.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for your tips, I will stay in Bali for 5 months. If you have more tips I am down for hearing it. Btw which app are you using for photos? (for example the red kinda glow)

  • Hi! nice post!
    next month I’ll spend 5 days in Bali, and i’m wondering if it’s possible to see the most of this beautiful island without changing accommodation. In case, where is best to stay?
    I definitively want to see waterfall, monkeys, rice terrace, cliffs… but I’m not really interested in shopping and partying. I also prefer to stay and eat with locals to better understand the culture.
    Thank you!

  • Hi guys,
    Thanks for the tips and the great pictures! Am planning a 4 day trip this May with my husband and 5 year old son. Hope you can help me with my itinerary:
    Day 1- Canggu- stay here and go aroung the place?
    Day 2- Nasu penida, go back to Canggu?
    Day 3- get the ubud tour
    Day 4- go to seminyak

    Do you recommend us to take tours for day 2 and 3? We just want a relax trip that can show us the best side of Bali scene, beach, and food.

    Thanks for the help!!

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Trisha,

      Yes, definitely. Tours are the best option to see these places in a relaxed way.
      Book both days locally with our friend Yande. He’s fantastic.

      Send him a message here: m.me/balifriendtours


  • My Boyfriend and I are going on a 13 day trip any suggestions? Well its actually the 14-29 but we dont get in to bali until the 15th and we leave early the 29th

  • Mansel Oliver


    I love your blog and the advice you give. I’m going on an 8 day trip to Bali in February with my girlfriend. We made an itinerary where we can see most of the major attractions and still have enough time to relax. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it and any recommendations you might have:

    Feb 15: Land in Bali at 3:00 PM. Stay in Canggu.
    Feb 16: Day in Canggu
    Feb 17: Canggu to Sanur, catch the boat to Nusa Penida for a day tour. Sanur to Ubud. Stay at hotel in Ubud.
    Feb 18: Full day in Ubud
    Feb 19: Full day in Ubud
    Feb 20: Day in Ubud. Take taxi to Seminyak in the evening.
    Feb 21: Day in Seminyak
    Feb 22: Day in Seminyak
    Feb 23: Flight at 12:05 AM

    Look forward to your reply!

  • kavita meena

    Hi! Me and my friend are going to Bali next month. It’s a girls trip we booked a hotel in Kuta. Is Kuta safe? And also it would be great if u could help us plan our trip

    • saltinourhair

      Hi! Kuta is safe. Actually, Bali is extremely safe and Kuta is one of the few places where there are a few pickpockets. So just mind your phone and wallet. Enjoy Kuta!

  • Hey Both,
    Hope you are doing well.
    Thank you for your advise last time but my plan chage a bit from 6 to days ( not full day last day)
    so i’d like your advise if my itinerary below make sense and convenient :)

    14 Dec (Day 1) Arrive 11am : Stay in Canggu
    15 Dec (Day 2) : Early Taxi from Canggu to Sanur to catch the boat to Nusa Penida for a day tour and arrange a taxi from Sanur to Ubud
    16 Dec (Day 3) :Full day in Ubud
    17 Dec (Day 4) : Ubud & Go back to Seminyak stay a night
    18 Dec (Day 5) Depart 11:55am : Spend your last day in Seminyak (not needed to go to Kuta since it is a horrible place and Seminyak is close to the airport already)

    Appreciate your quick revert and i’ll get hotel book!
    Any hotel you recommend for each town please also let me know :)


  • This is a great post about Bali. Bali’s waterfalls are must-sees and Munduk’s Melanting Waterfall is frequently visited. This waterfall is one of the three accessible falls in the village but the most popular; thus, it is commonly referred to simply as, Munduk Waterfall. In the midst of Bali’s jungle, feel its unique charm – powerful yet gorgeous. The trek takes 2 hours but is doable, even to non-experienced trekkers and hikers. It’s best to avoid the rainy season as difficulty doubles.

  • Elizabeth Higgins

    So my parents and some of our relatives are visiting Bali by the end of this month; and we were really lucky to find your blog, Hannah & Nick! None of them are familiar or have ever stepped foot on Bali so reading this post is truly helpful for us. We also love the photos; they are proof of how beautiful the place is and we are excited for this new adventure that awaits. Thank you for sharing! You’ve helped one lost soul.

  • Hello, I love this your blog, esp this Bali post. I need your help planning my days in Bali so I can do a few of the fun activities you’ve done. I’m heading to Asia, 10 days in Thailand with friends and then off to Bali alone for 8 full days, not including travel. I’ll arrive in Bali around 10am from Bangkok. Then leave Bali late evening on day nine. I def want to head to Ubud, my friend who visited Bali in the past doesn’t think I’ll like Kuta, but I wouldn’t mind a party scene for a night or two. I’m told Uluwatu I’d like. I’m not sure where to go, but I def want those beautiful picture I see here on your blog. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Maria Potthoff

    Bali is one of the destinations i always wanted to go there. This list is just another argument to do so :) Can’t wait to go there :) Greetings from south tyrol :)

  • Hi, I am traveling for a few weeks with my fiance to a few places in Thailand as well as Bali. We are big outdoorsy people so the hikes in Nusa Penida seem like our dream day. I noticed you talked about some of the hikes being super steep or maybe strenuous but I also saw that you had sandals on. Did you hike in your sandals, is this something that is able to be done? I try to pack as little as possible and am thinking ahead =) . your blog is very helpful and we are definitely using it to help with our itinerary. Thank you!

    • saltinourhair

      We weren’t prepared for those hikes since there was nothing written on the internet about Nusa Penida last year haha. If you want to climb down to Kelingking beach, yes, bring good sport shoes. But real hikes aren’t on Nusa Penida. You might want to consider Bromo on Java or Lombok. Not sure if hiking in Bali is possible with the volcano.

      • ella kleyman

        We decided to do Ubud 3 nights, Lombok 3 nights , Flores islands for 2 nights ( padar, Rinka, snorkeling , Manta) and back to semyniak or nusa dua for 2 nights. I love water falls. What would you recommend to do in Lombok that we wouldn’t do in other places ? Thank you so Much

        • Salt in our Hair

          Sadly, we can’t advise on Lombok as we’ve never been :( we hear amazing things though about the south gili’s and the volcano there!

  • Lorena Gonzalez

    your sandals look amazing! where did you get them?

  • Hi :)
    Love your blog. It’s very useful for us !
    I’m POY from Thailand and im planning to Bali in an early December this year.
    I got my itinerary idea arranged from your blog here and would love to hear your advise
    whether it sounds possible and not too tired since my objective is not to see everything but to see a good one with laid back time. Our trip should be around 6 days with my boy.

    Please feel free to advise if my plan sound great and you can let me know
    if i should add or remove something instead.

    Stay in Ubud 3 nights
    Day 1 : Half day tour in Ubud
    Checked-in / Lunch / Walking around traditional market or shopping

    Day 2 : One day trip in Nasu Penida ( west coast tour )
    *not sure how to travel there and back to hotel from Ubud as you mentioned tour normally start from 8am-4pm
    ** back to Ubud for 2nd night

    Day 3 : Full day tour in Ubud ( last night in Ubud)
    Tegalalang Rice & Mt.Batur ( For view and hot spring )

    Stay in Canggu 2 nights
    Day 4 : Checked-in @Canggu
    Canggu Beach & Shopping nearby / Visit Tanah Lot Temple

    Day 5 : Seminyak
    Beach Club / Shopping / Sunset here

    Day 6 : Stop by Kuta before flight back

    For transportation, many people said some roads are hard to ride it would be better and safe
    it we rent a car with local drivers. what do you think ?

    Really hope to hear from you :)

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Poy!
      Awesome you’re going to travel through Bali!
      We might switch a bit with your schedule to make it more convenient :)

      So we would suggest the following:

      Day 1 : Stay in Canggu (much closer to the airport and very relaxed to start your trip)
      Day 2 : Full day in Canggu
      Day 3 : Early Taxi from Canggu to Sanur to catch the boat to Nusa Penida for a day tour and arrange a taxi from Sanur to Ubud
      Day 4 : Full day in Ubud
      Day 5 : Full day in Ubud
      Day 6 : Spend your last day in Seminyak (not needed to go to Kuta since it is a horrible place and Seminyak is close to the airport already)

      It’s not the best idea to drive a car yourself in Bali since the traffic is crazy. It’s very nice to rent a motorbike for small trips though, so maybe one day in Ubud (but be careful)

      Hope this helped you out! And please let us know if you’ve more questions.

      Happy travels!
      Hannah & Nick

  • Abdul wali khan

    Amazing article and really helpful

  • Backyard Travel

    After seeing these picture perfect locations, I have added Bali to my bucket list and thinking of planning a trip to this beautiful paradise of Southeast Asia.

  • love this – bali is my next destination!

  • This is really great things and amazing experience

    • saltinourhair

      Thanks! Are you planning to visit Bali? :)

      • Richard Mckeown

        We are aiming to come for 10 days possibly 2 weeks next June to celebrates my wife’s 50th.thinking of staying Ubud for 1 week to get to rice shelves, waterfalls etc then seminyak or canggu for more of a beach relax time. Anywhere you would recommend better or. To. Mix and match sewing the sights and relaxation?

        • Salt in our Hair

          Hi Richard,

          That sounds like a great plan! We definitely prefer Canguu over Seminyak for more relaxed vibes and great food. However, if you really want to find the beautiful white sand beaches and palm trees then it’s definitely best to take a boat out to some of the islands such as Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida or Gili Air. Have a lovely celebration!

  • Bali has my heart! Been exploring the area in April/May and can’t wait to go back! Been staying at Munduk Moding Plantation too, loved the pool :D

  • The waterfalls seem amazing! I agree those are the number one!
    And you’ve taken an amazing photo with the rainbow! Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome Post!!! For the perfect island getaway there is no place like Boracay!

  • I have never heard of that waterfall but it looks amazing!

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