Tyrol, Austria: Best Things To Do in Kaiserwinkl Tyrol, Austria: Best Things To Do in Kaiserwinkl

Tyrol, Austria: Best Things To Do in Kaiserwinkl

Located in the famed area of Tyrol, Austria, lies the Kaiserwinkl region. With its rugged mountains and picturesque green valleys, the area forms the beginning of the Alps and is renowned for its snowsports in winter. However, the beautiful landscape also offers plenty of incredible activities in the warmer months. Dive into the Austrian atmosphere by immersing yourself in its nature and culture. From rafting on wild rivers to meandering through pine forests, these are the things to do in Kaiserwinkl, Austria.

9 Things To Do in Kaiserwinkl, Tyrol

Kaiserwinkl, roughly translated to ‘Emperor’s Corner’, lies between the mighty Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser mountains, which form the beginning of the Austrian Alps (Tyrol). From rocky giants, roaring rivers, meandering mountain paths, and beautiful lakes, there’s so much to see in the region. There are over 500 mountains and many valleys, making it the perfect place for those who love adventure and being in nature. 

best things to do in Kaiserwinkl tyrol austria

Because of its close location to Germany, it’s easily accessible by train but remains an under-the-radar destination. Soak up the views of the snow-capped mountains and vibrant villages as you hike up through the lush valleys, only listening to the sounds of the birds, cows, and crickets.

Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol, Austria, is a great summer destination immersed in nature, offering both outdoor activities and relaxation!

hiking in Tyrol Austria taubensee

1. Rafting in Kaiserwinkl, Tyrol

Embark on a journey along a blue-hued river and breathtaking gorge by going rafting in Kaiserwinkl. In the town of Kössen, hop on a raft, and make your way along the Tiroler Ache, passing beautiful sights as you tackle the accelerating waters. This 8-kilometer excursion perfectly balances relaxation and adventure and lasts about 3 hours. We did our rafting trip with this company.

Things to do Tyrol Austria rafting

Going rafting is incredibly popular to do in the summer, as it’s a great way to cool off from the warm sun. Tours provide you with all the gear needed (wetsuit, shoes, helmet, life vest), and you’ll have the chance to get changed before heading out. During the adventure, there’s also time to go cliff jumping and swimming. Cool off in the water as the river current slowly moves you further up the stream. Rafting is a must-do when visiting the Kaiserwinkl region!

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Tyrol, Austria: Best Things To Do in Kaiserwinkl
Rafting in Tyrol Austria Kaiserwinkl

2. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Rise and shine early and witness one of the most magical sights by going on a sunrise balloon ride above the beautiful Austrian Alps. While you peacefully drift through the sky, look out onto the green fields, cute houses, and mountains below that slowly cover in a golden light as the sun rises. Taking a balloon ride in Kaiserwinkl is one of the best things to do in Tyrol, Austria. We booked ours at ABE Ballonevents.

best things to do in Tyrol Austria hot air balloon

The journey above the mountains typically takes around 1 hour, allowing you to soak up the stunning views of the snow-capped Alps and the cute houses and churches that stand in the valleys. One basket has room for four people (plus the pilot), making it a fun activity to do with friends. Move along with the wind and soar up to 900 meters in the air.

best things to do in Tyrol Austria hot air balloon view

Every flight ends with a drink, and you get your own certificate, proving you’ve conquered the Alpine skies! Keep in mind that the balloon might land in a grass field with high grass, which can be wet, so dress accordingly. 

hot air balloon tyrol Austria

3. Paragliding

Another amazing way to soak up the incredible vistas of Kaiserwinkl, Austria, from above is by going paragliding. This popular activity is perfect for those looking for a bit more action than the peaceful balloon ride. However, your trip can be as calm or adrenaline-pumping as you like! Enjoy stunning views while you hang in your parachute with your experienced guide, who’ll tell you all about the region. 

best things to do Tyrol Austria paragliding

This particular area of Austria is an international hotspot for paragliding enthusiasts, all eager to experience that unique feeling of swooping high above the mountains and lakes of the Alps. There’s no snow here in summer, so the cable car at the top of the mountain makes the perfect take-off point. Whether it’s your first time taking off or you’re an experienced paraglider, enjoy the thrill and fly like a bird through the skies! 

best things to do in Tyrol Austria mountain view

4. Hike or Mountain Bike to Haraualm

The Kaiserwinkl area is home to over 200 kilometers of marked hiking paths and biking trails that weave through the beautiful mountainous landscape. The possibilities for exploring the surrounding nature are endless, with different trails for different levels. One of the best is the path towards the small traditional inn Alm Harau, where you can enjoy a drink and some food with incredible views. 

hiking in Tyrol Austria Haraualm

Follow a beautiful mountain trail through the forest on foot or by (e)bike, passing through the surrounding towering peaks. The inn is located just at the end of the forest and has an unobstructed view of the craggy Wilder Kaiser, the Unterberghorn, and other mountains. The hike starts here, is about 3.3 KM of uphill walking or cycling, and is the perfect trail for some peace and quiet. Haraualm is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 10 AM – 4.30 PM.

Mountain bike Haraualm Tyrol Austria

5. Hike to the Taubensee

Perched high in the mountains, where Austria and Germany meet, lies the Taubensee, a beautiful lake surrounded by lush pine forest and rolling green hills. This hidden gem, also known as the ‘Eye of Chiemgau’, is a stunning location to hike to and one of the best things to do in Tyrol, Austria.

best things to do in Tyrol Austria Taubensee

The 3-hour hike starts from this parking spot and leads up into the forested mountains. From there, you’ll eventually move into the open fields, where you can meet some friendly cows freely walking around wooden cabins. Listen to their bells as you cross the open stretch, soaking up the summer sun as you go. Although the animals are friendly, don’t get too close to them as they can be protective of their calves.

cows tyrol austria

If you’re lucky, you can even spot some deer here! Some parts of the trail are quite steep and can be slippery because of the gravel stones, so make sure to wear some good hiking shoes. 

Hiking Tyrol Austria mountains viewpoint

Shortly before reaching the lake, you’ll pass the Taubenseehütte, a nice spot to stop for a snack and soak up the valley views. The lake warms up to about 23 degrees Celsius during the summer, making it the perfect spot to go for a swim. Spend some time walking around the lake, taking a refreshing dip in the water, and enjoying a little picnic on the shore. 

Jausenstation Mühlberghof restaurant tyrol Austria

What to Bring on Your Hike?

  • Lots of drinking water
  • Reef-safe sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat 
  • Swimwear
  • A towel
  • Map or App 
  • Good walking shoes 
  • A light jacket 
  • Raincoat in case of rain
  • Your camera

6. Smugglers Trail

The Smugglers Trail in Kaiserwinkl is a meandering path along the Western valley from Kössen to Schleching in Bavaria, Germany. From copper and bronze in the early Bronze Age (1800 BC) to wine and salt and eventually cigarettes, coffee, rum, and cheese after World War II: this has been the perfect smuggling path for many years. Now, it’s a beautiful location to go on a leisurely 1.5-hour hike between the pines, past roaring rivers, and across a few bridges.

hanging bridges smugglers trail tyrol Austria

The themed hiking trail starts at Gasthaus Klobenstein, which is a fairytale-like restaurant with delicious food. Perched between the forest and a stunning yellow church with a wooden clock tower, it makes a great visit before or after your hike. From the restaurant, you’ll follow a path along the river and cross a few hanging bridges, looking out on rafters braving the wild waters below. 

best things to do in Tyrol Austria Gasthaus Klobenstein

A few years ago, this 4.1-kilometer path got many new attractions, from different viewing platforms to a gigantic new suspension bridge. Take in the beautiful and calm atmosphere as you make your way through the forest, listening to the sounds of the river and stopping at some of the romantic resting places. The Smugglers Trail is a fun activity to do on a trip to Tyrol, Austria.

best things to do tyrol austria kayaking

7. Visit the Villages on a Bike Route

Apart from hiking, Kaiserwinkl in Austria has loads of scenic biking routes throughout the whole region. Cycle in the mountains or head out onto more relaxed paths in the beautiful green valleys below; there’s no wrong route to take. You can rent an (e)bike in almost every town and possibly even at your hotel. From there, one of the best things to do is to follow the Käseradrunde nr 15 route (2.5 hours). This path takes you past some of the most beautiful villages in the area. 

Biking in tyrol Austria Kaiserwinkl

From Kössen, you’ll make your way past lakeside Walchsee to the tranquil village of Rettenschöss. Then, continue to Schwendt before returning to the starting point. The route translates to ‘Cheese Wheel Route 15’, as you get to dive into the alpine dairy business in every single village.

best things to do in Tyrol Austria Kössen


In the heart of Tyrol, Austria, lies the vibrant town of Kössen. This magical town is one of the main ones in the area and boasts beautiful traditional houses set against the backdrop of the mountains. These buildings are adorned with beautiful wooden details, paintings, and intricate interiors, leaving lots to marvel at. 

traditional house kössen kaiserwinkl

You’ll find many hotels and restaurants in the town, making it a great location to base yourself as you explore the region. Take a leisurely stroll through the center, soaking up the picturesque scenery, and be sure to stop at Hotel Gasthof Post for a delicious lunch or steaming cup of coffee. Pair this together with an iconic apple strudel – yum!

top things to do in Tyrol Austria Kössen


The beautiful town of Walchsee stands perched along the serene shores of Lake Walchsee. This central location in Kaiserwinkl is known as one of the best places to visit in summer, with many small beaches dotted around the shimmering lake. It’s a relatively calm town, not too full of visitors and always surrounded by nature. Spend some time on your route soaking up the sun, indulging in delicious ice cream, or taking a dip in the clear waters. 

Mountain View Austria


Not too far from Walchsee, high above the valley floor, stands the village of Rettenschöss. This is the smallest village in the Kaiserwinkl region. Due to its elevated position, it’s got a peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views over the surrounding mountain tops.

summer in austria

8. Rent a Boat on the Walchsee

Lake Walchsee, situated in the heart of Kaiserwinkl, is one of the best places to visit during the summer months. After your morning outdoor activity, the turquoise water makes the perfect spot to unwind. Go swimming, kayaking, or boating while you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the mountainous region. Despite its altitude, the lake is known as one of the warmest in Tyrol, Austria.

Things to do in Tyrol Austria rent boat Walchsee

In the midst of mountains, surrounded by footpaths and berths, the lake invites you for that ultimate holiday feeling. One of the best things to do in Kaiserwinkl is to rent a little electric boat on the lake and slowly drift across the waters. The boat is not incredibly fast, but very relaxing! Let the landscape work its magic while you soak up the stunning sights of the mountains, pines, and beautiful town. 

Not in for a boat trip? You can also rent a waterbike, kayak, or paddleboard or simply go for a refreshing swim. Sunbathe on the grass and docks around the lake with some drinks and snacks – bliss!

the best things to do tyrol austria

9. Explore Kufstein

Close to the Bavarian border lies Kufstein, the region’s largest town, full of history and character. It’s revered as the ‘Pearl of Tyrol’, with charming streets, unusual shops, and historical sights that lie flanked by the mighty Kaiser Mountain Rage. The town is the gateway to many alpine activities; however, the beautiful old center makes it a destination worth visiting too. 

Meander the little cobbled streets of the town, only stopping to hop into the different restaurants, cafes, pubs, and shops. In the center lies the famous Kufstein Castle, a fortress dating back more than 800 years! The building towers above all else and is home to a museum and the largest open-air organ in the world. Lastly, make your way past the Römerhofgasse, a beautiful alley lined with decorated houses. 

beautiful house kaiserwinkl tyrol austria

How to Visit Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol, Austria

The closest major international airport to Kaiserwinkl is Munich Airport in Germany, about 100 KM away. From here, there are regular train connections to Kufstein (1 – 1.5 hours), which is the nearest station to Kaiserwinkl. However, you can also travel to Austria’s Salzburg or Innsbruck and make your way to the region from there.

Find flights to Kaiserwinkl ✈️
public transport kaiserwinkl Tyrol Austria

By Train

If you’re traveling from within Europe, then the train is a great way to get to Kaiserwinkl, Austria. Traveling by train is a more sustainable (and often more affordable) option, with many connections across the continent. This allows you to hop from one location to another easily, including Tyrol. 

Depending on where you’re visiting from, you’ll most likely have a few transfers in between before getting to the stunning Austrian Alps. Although this journey might take a little longer, the scenic ride makes it more than worth it!

kössen kaiserwinkl

By Car 

Alternatively, if you prefer to drive, you can rent a car at the airport. Make your way south to the town of Kufstein, passing the changing landscapes in between. From Munich, it takes about 1.5 – 2 hours of driving, depending on traffic. Once you get to Kaiserwinkl, you can explore the region’s beautiful scenery, visit charming villages and indulge in the many outdoor activities.

vintage car

Getting Around

Because the public transport in Tyrol is really good, you can easily hop on the local bus to travel between the different villages of Kaiserwinkl, Austria. In the summer, the region is also great to explore by (e)bike, allowing you to meander over paths away from the car roads. To get to further distances or have the most flexibility, you can rent a car to get around.

Hiking Tyrol

Our favorite Cafes and Restaurants in Kaiserwinkl

Kaiserwinkl is known for its traditional Alpine cuisine, full of locally sourced ingredients like dairy, game meats, and flavorful herbs. Though the cuisine’s rather meat-heavy, there’s always a veggie option on the menu too! Some of our favorite restaurants in the region were:

  • Jausenstation Mühlberghof
  • Gasthaus Klobenstein
  • Hotel Gasthof Post
  • Gasthof Erzherzog Rainer
Where to eat in kössen Tyrol Austria

The blend of hearty dishes such as Tiroler Gröstl (roasted potatoes) or Kaspressknödel (cheese dumplings), together with the beautiful scenery, perfectly reflects the warm culture and traditions of Tyrol, Austria. Pair this with a locally brewed beer or Tyrolean schnapps – yum!

Where to Stay

There are many charming accommodation options in the villages of Kaiserwinkl, Austria. From family-run guesthouses to Alpine-style inns and wellness hotels perfect for relaxing after a day of activities, there are plenty of choices in Kössen, Walchsee, or Kufstein. 

Tip: If you’re traveling without a car, choose a stay close to the bus station. This way, you can easily travel around the beautiful region.

How Many Days in Tyrol, Austria? 

Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol is the perfect combination of an active vacation and relaxation. From leisurely tours through the countryside to challenging rafting adventures, everything’s offered here. There’s a lot to choose from, making it a great region to visit for at least a few days. 

How Much Does Tyrol, Austria, Cost?

Traveling through the magnificent landscapes of Tyrol is perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Compared to some other European destinations, Tyrol is generally a bit higher when it comes to expenses. However, the total costs depend on your preferences. 

Costs of Traveling in Kaiserwinkl

Travel on a budget in Kaiserwinkl, from $480 − $760 USD weekly per person, mid-range $1210 − $2000 USD, and high-end from $1860 − $2620 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Tip: Make sure to bring cash, as paying by card in Kaiserwinkl is not always an option. 

Best Time to Visit

Tyrol in Austria is a region that’s great year-round, though it’s often visited during the winter months for its beautiful skiing. However, the summers in Austria are truly magical, too, with lush green valleys, warm lakes, and beautiful blooming wildflowers. Especially if you’re looking to do some world-class outdoor activities, the best time to visit is between June and October. 


It is possible to hike earlier in the valleys. However, there is a bit more snow and the risk of trail closures. The quaint little mountain huts you find across the trails are generally open between the end of May and October.

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