Theth: Most Beautiful Mountain Village in Albania Theth: Most Beautiful Mountain Village in Albania

Theth: Most Beautiful Mountain Village in Albania

Discover beautiful Theth, a traditional village that sits deep at the heart of the Albanian Alps. Situated at the end of a winding mountain road, Theth is home to just a few houses surrounded by looming mountain peaks and meadows full of wildflowers. Watch slow village life unfold, wander the roads with the hillside cows, and enjoy some of the most incredible hikes. Find out all you need to know about visiting Theth, Albania!

Things to do in Theth, Albania

Welcome to Theth—a quaint mountain village and one of the best places to visit in all of Albania! The landscape here rivals one you’d find in the Swiss Alps; the dramatic peaks of the Accursed Mountains look over the town and green fields filled with cows and goats. 

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1. Theth Village Life

Local life is very traditional in Theth, and you’ll still see the farmers herding sheep and cows along the remote roads. 

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Within the village itself, you’ll find one long street that hugs the riverside with sweet houses, guesthouses, and campsites (with good facilities). There’s also a beautiful church close to the edge of town that has some of the best views we’ve ever seen! 

things to do theth albania village church

The road to Theth, Albania

These days, it’s really easy to access Theth, as the road is newly paved (the road reopened in 2022). Until recently, there was no paved road to Theth, and you could only reach the village by 4×4.

theth things to do albania

Now you can arrive in a normal car, as although the road is narrow, it’s perfectly safe and smooth. Along the way, you’ll have incredible viewpoints, particularly on the last hour of the trip from Shkoder.

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Tip: Although the road to Theth is not super steep, it is windy so if you get travel sick, take some anti-nausea tablets just in case.

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2. Valbonë Pass Hike

Aside from the charming village, the area is famous for the Valbonë Pass hike, a long walk through the mountains, and one of the most rewarding and beautiful parts of any Albania itinerary. The hike moves up through the mountains, passing through forests, grasslands, bubbling streams, and meadows full of flowers and boulders.

As you go, you’ll hear barely any sounds, just the sounds of nature; birds, crickets, and colorful butterflies. We even had a group of friendly dogs following us!

How long is the Valbonë Pass hike?

To get to Valbonë, it is about 17 km of walking and takes 6-8 hours (depending on how fast you are/your fitness level). We hiked only halfway (to the top of the peak, rather than on to Valbonë), which was about 4 hours to the top and the same backdown. We recommend doing this if you want to follow our Albania itinerary.

Directions to the peak (half-loop)

First, walk straight past the mini market until you see the white and red flag signs on your right. Follow these and begin your ascent up through the forest. From the start to the cafe near the top, it takes around 2.5/3 hours. You can stop here for a drink and a snack and then hike another 45 minutes up to the top of the peak.

restaurant hike theth albania

In total, it takes around 4 hours. Once you reach the top of the peak, you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible views!

If you want to do the full hike to Valbonë, you can carry on from here. There are around 4 cafes on the route, each one with access to spring water, so bring your reusable water bottle, and you can refill it as you go. 

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Theth: Most Beautiful Mountain Village in Albania

How to return from Valbonë (full hike)

If you’re planning on doing the full hike from Valbonë, pack a daypack with a change of clothes and leave the rest at your accommodation. This is because we recommend staying the night in Valbonë and making the journey back to Theth the next day. 

The return journey from Valbonë can be done in 4 stages:

  1. Go by minibus from Valbonë to the ferry (1 hour).
  2. Take the ferry from Fierze across the lake to Koman (2.5 hours). This is a beautiful boat ride that will be a highlight of your Albania itinerary. The ferry company ‘Berisha‘ offers packages, including transfers on either side of the ferry. 
  3. From here, you can organize a minibus transfer onto Shkoder (1.5 hours). You can book this with Berisha too.
  4. From Shkoder, it’s another 1.5-hour transfer back to Theth (on the newly paved road). You can organize this with your accommodation in Shkoder (normally for around 10 EUR).
mountain hike theth albania
Tickets for your return journey

You can reserve your minibus and ferry transfer well in advance (make sure to book well ahead if traveling in your own car, as the ferries don’t have that much capacity for vehicles). 

Alternatively, book an organized tour to discover Valbonë. This can be easier than organizing your own transfers, as they include your accommodation, transport, as well as a guide to take you through the mountains.

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3. Hike to Theth Waterfall 

Just 45 minutes from Theth village is the beautiful Grunasi Waterfall, a huge 25-meter-high cascade that falls from a dramatic limestone cliff. It’s a 45-minute walk each way that crosses rocky paths and follows along the mountain river before heading up into the woods. As you go, discover wonderful views out across the mountain peaks—this is nature at its finest! 

things to do theth albania river

When you reach the waterfall, you can swim in the pool below. However, be aware that the water is freezing! If it’s the summer, bring your swimsuit and brave the water for a refreshing end to your hike. Because of the water droplets here, you might even be lucky enough to see a rainbow at the foot of the falls. 

4. Discover the Blue Eye of Theth, Albania

You may have heard of the popular Sarande Blue Eye, but Theth also has its very own Blue Eye. The Blue Eye near Theth (Syri i Kaltër in Albanian) is a deep water pool set deep within limestone rock.

It’s said to resemble a blue eye because of its bright blue color in the center that slowly descends out into lighter blues and greens. This incredible color and clear water come as a result of the depth of the water and the vegetation surrounding it, making it one of the most blissful places to swim. Plus, there’s also a waterfall that cascades down into the pool below.

blue eye albania travel guide

The Blue Eye near Theth is high up in the mountains and much higher than the one at Sarande, making it even colder, but it’s still worth it for a refreshing dip (although we wouldn’t recommend swimming outside of the summer months). What’s more, make sure to visit before 3 PM, as after this time the sun sets behind the mountains, and it will be very cold.

How to reach the Blue Eye of Theth

The hike from Theth itself to the Blue Eye is around 6-7 hours (3 hours each way) and covers a total of 17km. Although it’s a long hike, it’s very beautiful and is a mainly flat route, so it can be done by all levels of hikers. The only steep bit is towards the end, where you ascend to the Blue Eye itself. There are also cafes en route, so you can stop for drinks or a bite to eat as you go.

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Driving to the Blue Eye

Don’t fancy the long hike? The alternative is to drive to the village of Nderlysaj and start the hike from there. This hike is only 40 minutes (one way), so it’s much more achievable and will leave you more of the day to do other activities in the area.

If you don’t have a car, you can take a taxi from Theth and ask them to wait for you in the village (this can cost a lot as they’ll have to wait for a few hours) or arrange taxis both ways (sometimes there are shared options available to lower costs). You can also visit the Blue Eye as part of a tour, including return transportation. 

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5. Visit the Church in Theth

This beautiful church is an icon of Theth and truly looks like something out of a fairytale. The grey-tiled roofed church sits in the middle of an open meadow, surrounded by towering mountain peaks and wildflowers. The story goes that people originally came to Theth to practice their faith undisturbed in the peace of nature, and it’s easy to see why!

theth albania church horse

The church dates all the way back to 1892, and over the years, it has been a school and even a health center during the communist regime. Nowadays, it’s still used by locals as a place of worship, visible from all around with its rooftop cross. 

Visit the church and take some beautiful photos of the surrounding scenery. It’s fine to look inside the church, but be respectful as it’s still a functioning place of worship for the villagers.

theth albania things to do

Best Cafes and Restaurants in Theth

The food in Albania is varied but is generally quite meat-heavy, although there are some veggie options among the traditional dishes. Theth, however, is very small and remote, meaning there aren’t that many restaurants in the village, and it’s the most difficult place to get veggie food.

best restaurant theth albania

Despite this, in every guesthouse and hotel, you’ll find a small restaurant/cafe where you can enjoy typical food and drink from Albania (and they’re all very accommodating about veggie options). Either eat at your hotel or spend your days in Theth jumping between the others, deciding which one is your favorite. 

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, we think the best coffee was at the place we stayed: Gurra Family Guesthouse. There is also one small supermarket in Theth if you need snacks (especially for hiking!).

Where to Stay in Theth, Albania

As Theth is such a beautiful mountainous region, it’s very popular for people wanting to camp and enjoy nature. There are plenty of campsites in Theth itself and the surrounding areas, all with great amenities. 

However, if you want something a little more comfortable, there are lots of charming guesthouses and hotels in Theth. Everything is very rustic and ‘chalet-like’, in keeping with the traditional mountain way of life.

best hotel theth albania

We stayed at Gurra Family Guesthouse, which was great! We recommend finding a hotel on the main street in Theth and not on the hill leading out of town. Here are all your accommodation options in Theth.

How to Visit Theth

Most people start their journey to Theth in the capital city Tirana, from where you can drive or take the bus (via Shkoder).

By Car

The best way to visit Theth is by car. In the past, the last part of the road to Theth wasn’t paved, so it required a 4×4. Recently, the road has been paved, so it can now be driven on by any car. You’ll only need a stronger/better car when driving past the town of Theth, for example, Lumi i Shale. Having your own vehicle also gives you the flexibility to explore the area and road trip using our 2-week Albania itinerary

road to theth albania

By Minivan

If you don’t have a car, you can arrange a transfer with your guesthouse in Theth or ask your hotel/guesthouse in Shkoder to request a pick-up by shared bus. It will normally collect you between 7 AM – 8 AM in the morning, and it takes about 3 hours to reach Theth. The price is 1200 LEK (10 EUR) per person for a one-way transfer.

Organized Tour

Alternatively, you can book an organized tour that will take you to Theth and include other sights in the area too. It’s a great way to meet people and learn more about the area from a local guide!

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Getting Around Theth

You’ll spend most of your time in Theth hiking. If you have a car, it makes it easier to visit places like the Blue Eye. However, if you don’t, it’s no problem as your guesthouse will be able to arrange a local taxi for you.

How Much Does Theth Cost?

The prices are very reasonable in Theth, although be aware that in summer the mountains are a popular destination for tourists so hotel rooms may raise in price. However, enjoying nature is totally free! Because the village is so remote, there are no ATMs in the area, so you’ll need to bring enough cash with you to last your trip.

Costs of Traveling in Theth

Travel on a budget in Theth, from $230 − $280 USD weekly per person, mid-range $300 − $600 USD, and high-end from $570 − $870 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

Best Time to Visit Theth, Albania

The best time to visit Theth is between May and October, ideally for 2-3 nights to enjoy all the top things to do. However, it’s good to know that there can still be snow and ice on the roads and hiking paths as late as the end of May!


Because of this, it’s best to visit in the early/late summer months, particularly June and September, when it’s still warm (but hasn’t reached the 40-degree temps of August), and you can enjoy the beautiful hiking, and refreshing waterfall swims. 

Remember, it’s a much higher altitude in Theth, so bring plenty of layers as it can get cooler at night.

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  • Elsa

    For everyone going on the hike from Theth to Valbona: make sure you bring enough food and water. There was no possibility to refill our water bottles when we were there and also snacks were very limited.

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hey Elsa, did you pass by the restaurants? We found that they refill your bottle. Let me know so we can add additional information to our guide.

      • Kirsten

        Hi! We were there yesterday and there are a few restaurants on the way that sold (a few) snacks and drinks. We brought plenty of water so didn’t check if we could refill our bottles.

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